In the Shadows of Dryden

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30 - The cabin

DISCLAIMER: This chapter contains graphic bloody scenes and light sexual content!!! Reader’s discretion is advised.


Richard completed her phrase when he noticed her shaking hands. Her eyes wide like a saucer.

“Mate?” Clarisse’s heart skipped a beat. A cold shiver running up her spine and making her whole body tremble. “It… it can’t be! She said that you had imprinted on me, not that we were mates!”

“Imprint is just another name for mates but more commonly used when a wolf finds that his or her mate is a human.” He held onto her hands tightly as he dropped the bomb with an explanation. He felt anxious, not sure of how she was gonna react but dreading a possible rejection.

“I’m your…” Her jaw fell open. It was beyond her wildest dreams, she couldn’t be his mate! ‘That must be a nightmare! A sick nightmare!’ She thought to herself. “... I can’t be your mate!”

“Why not?” He asked nervously, trying not to convey the pain he was feeling in his voice.

“I have lupophobia!! How can I be your mate? That’s insane! My entire body freezes up whenever I see a wolf! I can’t be your mate, let alone your luna! I will NEVER be able to be around wolves!” Richard watched as Clarisse’s body tensed up, shaking uncontrollably. Beads of cold sweat started to run down her face as she hyperventilated. It was more than clear for him that she was freaking out, even borderline hysterical. “How can you be so sure that I’m your mate? No! It can’t be! I’m n...”



The adrenaline was the only thing helping her muster enough strength to keep pumping her small legs as fast as she could to avoid getting caught. The cold air whipping her chubby cheeks like razor sharp blades. She pulled on the fleece she had over her, the only item she was able to grab when she had to flee her house in a hurry.

Several red slitted eyes poked from the darkness, chasing after her. A thunderous storm of howls and growls reaching her small ears, making her blood run cold with fear. Tears flowed down her doll face much like a waterfall. The image of her parents and sister being lacerated into pieces right in front of her vividly reminding her what was mostly to happen to her if they caught up to her.

Branches slapped her face, caught her long hair, dragging and ripping her sleeping clothes. Her face was red, her heart jumping so hard and fast that her ribcage could hardly contain it. She almost felt it trying to go up her throat and off her body but still, she kept on running. She ran until her lungs became so worked up that they began hurting, but still, she stubbornly endured the pain and kept on running. After a little while longer, the pain became too unbearable, to the point that a small rock in her pathway had been enough to make her lose her footing. Tipping her small body forward, face first onto the dirt. Both her small hands immediately springing forward, in an attempt to protect her face from the inevitable impact.

Looking behind her, she noticed that there were no more red eyes following her. In fact, there was no sound either. She looked around, perking her human ears as much as she could. Nothing! She hardly saw her hands in front of her, let alone anything farther away and now there was no sound either, not even the birds or other small animals dared to utter a sound.

Anxiety rose within her little body. Pushing herself off the ground so she could keep on. She knew it was impossible to run anymore, no, she was exhausted but she had to at least keep on walking away. Staying in the same place would just make things easier for those monsters. Those wolves that devoured her family in a blink of an eye, right in front of her. With that, she pushed her foot forward, one after the other.


A lone growl pierced the silence, agitating her again. A new wave of cold sweat and trembling rose over her as she looked around, frantically trying to find where it was coming from so she could escape in the opposite direction. Much to her surprise, she found out that even if she could only hear that one growl, there were several red eyes shining around her.

“Grrrrrr grrrr”

Whipping her face toward the only growling beast approaching her, the little girl froze. Her eyes transfixed with horror on the wolf coming closer to her, she felt her legs buckle causing her to drop down to the ground again. No matter how much she wanted to look away from that wolf, she found it impossible to do so. She felt the blood drain from her body, suddenly feeling utterly cold, her hands fisting over some grass and twigs on the ground, her entire body shaking uncontrollably.

Razor sharp canines glittering with saliva dripping from it. Those terrifying red eyes… Yes, those monstrous eyes pinned her down, frozen in her most primal fear. The only warm sensation she could feel being that of her wet pajamas pants.

“Please!” She begged. What else could she do? “Please, don’t eat me. Don’t kill me!”

Teardrop after teardrop rolled down her face, a wild array of sobs escaping her small pinkish lips, her tiny hands clenching the fleece around herself as if it was her only shield left.

A howl pierced over the growling. In a synchronized dance, all wolves suddenly sprinted toward her, jumping one after another over her small figure. Ripping her fleece in small pieces as others tugged down her soft legs and arms. Every single wolf trying to rip a piece of her apart. Red covered her vision as she kept on screaming for help. Gurgling blood...


“Clarisse! Clarisse, snap out of it! Clarisse, please!” Richard held her shoulder while he wiped her tears from her rosy face. Her plump red lips twitching non-stop. Cold sweat covering her entire body as her eyes seemed completely glazed over, lost in another dimension.

Richard had never dealt with anything like this in all his career but he knew that he had to bring her back to reality as soon as possible or else she could have severe consequences from it. He had already taken notice of the more than rapid heart beat that seemed to increase by the second, in fact, that was the first thing he had noticed when she totally disconnected from reality.

“Fuck! Clarisse, I love you! Please honey, come back to me!” Vrejh was walking in circles in his head, whimpering, even demanding his human to do something to help their mate and it wasn’t helping Richard think.

‘Shut up, Vrejh!’ Concentrating on his mind link, he immediately reached for the only person he knew that had any form of experience with lupophobia.

‘Dad! Dad, can you hear me? Dad?’

‘Yes! Calm down, would you?! You’re gonna end up giving me a splitting headache if you keep shouting in my head like that. What’s wrong?’

‘It’s Clarisse! Her fear is more intense than I thought. She has lupophobia and she’s having the most dangerous attack I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m calling for her but she’s not responding. She’s spaced out!’

‘I see…’

‘Dad, she’s gone pale and is hyperventilating. Her heart beat is VERY abnormal. If she keeps on this state she can d…’

‘RICHARD! Shut up and listen, boy! She’s your mate. Take advantage of that fact and use the mate bond!’

‘But she’s human…’

‘Doesn’t matter. She’s still your mate and by the little I’ve seen, she seems to feel it too. Use it!’

Without answering his dad again, Richard pulled Clarisse into his embrace, tilting his head and plunging his lips over her soft meaty lips, conveying all the love he had into that one kiss and letting their mate bond do it’s work. Slowly, he pulled her over his lap to gently caress her neck and face with one hand while he held her firmly but carefully in place.

Hours passed with them kissing, or at least, that’s how he felt. She had slowly begun to react to his kiss, returning it with the same passion he was putting into it. Without noticing, Clarisse had lifted her hands to grasp tightly on his neck and arm.

When they finally broke off the kiss, he was happy to finally see Clarisse gazing into his eyes. She looked better. Hell, he could tell that her heart beat had already begun stabilizing, her color had begun to show a bit more and had even stopped sweating. Even her shaking had completely vanished.

Blinking her eyes, Clarisse perceived a rogue tear escape Richard’s eye, prompting her to gently wipe it away as a sad frown formed over her browns. Richard had closed his eyes as she did so, relieved that his father’s method had worked.

‘Thanks dad!’ He mindlinked one last time, grateful his old man was always ready to help him.

“I thought I would lose you.” He finally pronounced as his eyes fluttered open to look at her. Clarisse answered by slightly biting her lower lip and laggardly shaking her head no. “Will you… stay with me?”

This time, Clarisse averted his gaze, unsure of what to answer. Sure, she was well aware of her feelings growing deeper and deeper for this man but could she get over her phobia? That, she wasn’t so sure of.

“What…” Richard began asking but cut himself halfway when he thought that it might not be the best of ideas to ask her about it right now. Instead, he shook his head and slipped an arm under her legs at the same time as he held her back then he swiftly lifted her up and strode into the bedroom, laying her gently over the canopy bed.

He mentaly swore that he would die before anything bad ever happened with her while he removed his polo shirt prior to laying down in bed beside her. He was even ready to step down from his alpha position and become a rogue if that was what it took to be with her. It didn’t matter anymore, nothing else mattered except her. He would gladly give his life for hers and that was what he would do. So, when he pulled himself to snuggle against her body, he placed his face on the base of her neck, smelling her scent as he closed his eyes in contentment.

Clarisse embraced him, shuffling her hand over his now dark matted hair. Just as Richard was drifting into sleep, Clarisse started whispering. It was near inaudible. If he wasn’t a werewolf alpha, he would probably not have heard her at all. His eye lids sprang open, all signs of sleep totally gone from him.

“I believe I just had one of my nightmares earlier. It had been years since I last had one of those. I was even hopeful that I would never get them again. Guess I was wrong.” Richard pulled himself up a bit to get in a more comfortable position, his hand running up and down her long hair.

“Have you actually... lived any of it? Whatever those nightmares are, that is?”

“I used to have it constantly when I was a kid. All started when I got attacked by a wolf. After that, I began having those very vivid nightmares of a pack of wolves chasing after me after eating my family alive. I would always wake up in the middle of the night crying and run to my parent’s bed.”

Richard watched her as she closed her eyes tightly, pressing her head against his bare chest. He tightened his hug a little more, giving gentle kisses over her head.

“Issa, you’re my mate, my life and I will do anything to be with you. If you want to, we can just leave and go to a remote island where we will never ever find any wolves.”

Clarisse’s eyes opened in surprise and she found herself pulling away from their embrace so she could gaze at him.

“You… but you’re an alpha…”

Richard shook his head, giving her a sheepish smile.

“I will step down and let someone else lead the pack if that’s what it takes for me to be with you. I don’t care!”

Clarisse blinked, her mouth opening up a bit. She didn’t know what to say to that. This man was willing to give up everything he had just to be with her, he would even give up his family since he mentioned leaving to a place where there were no wolves.

“Issa, I will do anything to be with you if you will accept me.”

Her eyes immediately became glassy with tears streaming down her rosy cheeks.

“Oh, Rick… I love you so much!” She didn’t wait for his reply instead she crashed her lips over his soft ones. They both tasted the saltiness of a few tears that dared come into their mouths. Her hands ran up his messy hair and his hands drifted down her back, stopping just a few shy millimeters of her booty as their kiss became more and more demanding.

Soon, they were both helping each other remove their clothes, pausing their kiss just enough to be able to remove an item of cloth before continuing again. Richard’s hand caressed down her long leg, pulling it over him as he pressed her body against his. One of her hands had followed down his strong shoulders, feeling his muscles in every single detail.

Clarisse could feel his excited member poking her belly as they deepened their passionate kiss. Her hands flowed down his arms feeling his muscles contract. A gasp escaped her mouth as she felt him slightly pinch her nipple, making her separate their mouths and arch her back into him. He didn’t wait, immediately diving over her neck, planting kisses and love bites all the way down to her boobs.

Without warning, Richard turned, moving her on top of him before he began kissing and sucking over one of her breasts while he massaged the other one. Clarisse couldn’t stop feeling little electric shocks going up from every place he touched, finding herself moaning in response to his sweet caress. His bulge had also moved when he turned and placed her sitting over him just enough so it would rub against her clit with every movement they made.

Clarisse had experimented with sex several times with her past lovers. And she couldn’t help but notice how different this was from the other times. It felt so sweet and pure but at the same time, it felt so intense and animalistic. It didn’t escape her attention that his body was always so warm. But now, it heated her up beyond comprehension. Almost like… That’s when she realized the meaning of the word “mate” and she finally understood that they were indeed soulmates. They were made for each other. She didn’t want to ever be apart from him. Wolf or not, she wanted him. No. She NEEDED him. Biting her lower lip for a split second before taking a deep breath of courage.

“Rick, make me yours.” She whispered in his ear, promptly getting him to rotate them both together so she would lay down in bed with him atop her.

They locked eyes with each other, both feverish in excitement. Her dark wavy hair lay all around her head in a beautiful pattern that took his breath away just to stare into her eyes.

“Issa, I want to mark you. I wanna make you mine but it might hurt a little. Maybe we should wait a...”

“Do it!” She cut him off. “If you need to bite me to make me yours, then do it! I want to be with you forever!”

Richard’s eyes widened for a second before a grin formed over his lips. She was talking like an alpha wolf, making him and Vrejh do a happy dance.

“Rick, JUST DO IT!”

Her final words hit his brain so hard that he found himself complying even if he didn’t want to. Luckily for him, he wanted nothing more than to do it. His hands went over her knees and with a last glance over at her, he pushed himself inside her, finally making them one. He pounded in and out of her. Clarisse was a moaning mess, holding onto the bed linen while she took a trip to cloud nine.

They lost track of time, exchanging positions over and over again. Their first night of passion didn’t seem to lose any fire. Only deep into the night, did they finally relented.

“Issa… I’m gonna…” Richard couldn’t help but to take some breaths of air before continuing on his warning. “...bite you now.” He leaned in over her, he wasn’t exactly sure if she had heard him until she instinctively presented her neck for him as she pressed a hand behind his head. Opening his mouth and shifting his jaw and teeth to a wolf right before he perforated the soft skin of her neck.

Clarisse’s eyes widened in pure ecstasy, both of them orgasming together. She kept on moaning, ferociously scratching his back with her long manicured nails. When Richard pulled back and had shifted his jaw back, he gazed into her eyes. He kept on holding her under him even after he was done with his own orgasm, too stupefied with what he saw. Clarisse was visibly still orgasming under him so he kept moving in and out of her. The thing that caught his attention wasn’t the fact that she was still orgasming, well maybe a bit. The real reason was the bright blue circles shining around her hazel eyes.


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