The Light Of The GUARDIAN

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Two Moons

Of the next morn, Jack was bursting with expectation, and he asked, “Ada, did you ask Thiebe for permission?”

After placing the breakfast plates on the table, Ada said quietly, “After lunch, we shall retire to your room.”

For Jack, the morning and early afternoon were in slow motion, yet his breath did catch when the statuesque woman said, “Come.”

He enjoyed the visual delight of watching her undress, then she climbed on the bed and lay face down. He squatted over her while he massaged her neck and shoulders, then he shuffled down as he worked on her back. The skin of her back was smooth, all bar two tissue-ridged scars; one of eight inches which began on the left side of her ribs and curled onto her back, the other a more modest five inch scar that ran down under her right shoulder blade. Jack enjoyed skimming his fingers over the imperfections, yet choosing not to tarry, he eased himself off the bed and knelt by her side as his hands delicately travelled over her buttocks and thighs; the buttocks and thighs receiving more attention than the shoulders and back had commanded.

Drawing in a breath, Jack muttered, “Turn over Ada.”

She rolled, propped, then lay, her generous breasts swaying with the movements, then his hands promoted more movement from the breasts as he heartily engaged them. In studied concentration, he watched her face, then he looked at the collection of bright scars, each one possibly being a story, or maybe they were all born out of the same story. He noted that her breathing was regular and unhurried, and hoping to alter the breathing pattern, his right hand glided down to her thighs. She shifted subtly as his fingers skimmed through her pubic hair, and Jack’s breathing quickened as he began a slow, gentle rub.

Ada’s moans of pleasure, and her tensing, arching body helped Jack understand that his mission had been successful, yet he still maintained his steady rhythm as the strong body collapsed fully into the bed. Ada opened her eyes, first looking at his face, then her gaze dropping to his stomach. She had no need to touch him, for he was already aroused; so she drew her knees up, then her legs flowered open as she said, “Come, lay on me.”

Jack was momentarily dumbfounded. This event was about pleasuring the attractive woman and then hopefully having her return the favour; although her statement, the invitational positioning of her legs … Jack gulped, then he asked hesitantly, “Sex? I can have sex with you?”

Ada spread her legs even wider, and in a servile whisper, she hushed, “If you wish.”

With his eyes and mouth wide open, Jack climbed onto the bed and moved over her.

After cleaning herself, Ada took Kurt’s hand and led him into the bedroom, and after lying down, she invited him to join her.

The young man was eager and excited, and Ada thought despondently, May this be small compensation for you …


After dinner, the boys were delighted when Ada bathed with them, and with memories of the afternoon dominating his thoughts, Jack said pleasantly, “This afternoon was fantastic, and I’m sure that I’ll remember it forever.”

Ada offered only a fleeting smile as a response, so Jack asked, “Does it happen again tomorrow, can we make love again tomorrow?”

A question posed, although Ada answered with her own question. “You wish to lay with me again?”

They both nodded enthusiastically, and Jack said earnestly, “Yes we do, we both do, and I will pleasure you again!”

“If that is your wish, I shall ask My Lady’s permission.”

They glanced at one another, both faces beaming; then Jack turned to her and said, “Please do Ada, because I’m desperate to have you again.”

After getting out of the bath, Kurt dried himself off, although his gaze constantly swung towards his friend, because the naked statuesque woman was drying him off, and then roles reversed; his friend collecting a new towel and drying Ada. Kurt wanted to be involved, so as Jack cruised the towel over her breasts and stomach, Kurt moved behind and dabbed and smoothed the towel over her shoulders and back, then over her buttocks. Ada stood motionless, her face slightly titled, her eyes closed as they dried her thighs, Kurt drying the back of the thighs, Jack the front, then both of them jostling and competing against each other to dry the inside of her thighs. Soon, they was nothing left to dry, so Jack pushed his body against her, then pushed his lips onto hers, and as Ada began a slow response, Jack let his right hand meander down to her groin. Breathless yet instinctive, Kurt pushed against her left side, and he kissed her neck as he caressed her buttock with his right hand, his left hand gently kneading her left breast.

Ada enjoyed the attention, although she pulled out of the kiss, and with all faces only inches apart, she gazed into Jack’s eyes, then Kurt’s, and in a surprising movement, she took a backward step then began walking towards the door.

Jack was uncomfortably aroused, and he called out shakily, “Ada, I don’t know if I can wait until tomorrow.”

Kurt glanced behind him and saw her dress still on the bathing room floor, although Ada was standing at the door, ready to walk out of the room, and excitingly, it appeared that she was going to walk out naked. Kurt and Jack glanced at one another, although both gazes snapped around when Ada said huskily, “Come, follow me.”

Ada led them down the main hallway towards the front of the house, and Kurt enjoyed being behind her, for her marching buttocks were a pleasure to view. They followed her into a front room and surprisingly, Thiebe was in the room, sitting in a high-backed chair, the gorgeous woman decorated in the flowing white gown. Completely naked, Ada knelt before her, and with her head bowed she said respectfully, “My Lady, the young Americans wish to engage with me.”

Thiebe glanced at the naked men, then she switched her focus to her companion as she replied quietly, “You may proceed.”

The sturdy table had a thick blanket covering it, and Ada climbed onto the table, lay on her back, then said invitingly, “Young men, approach me and stand on this side, facing My Lady.”

Kurt and Jack shuffled over, then Ada said, “Quell my desires before you engage.”

Kurt caressed her breasts, Jack started on her strong thighs, but soon his left hand rubbed her mound while the fingers of his right hand began a purposeful stroke. Kurt had never been so wickedly aroused as Ada began blowing out moans of submission, yet his gaze was drawn to the beautiful woman sitting silently in the chair, her right leg crossed over her left, her focus directly on the physical activity.

After being quelled, Ada sat on the bottom end of the table, and with careful attention, she stimulated Jack, then fell back on the table, her legs flowering open. Upright in all ways, Jack pushed into her reverently, and as he worked into a rhythm, he skimmed his hands over her hips.

After the performance, Ada cleansed herself, then she lay back for Kurt, and he accepted the invitation eagerly. Thrilled and aroused, he moved in and out of her respectfully, yet as physically supreme as the event was, his gaze was drawn to Thiebe; and as he pushed and slid, he saw her staring at him, her focus on his face, his eyes.

With an animalistic flourish, Kurt completed, then gratefully indebted, he leant forward and kissed Ada on the lips, then he swung his gaze to Thiebe. Still motionless, her unblinking eyes still staring at him. He took two steps backwards as Ada gracefully slid off the table, and a moment later cleaned herself.

Two naked men watched as Thiebe pushed out of the chair and gathered Ada’s left hand. Ada clasped the hand, and still naked, she turned to them and said, “Sleep well, I will see you on the new day.” And they glided out of the room and disappeared into the hallway.

“Goodness me,” Jack blew out, “I could live here for the rest of my life.”

Kurt and Jack settled into bed, and when Kurt finally dozed, he dreamt. Of things he had dreamt before. All the characters were familiar, so were the events; yet the events seemed to be organising themselves into chronological order. The dreaming Kurt didn’t want to have this violent, barbaric dream ever again; and the Kurt in the dream wanted to close his eyes or look away as the horrific events unfolded, yet his image seemed incapable of moving, and he saw it all, and unfortunately, heard it all as well, the tortured screams rattling around in the enclosed confines of the dream.


After dinner the next day, Jack followed eagerly as Ada led him to the bedroom, yet Kurt tarried, because he was troubled and unsettled. He assumed that if waited by the door until Jack finished, he would then be invited to enjoy the delights that Ada offered, although the dream from the previous night refused to leave his mind. The young girl had been subjected to the most horrific of abuses, and then she had been murdered; but yet now, was the young girl a fully grown woman? Was the young girl Thiebe, or was Thiebe the young girl? And importantly, did the fully grown woman wish to extract from him the greatest price of all?

Conscious of propriety, Kurt dressed, then he walked up the stairs, walked down the long hallway, then stood in front of her door. Ada’s warning flared in his mind, Do not disturb her … Life could often be about choices; do I or don’t I … it could often be about identifying right from wrong, yet Kurt was driven, propelled by the need to know. He gripped the door handle tightly, then after sighing in acceptance, he turned the handle and walked into the dark room.

After his vision adjusted to the darkness, he saw that the thick blanket had a mound in its middle, and cautiously he moved over and knelt by the bed. “Thiebe, Thiebe, are you awake?”

The mound rolled, flattened slightly, then eyes opened.

“I, I’m sorry to disturb you, but I need to speak to you.”

Moments of silence ticked by, the unblinking eyes focussed on him until she shuffled, pushed up, then sat against the bed-head. When she sat up, the blanket fell to her lap, and for a moment Kurt looked at her bare breasts, but he corrected his gaze and looked into the hypnotic blue eyes. With his heart beating quicker, he asked, “Who are you?”

“Young man, have you not dreamt?”

“Yes, I have. I have dreams, violent dreams.”

“And do the dreams not tell you who I am?”

“I’m not sure, but I’m beginning to suspect that you are the young girl in my dreams.”

The Daughter of the Gods was pleased, because all the images she was hoping to deposit in the young man’s mind had been deposited. In a whispered tone, Thiebe said, “Young American, let me tell you a story. A long time ago, men, nine men came for a child, a young girl, and they took her into the woods and stripped her. The child was of innocence and purity, but in many hours of depravity, the nine men stole her innocence and purity.”

Kurt was alarmed by the number; Nine? Nine men, a young girl …

“In the glow of the full moon, the young girl was displayed for the village, and they sacrificed her for their Gods, although the true God and Goddess had no want of such savagery and brutality. The true God and Goddess wished for their creations to be of goodness and piety, yet the nine men showed no such traits. The God and Goddess preach love, tolerance and compassion, yet after witnessing this act of savagery, they resolved that a price must be paid.”

“So you are saying that the young girl was you.”

“It was.”

“In my dream, the young girl was murdered, so I don’t understand.”

“Young man, do you believe in the Gods?”

“I was taught that God is real, and he sent his son Jesus Christ down to make us believe in him.”

Hoping to guide him, Thiebe asked, “What happened to Jesus Christ?”

“He was crucified.”

“Tell me young man, what was his crime?”

“He was guilty of no crime, and I was taught that he was prepared to sacrifice himself for the good of mankind.”

“So the Son of God committed no crime, yet he was still murdered?”

“My belief is that he was accused of blasphemy.”

“Young man, the people of the time killed Jesus Christ, an innocent man, a child of the Gods; yet still, the merciful and forgiving Gods chose to send another child down more than a thousand years later, but again, the people of that new age killed an innocent girl.”

Kurt frowned, trying to make sense of the figures, yet baffled, he asked, “One thousand years later? I don’t understand.”

“In the year one thousand and sixty-six, more than a thousand years after Jesus Christ was crucified, the young girl, the second child of the Gods was abused and executed.”

Kurt lowered his gaze as ran over the figures again, then he muttered, “You said that the young girl was you, but it couldn’t be you if it was nine hundred years ago.”

“Believe what you choose.”

“But Thiebe, if the young girl died, how can it be, because you are alive.”

“Do you believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God?”

“Yes, I have been brought up Catholic, so I do believe.”

“Do you believe that Jesus Christ was resurrected?”

“Yes, I do.”

“If you believe in Jesus Christ, then I suspect that you could also be swayed to believe in the daughter of the Gods.”

“Are you saying that you are the daughter of the Gods?”

“I am the daughter of the God and Goddess of Light, yet in my time as a mortal being I never got the opportunity to spread the word of my Gods, for I was cut down at a tender age by the evil men.”

“No, I don’t understand. The girl couldn’t be you, because you are alive, and if it was more than nine hundred years ago …” Kurt muttered, and.totally bemused, he shook his head as he continued, “It doesn’t make sense. You look like you’re in your mid-twenties, but you’re asking me to believe that you’re more than nine hundred years old.”

“Believe what you will, but my existence is my history, and the existence has been a journey of many centuries. I was murdered in 1066, and I was resurrected in the same year for the single purpose of exacting revenge. Through the centuries, the Light of the Guardian has disturbed me, roused me, and I have continued my mission of eradication to appease the true Gods.”

“What is the Light of the Guardian?”

“When you sin against the Gods, they unleash forces that ensure that their will is imposed, and the Light of the Guardian was created to guide me on my journey. A normal man’s life is seventy years and five, and so it is that the blazing sphere of light has appeared every seventy years and five. When I eradicate the last of the tainted blood, the Light of the Guardian will blaze no more.”

Kurt was interested in her phrase blazing sphere of light, and also intrigued by the figure she had offered, every seventy years and five. He had learnt about Halley’s Comet in school, the comet coming into the Inner Solar System every seventy-five years. The comet had passed through in 1910, which just happened to be the year his father went missing. Holding her unblinking gaze, he said, “There is a comet called Halley’s Comet that comes into our solar system every seventy-five years; is that the Light of the Guardian?”

“It is.”

Kurt wasn’t sure he was ready to accept that a comet had been created to guide this mysterious woman on her journey, and besides, the most alarming portion of her previous statement was the final sentence. “Thiebe, you said that when you eradicate the last of the tainted blood, the Light of the Guardian will blaze no more; but what do you mean by eradicate?”

Aware that the young man was just about to learn how fleeting his future would be, Thiebe said solemnly, “The first act of murder was reluctantly accepted, and Jesus Christ, the son of God was resurrected and he ascended to the Kingdom; yet the second act of brutality enraged the Gods, and here before you sit I, the agent of retribution.”

Kurt shook his head and said, “I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.”

“I am the girl from your dreams, I was the girl who was slain by one of yours.”

“One of mine?”

“The first to dishonour me, was of your blood; his name was Pernius.”

“You have to explain what you mean.”

“The dreams you have are retelling a tale that happened more than nine hundred years ago, and one of your bloodline, Pernius, was the first to dishonour me, and indeed, he was the one who ended my mortal life.”

Kurt remembered looking at the murderer in his dream, then he looked at his father, the men looking similar, and as he gave it greater consideration, the big thought speared into his mind; both the men looked like him. “This man was an ancestor of mine?”

“Pernius,” Thiebe whispered, “Pernius Slovinsky.”

“What happened to him? Was he charged for the murder?”

“Pernius Slovinsky and the eight Elders paid the ultimate price.”

“Somebody killed them?”

“The slain child was resurrected to seek vengeance.”

His father appeared in most of his recent dreams, sometimes standing at her bedroom door, sometimes standing by the altar; and the reason Kurt had come to the country was to find out what happened to him. Pensively, he asked, “Did you kill my father?”

“The Gods sought the most severe punishment for the abusers, and it was decreed that all descendants of the nine men be eradicated.”

In an abstract way, Kurt’s dreams were starting to make sense, and Thiebe’s answer sounded like a yes; but he wanted confirmation, so he asked, “So you did kill him, my father?”

The Immortal Goddess could control her emotions, yet conscious of the man’s teetering emotions, she said demurely, “Hors Slovinsky came up to the castle in the year the Light of the Guardian last appeared.”

Kurt’s mission had always been to find out what happened to his father, and in a round-about way, the mysterious woman had identified herself as his killer, so Kurt asked glumly, “What, what did you do to him?”

Thiebe knew that the young man had only a single tomorrow left, so she said placidly, “Young Slovinsky, you will find out what happened to him.”

Kurt stared at her, trying to read the unblinking eyes, yet the eyes didn’t reveal anything that he could interpret. With a hushed whisper, he asked, “Does that mean that you’re going to kill me?”

Thiebe knew that her response would make the man even more anxious than he already was, yet to continue on her journey, the feelings of a single mortal being counted for nought; so she advised, “You are the last of your line, and once you have been eradicated, my time here will end, and I will return to my Kingdom.”

Eradicated? Kurt realised that her response wasn’t simply a threat, it was a death threat, and the woman who was responsible for his father’s death also wanted to be responsible for his death; although rather than being scared witless, Kurt tensed as the images from his dreams flooded into his mind. If Thiebe was the girl who was so horrifically violated in his dreams, she had suffered vile and despicable abuses, and the guilty parties needed to be held accountable, yet Kurt knew that he had always stayed faithful to his Christian principles, so blame shouldn’t be apportioned to him. With a wavering voice, he said, “No, that seems wrong, because the descendants shouldn’t be responsible for the actions of their forefathers.”

The Immortal Goddess conceded that the point was valid, yet wishing to continue her journey to the Kingdom, she advised, “Young man, wrathful Gods show no mercy, and it is only when the bloodlines of the nine are eradicated completely that the Gods will be satisfied.”

Thiebe was strange, mysterious and disarmingly beautiful, yet she looked like a woman, looked like a normal human being. Kurt wondered if she could be psychologically unbalanced, and her story could simply be the rantings of a crazy woman; although he had dreamt about her even before he had met her, and she was implying that she was responsible for his father’s death, and strangely, he remembered Slovan’s hushed statement; Some say that the woman is not one of us. Whether she was insane or, or … celestial? Kurt needed to mount a defence, so he said quietly, “Thiebe, I have committed no crime, and I don’t deserve to die.”

Without expression, Thiebe replied, “Neither did I.”

Kurt suspected that her reply meant she would not waver from her original intention, so in a moment of defiance, he said, “To save my life, I could escape now, I could leave right now.”

“You cannot escape, yet in the abstraction of language, yes, you will leave tomorrow night.”

The words rang in Kurt’s ears; … you cannot escape … and he thought about the other imposing female who lived in the castle; the imposing woman’s upper body riddled with scars. Sheepishly, he said, “If you kill me, you’re killing an innocent man.”

“As a mortal being, you have no right to question the Gods, and your fate is in my hands.”

“So you are going to kill me?”

Thiebe tarried for a moment, and strangely, the Daughter of the Gods realised that she would prefer not to issue a response; yet to ascend to her rightful station, a response was necessary. With a touch of regret, she replied, “I lured you here with just the single intention.”

Kurt thought about the puzzling dreams which had prompted him to begin this quest, and he said, “I remember having dreams for many months, and in the dreams I saw the photograph of you; but are you saying that you were responsible for the dreams?”

“To arrive at the final solution, I have used all powers available to me.”

Kurt was bewildered, and frightened; yet he pieced it together, saying it out loud to help him understand. “You say that you were raped and murdered in the year 1066, and in 1910 you killed my father, and now in 1929 you lured me to this country to kill me, so …” he looked into her unblinking eyes, then said uncertainly, “If this is all true, you, you … you must be a God.”

Celestial Beings are not inflicted with vanity, yet Thiebe was pleased that the last child of the tainted blood had acknowledged her status, and she advised, “I am the Daughter of the Gods. My journey has been of many years, although my task is almost complete, for you are the last.”

With survival at the forefront of his mind, Kurt said timidly, “Gods should be compassionate and forgiving, but if you do this, you’ll be killing an innocent man.”

“I, the daughter of the Supreme Beings do not question the will of the Gods, and so it must be that you, a mortal being, should accept your fate.”

Every time Kurt looked at her, he was affected by her dazzling beauty, yet beauty wasn’t the only beguiling feature about her, for she also seemed majestic, seemed powerful, seemed as if she were celestial. She had lured him here, so Kurt surmised that if she wanted to kill him, she would succeed. He wanted his future to be substantially longer than a single day, so he asked, “If I choose to not lay with you tomorrow, will you let me go?”

“Please young man, think about everything that we have discussed, and you will find the answer to your question.”

To Kurt, it sounded like a no; so he said pleadingly, “Please Thiebe, tell me what I have to do for you, tell me what I need to do to save my life.”

“Go, go now,” Thiebe instructed, “In your last night of slumber, I envisage that more dreams will come to you.”

Kurt tensed … last night of slumber … and he was shaking with anxiety as he glanced at her again, yet the single glance helped to soothe him, for again she looked majestic, powerful and celestial. He knew that with his very existence hanging in the balance, he should be terrified, but the single glance had aroused many more emotions than he was capable of understanding. He knew that he should be running for his life, yet he felt comfortable and secure in her presence. Having killed his father, Kurt wanted to hate her, yet the more overwhelming desire was to worship her. This was the first time he had ever been alone with her, and he didn’t want it to end. Awash with a curious mix of fear and adoration, Kurt asked reverently, “May, may I kiss you?”

Thiebe issued a single nod, and Kurt pushed off his knees, leant in towards her, then pushed his lips onto hers; mortal lips on celestial lips, and fully engaged in the sweet sensation of the kiss, he desired to open his eyes and gaze into hers from this close distance, yet the kiss lulled him and tempered him, all thoughts negated now as he swam through the divine emotions that the kiss promoted. It was not he who pulled away, for he was simply incapable of doing so; it was her, and she whispered, “Go, bed down now, for the morrow is merely a slumber away.”

With his heart thumping, Kurt stared into her eyes, bowed reverently for her, then he began moving away. As he walked out of the room, he was surprised to see Ada standing near the door, and he nodded bashfully.

Ada held his gaze for a moment, then she began walking into the room as she said, “Sleep well.”

Kurt didn’t know how much of the conversation Ada had heard, although quickly, he assumed that it didn’t matter. The statuesque woman may well be his executioner, all the same, she had been a kind and generous host, so Kurt said, “Ada, you’ve been wonderful to us, so for your hospitality and for, for, well, for everything, thank-you.”

Ada felt compelled to respond, so she looked into his eyes as she skimmed her fingers over his right cheek, then she kissed him, nodded, and walked into the room and closed the door.

Kurt settled into bed, and Jack said excitedly, “Kurt, where the hell were you? With Ada this time, it was unbelievable!”

Rattled and distracted, feeling unnerved and detached, Kurt asked quietly, “So you had a good time?”

“A good time?” Jack asked quizzically, then he said, “I think I’m in love with her.”

“I’m pleased, so I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Kurt …”


“Were you and Thiebe, you know …”


“What were you doing then?”

“Just talking, but Jack, I’m tired.”

“I should let you get some sleep, because tomorrow night is your big night.”


Ada extinguished the lantern then slipped into bed. Lying on her back, she said quietly, “My Lady, I am troubled.”

As a being of heightened emotional awareness, Thiebe knew what was troubling her faithful servant, yet it was her desire to offer Ada the chance to verbally relay her concerns. “Tell me of your troubles.”

“My Lady, this is the first occasion where we have spent extended periods of time with the mortals, and the consequence of doing so means that I have got to know this one well. Your final victim is an honourable young man with a gentle soul, and if I am asked to execute him, I will do so with regret in my heart.”

The Daughter of the Gods was pleased that her companion had aired her views, for it showed that while The Warrior was faithful and obedient, she was still compassionate. Not as a test of her faith, but as an invitation, Thiebe asked, “Ada, the question I pose is this; what is more important, sparing the young man’s life, or obtaining Immortality?”

Ada was of a reflective mind, and she said, “Spending eternity by your side is my greatest desire, so I will do whatever you wish me to do, yet for the sanctity of my soul, I needed to inform you of my reluctance.”

“Ada, my Warrior, my slayer, my purifier; your reluctance shows that you are a merciful being, yet we cannot shy away from the will of the Gods, for wrathful Gods show no mercy.”

Ada closed her eyes, yet reluctance and regret were the only emotions swirling in her mind. She knew what to do to ease her distress, so she reached over and clasped the hand of her Mistress, and immediately, her troubled mind became unburdened. Merely touching her divine Mistress could soothe and comfort her, yet this was more than a simple engagement of hands, this was a display of solidarity, of togetherness, of Forever-ness. Only a single moon away from achieving Immortality, Ada fell into a peaceful slumber, and she dreamt.

Dreams rarely disturb budding Immortals, yet the Warrior dreamt on this night, dreamt of hacked bodies and lifeless corpses; and while she knew that the deaths had been a vengeful response to a single brutal event, the knowledge failed to erase the memories of her deeds. More than nine centuries and a half had been relegated to history, yet Ada still remembered the night she had gathered the slain child in her arms and carried her to the lake. The Golden-Haired Child had perished on that night, yet the Golden-Haired Child had arisen, and she was now the wrath of the Gods. One more must be dealt with before eternal bliss would be hers, although Ada was of a sorrowful mind that it had to be the pleasant young man.

And Thiebe dreamt, which was most unusual for the Daughter of the Gods; for children of the Rulers of Destiny did not dream, they waited for instructions and then obeyed the instructions; yet on this night, a dream did circulate. In the dream, Thiebe, on bended knee, appealed to the two Supreme Beings who had sired her; Mother, father, too much blood has been spilt already. Arouse your compassion, for I have no wish to slay the last one of the tainted blood …


Kurt tossed and turned in slumber, for his dream was no longer a jigsaw, the dream was an event; the dream chronologically playing out to its barbaric and savage conclusion. The young girl tied to the altar, her desperate pleas ignored by the despicable men who had defiled her; and before the sword was plunged in to extinguish her life, the terrified girl’s face distorted, then altered; the face of innocence and purity changing to one of great beauty, then back again; the innocence, then the ravishing beauty; the frightened one, then the smouldering woman. The dream seemed to be an affirmation; the slain young girl was Thiebe; the woman who lived in the castle on the hill was the slain girl. Kurt saw his father standing silently near the altar as the girl was murdered, and the Kurt in the dream had a moment of severe confusion, for as he gazed at the man who killed the young girl, then switched his focus back to his father, similarities became apparent, facial identifiers being recognized.


After lunch, Ada faced them and advised, “The bath is ready. We shall bath, and then …”

Jack was ecstatic, and he declared, “Excellent! Let’s go Kurt!”

Confused and concerned, Kurt tarried. The coming night promised to be the most significant of his life, coupling with the most beautiful woman in the world; yet the coming night could also be his last. As Thiebe had predicted, the last dream had made everything crystal clear; Thiebe was the young girl who had been slain. Most things about the stories seemed too unbelievable to be true, yet Kurt knew what he needed to do. He glanced at Ada, pointed at the stairs, then said timidly, “I, I might go up.”

Ada gave a single nod, yet Jack grabbed his arm and whispered into his ear, “Kurt, come on, this is the whole thing; this is frolic in the bath and then go all the way again.”

Kurt sighed, then gazed at Jack as he said, “I need to see Thiebe.”

Jack shrugged his shoulders as he said, “Okay, well I guess I’ll see you at dinner.”

Kurt watched them wander off to the bathing room, and after drawing in a breath, he walked up the stairs, walked down the long hallway, walked towards her door, although he stopped, because surprisingly, the door was open, and then an even bigger surprise, for the one who called herself the Daughter of the Gods was sitting up in the bed. In the dull light, Kurt could see the open eyes, saw the flowing hair, saw the bare breasts, and with great trepidation, he moved towards her, then knelt before her. He looked into her eyes, and he took a moment to appreciate her genuine beauty; then he drew in a breath and asked weakly, “If you kill me, this ends? There will be no more unnecessary deaths?”

Thiebe regarded him, then said, “Unnecessary is an ill-chosen word my friend, for to slay a daughter of the Gods is the most unpardonable of sins; but to answer your question, when your blood is spilt, I shall ascend and take my rightful position in the Kingdom of the Gods.”

With the image of the innocent girl in his mind, Kurt asked shakily, “How, how will you kill me?”

Of a curious mind, Thiebe asked, “Am I to understand that you accept your fate?”

Kurt gulped, then said quietly, “If killing me will right the wrongs, if killing me allows you to find peace, yes, I will pay the price for my ancestors sins.”

Thiebe offered a respectful nod, then she said, “If your evil ancestor had displayed the same compassion that you have shown, this occasion would never have eventuated.”

Sullenly, Kurt thought, It’s a bit late to worry about that; like about nine hundred and sixty years too late … He also thought of his father in the dreams, his father saying solemnly, I paid my price … Holding her gaze, he asked again, “I will pay the price, but how will you kill me?”

“Young man, Kurt Slovinsky, the advice I would offer is that you do not waste time dwelling over the method of your execution, because on this night, when the moon is high, you will find out.”

Kurt bowed his face, knowing that there was no escaping this; he was facing his final hours on the planet. As scared and morbid as he felt, the important matter rushed into his mind, and he asked hesitantly, “You won’t hurt Jack, you’ll let Jack go?”

Theibe nodded and said, “Your friend has many more tomorrows.”

Kurt was relieved; he was going to be eradicated, but his best friend would be spared. He remembered the glorious kiss of the previous night, and hoping to experience the overwhelming emotions again, he asked timidly, “May I kiss you?”

“Nay, not now; for when the moon is high, I will be available for you.”

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