In the Shadows of Dryden

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Chapter 31 - To the hospital

DISCLAIMER: This chapter contains graphic scenes that some readers may find disturbing!!! Reader’s discretion is advised.

The hours passed by as Richard found himself unable to peel his eyes off Clarisse. He propped himself on one arm, supporting his head as he lay on his side, beside her. Clarisse was curled up facing him. Her long hair spread beautifully around her head like an open fan.

Since he was a young kid, he had studied supernatural creatures’ history. His parents, especially his royal mother, believed that an alpha heir had to be knowledgeable about other supernatural creatures. All his training and studying was so if there ever came a time where he needed to take a drastic decision, he would already be prepared for it. Quite honestly, he enjoyed learning new things, especially when it was related to the supernatural. The thought of how her eyes shone with blue circles a few hours back, mystified him to no end. He has never heard or read anything like that.



‘You felt her alpha voice, right?’

‘How could I not? It hit me so hard that I couldn’t deny her command. Why?’

‘No matter how I look at it, she’s still human. We hadn’t even marked her yet. Hell, even if we had just marked her, it would be waaaaaaay too early for the mate bond to have given her that power. She shouldn’t have an alpha voice, but there is something else that I cannot take off my mind.’

‘Let me guess, that neon blue glow in her eyes?’ Richard answered with a mental nod before Vrejh spoke again. ‘Yeahh… it’s a mystery to me too, man. Although, I did feel a strong aura emanating from her when that light happened.’

‘A strong aura? Like a Royal’s?’ Richard felt Vrejh going silent for a bit, walking back and forth in the back of his mind, thinking.

‘It felt similar but it was definitely not the same. I can’t pinpoint it.’

Both Vrejh and Richard stayed silent, watching their sleeping beauty and mentally agreeing to sort it all out later. At that moment, all Richard and Vrejh wanted was to be with their mate.


The loud sound of car tires screeching to a halt could be heard inside of the hospital. The few people standing by the reception desk had turned their heads towards the door expecting paramedics to be carrying in a new patient. Even the four nurses in the reception area had stopped what they were doing to turn their heads towards the door. Police sirens had also added to the commotion coming from outside of the hospital. The older nurse of the group left the reception desk and walked to the corridor, squinting her eyes to try and distinguish anything.

Suddenly, the hospital doors swung open and a hysterical man entered shouting for help and calling for a doctor. But what really got the attention of everybody standing in that room was the image of the passed-out woman in his blood-soaked arms. He was almost completely drenched in blood and as he moved forward, a blood trail in his wake.

“Quickly, a stretcher,” Ordered the older nurse rushing to grab the phone on the wall to call for help.

Two policemen followed behind. They were eager to get some questions answered from the man but had decided to give the necessary space for the hospital team to do their job. The younger nurse of the group, who was still seated by her desk, began typing what she could for the patient on her computer. Standing beside her, a nurse with short brown hair in a ponytail, immediately ran to retrieve the stretcher and the last nurse rushed to call the cleaners to clean the bloody mess in the entrance. By the time the pony-tail nurse came with the stretcher, a group of four paramedics joined in to help while two doctors came rushing in to take lead on assessing the patient.

“Lay her on her side!” Ordered one of the doctors to the paramedic team, who were already doing so.

As soon as the patient was over the stretcher and the doctors could get a better look at the severity of her extended injury, their eyes widened. The paramedics began pressing clean gauze over her back, one of the doctors wrote something in a hurry and left running ahead while the other one shouted orders.

“Prepare the operating room for an emergency procedure!”

Right after his order, the paramedics began moving the stretcher towards the operating room while the doctor turned to the older nurse.

“Please, save her! She’s my wife! Save her!” Shouted the blood-drenched man from a short distance away.

“Tania, make sure that we have a plastic surgeon at the ready. I have a feeling we will take a while with her.” He instructed the older nurse in a whisper so no one would hear it. Then turned to follow behind at a brisk pace.

Tania, hastily went inside the reception area to call the specialists needed for the operation. The pony-tail nurse tried to gently stir the blood-drenched man towards the desk to fill in some needed papers.

“I need to be with her!” The man pushed the nurse to the side and gave a couple of long strides before the cops intervened, grabbing his arms and holding him back. “Let me go! Why don’t you let me go with her?” He shouted angrily at the cops, all the while trying to free himself.

“I’m sorry, sir, we cannot allow you to follow into the operating room. But I assure you that she will have the best care our hospital can give her.” Said the pony-tail nurse, quickly walking over to them as she flashed a “thank you” to the cops.

Again and again, the bloody man tried to get himself free to rush to be with his wife.

“Sir, we understand you want to be with the patient. But right now, she needs medical treatment and you will only be in the way. Besides, you would contaminate the carefully sterilized room if you go as you are right now” said the blond nurse, approaching them, the same one that went to inform the cleaning team that they were needed in the entrance. The man gave a pause and looked at her for a second before returning to his frenzied attempt to free himself. “She may die if you enter that room as you are. Do you understand? You will be in the way of the doctors that are trying to save her life.” The man flinched, freezing in place as his shoulders slumped in defeat.

“Please… save her…” He whispered, tears rolling down his face to mix with the blood that was all over him.

“I assure you that we are working towards that goal. Now, please sir, come this way,” said the pony-tail nurse, glad that her coworker stepped in to help but frowning at her for her chosen words.

The cops released the man but only one stepped back to reach inside his pocket for his phone to contact the sheriff. The other cop followed the man and the two nurses to the reception desk where a young nurse was waiting. As the pony-tail nurse helped the man and her young co-worker, the cop gently pulled the blond nurse aside.

“We will require some pictures taken of the patient’s injuries prior to the operation. Can you make sure that it’s done?” Said the cop in a serious hush-hush voice. The nurse nodded, immediately walking away.



“Hey, Boss! We followed that speeding car we reported earlier and it came straight to the hospital.”

“Ok. Who is the crazy individual?”

“That’s the thing, Boss. I believe you will want to talk with him yourself. The scene here is… bloody.”

On the other side of the line, Le’Blanc removed his reading glasses and proceeded to rub his tired eyes, already expecting trouble to come.

“Alright! I’m coming. Make sure things don’t get worse there until I arrive.” He immediately hung up, grabbed his reading glasses again, and placed them in front of his eyes. With his other hand, he lifted the paper he was reading earlier to check one last thing, then he placed his glasses inside his shirt pocket and got up with a long sigh.

‘I have a feeling that my workload is about to get worse.’ He thought to himself, walking towards the coat rack to grab his police jacket and sheriff’s hat.


The blond nurse rushed into the preparation room, making sure to follow all the disinfecting procedures before joining in the operation room with a professional camera in hand. The team working inside barely glanced at her, meticulously going through their job. A couple of nurses were helping the surgeons prepare for the long job ahead while two other nurses carefully removed the gauze from the patient’s back. Certain areas needed to receive extra attention from the nurses dealing with the dried blood gluing the gauze to the skin. The blond nurse moved around the room, dodging the equipment and her coworkers as much as she could so she wouldn’t get in the way. She began taking pictures even before the nurses could start cleaning and disinfecting the patient, making sure she documented the extent of the injury. Once she was done taking the necessary pictures, she silently left the room and headed straight to the small IT department to get the pictures uploaded and sent to the police station.

When she got there, she knocked on the door and cracked it open just a little bit.

“Pascal, we got some more work for you to do.” A skinny man quickly appeared by the door crack, pushing his large square glasses up his nose.

“Thank you, Rosetta!”

The blondie handed him the SIM card from the camera with a small smile.

“Have it sent to the police station as soon as possible. They are waiting on it.” The nerdy-looking man scrunched his nose in annoyance.

“They are ALWAYS waiting! I will get it over as soon as I can.” Pushing his glasses back up again as he began closing the door. Rosetta turned and walked back to her station, putting the camera back in its designated place for future use on the way there.


The moment that Le’Blanc got to the hospital parking lot, he saw the amount of blood trailing into the hospital.

“Good Lord! Is this person even alive?” He adjusted his hat, a habit he acquired along his professional career, and headed to the entrance. Inside, he came to see three people cleaning the floor. He scanned the room for a couple of seconds, his gaze stopping right on a single person by the reception desk.

“Hey, Roger, the boss is here.” Markus poked his partner on the arm, pointing towards Le’Blanc. Roger followed his partner’s finger to see that the old sheriff was already walking in their direction. The two cops moved a few steps away from the blood-covered man to meet with their boss a bit more privately.

“Any news about this madness?” Asked Le’Blanc.

“Nahh, the only thing we’ve managed to find out so far is that the patient is his wife.” Shrugged Markus.

“We haven’t had the chance to talk with him yet but he seems pretty shaken up.” Said, Roger.

Le’Blanc nodded, not adding any more questions, and just observed the man. After a few long minutes, the nurses seemed to be done with him and the sheriff approached the man.

“John Cortney! What have you gotten yourself into this time?” Asked the sheriff.

John’s head snapped in the sheriff’s direction, his eyes wide open as if he had seen a flying saucer. Staggering, he managed to give a few steps toward the sheriff before the two nurses helped him stand.

“Sheriff Le’Blanc, please, he’s in shock with what happened to his wife. At least, let him sit down,” said Rosetta, already guiding the man to the nearby seat in a corner. The few people seated in the vicinity were quickly asked to go sit farther away so they could talk with the man. Le’Blanc nodded, following behind.

“I, I…” he paused, his lips trembling as tears rolled down his blood stained face as he looked up to the sheriff with blank eyes. The old sheriff waited, scrutinizing John. When the man didn’t continue talking, the sheriff turned to the nurse.

“He’s in shock. Bring some water for him to drink.” Markus handed the sheriff a chair, which Le’Blanc placed in front of the man as the cops stood to the side to block the view to the onlookers. Only after the nurse brought some water and gently helped the man to drink it in small sipps, did the sheriff talk again.

“I know you’ve loved Miley since high school, John. Talk to me. What happened?”

John wiped his glazed eyes, sniffing loudly. The only nurse that stayed behind, Rosetta, promptly offered him some tissues which the man nodded a ‘thank you’ before getting some to clean his face.

“It… It was horrible!” He wiped his nose, making a loud noise before continuing. “I closed the store early. I, I… I had promised a date night with her.” Tears gathered in his eyes, a few running down to his beard as he sobbed into his hands. Rosetta gently placed a blanket over John’s back, trying to comfort him a little.

Le’Blanc gave John a moment to gather himself while he took some notes, then watched John. In all truth, this was the first time the old sheriff found himself feeling sorry for the man. He gave John some gentle pats on his back, trying to console him.

“Help us help you, John. What happened when you got home?”

John shook his head, still crying.

“I… I got home, thinking she would still be getting ready. You know Miley, she has always liked to dress up. So I decided to surprise her by coming into our room quietly. I had… bo-bought some flowers on my way but when I opened the door to our room…” John’s head shot up, his eyes reflecting the immense fear he felt at that time. “She was lying naked on our bed bleeding to death!”

Le’Blanc’s eyes widened before he looked at Roger and Markus.

“You two, secure John’s house. Make sure that the forensic team and CSI are informed so they can do their jobs.”

“... but…” Began Markus.

“GO! I will take care of this here. Get to the crime scene.”

“Yes, Boss!” Answered both Markus and Roger, turning to leave.

The old sheriff brought his eyes back to John.

“Now, tell me everything you saw!”


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