The Godling Chronicles: Hades Rising

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It was the light of a Harvest Moon that shone down on Olympus, casting an off yellow glow over the home of the gods. Most of the Olympians were down on Earth, enjoying the party, only five had chosen not to attend. Hephaestus and Athena, while they had been invited, had chosen to do other things with their time, Ares, while happy for his young cousin finally getting some of the respect he deserved, would rather not attend a party where he would have to interact with Aislinn, especially in such a small a place as Drake’s back yard. Instead he had decided to spend the weekend with Aphrodite in the Caribbean.

The last Olympian, another who had been invited but declined, would rather be caught dead then attend a party celebrating the triumph of lesser beings such as the Godlings and Hades’ brat.

Dark green eyes, stared into the depth of the of the gently rippling water of a Seeing Pool, the dark red tiles of the pool gave the water its colour, making it seem as though it were blood. The eyes belonged to the Queen of the Greek gods, Hera, Wife of Zeus, goddess of marriage and childbirth. She watched as her fellow gods and goddess danced, mingling with mortals as if they were all equal.

She glared hatefully at the spectacle she was watching, her normally vine green eyes, darkening to the colour of myrtle, as she watched her husbands latest abomination – and yet another affront to their marriage – he called a child. A mortal girl, who like her ancient half-brother Hercules, had the potential to be chosen to join the gods as an immortal. She would see the whelp dead before that ever happened.

The green eyes of the spiteful Queen narrowed as she plotted. Another plan to rid her of yet, another reminder of her husbands unfaithfulness forming in her devious mind. The child would rue the day she ever offered her, her Queen, a hand of kindness.

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