The Light Of The GUARDIAN

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A thousand years after Jesus Christ was crucified, the Gods send Thiebe, the Golden-Haired Child down to reinforce the message of love and tolerance. The Elders of the Hungarian village of Crevenia are wary of the young girl, and they abuse and defile her, and hoping to keep their nefarious actions secret, they decide to sacrifice her. Sensing her fate, Thiebe issues a warning, “If you murder me, I will return and I will slay all of you, and I will also eradicate all of your bloodlines!” Thiebe is murdered by the soulless men, but wrathful Gods show no mercy, and Thiebe is resurrected to have her revenge. Over the course of many centuries, Thiebe and her guardian Ada eradicate all those of the un-pure blood, until there is only one remaining. Young American Kurt Slovinsky was just a babe when his father disappeared, and when he finishes college, he travels to Hungary to try and find out what happened to his father. He is lured to an isolated castle, and he meets Thiebe. Kurt is infatuated with Thiebe, for she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He would do anything for her, although he is about to learn that her motive is deadly. Thiebe coos seductively, “Young man, I will grant you three wishes, yet with each wish, there will be a price to pay.” Kurt is about to experience the most thrilling and decadent night of his life, yet unknown to him, it may also be his last.

Fantasy / Erotica
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