The Light Of The GUARDIAN

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The Final Moon

Jack was full of life over dinner as he talked excitedly about what he had experienced, although he was aware enough to realise that Kurt wasn’t sharing his excitement. “You okay Kurt?”

Kurt glanced at his barely touched meal, and somberly he thought, Last supper? Without raising his gaze, he said, “Yeah, I’m okay.”

Jack snorted a laugh then said, “You should be jumping out of your skin, because tonight’s the night!”

Yeah, if only you knew … Kurt thought, then he gazed at him and said quietly, “I am excited.”

“Hmmm, good idea I guess, stay calm and relaxed and conserve your energy.” Jack said, then he whispered, “You have to tell me all about it tomorrow.”

Kurt was hoping that his best friend would shut up, because every one of his statements or questions had things pinging in his mind; I, I think I’ve already seen my last tomorrow …

After the dinner plates had been washed, Ada faced Jack and said, “I will escort you to your room.”

“Are we going to …” Jack asked excitedly.

“No, but young man, bed down and do not leave the room under any circumstances.”

“What about if I need to-” Jack began, although Ada interrupted him as she said curtly, “I repeat; do not leave the room under any circumstances.”

Jack nodded sheepishly, then he said, “I can’t wait for tomorrow Ada, I can’t wait to touch you and kiss you.”

“Tomorrow will unveil the new days mysteries,” Ada said, “So I bid you good night.”

Ada moved stealthily to the kitchen, then she said crisply, “Come.”

Kurt followed her to the bathing room, and Ada said, “Please undress and bathe.”

Kurt obeyed, and after settling in the bath, he turned to Ada and asked timidly, “Do you know what’s going to happen tonight?”

Ada was staring straight ahead, and without altering her gaze, she said, “I am led to believe that you have been made aware of what the night has in store for you.”

“Yes, I have, but I’m just wondering if Thiebe told you.”

“My Lady informs me of any events of significance.”

Strangely, Kurt found the carefully considered response amusing; So, my death qualifies as an event of significance? He considered staying in the bath until he was ordered to get out, although he realised that while tarrying could delay the inevitable, it wouldn’t expunge it. Of his own desire, he stepped out of the bath, and Ada moved to him and dried him off, kneeling as she dried his legs, then standing as she dried his chest. At one stage, he caught her eye, and he said meekly, “Ada, I’m, I’m scared.”

She held his gaze as she said solemnly, “I understand.” Then she moved behind him to dry his back.

At the completion, Kurt bent to pick up his clothes, although Ada advised, “There is no need to dress.” Glumly, Kurt reflected that the young girl was slain minus clothes, and it appeared that he was going to depart the planet in the same state.

Feeling like the condemned man walking to the gallows, Kurt followed her into the hallway, then continued to follow as she walked up the stairs. He followed her down the long dark hallway, then they stopped at her door. Kurt released a stuttering sigh, for he realised that this was it, this would be the final time he entered her room. Anxious, yet also conscious of unforgivable sins of his ancestor, he held his head high as he walked into the room. The final payment for the sins of his ancestors would be extracted on this night, and while he was mortified that his demise was nigh, he gained comfort from the knowledge that when his blood was spilt, Thiebe, the Golden-Haired Child, the Daughter of the Gods would ascend to her rightful position in the Heavens.

Kurt saw Thiebe sitting in her usual chair, saw the blanket on the bed peeled back invitingly, although he tensed as he saw a shining object leaning against the corner directly behind her. In its slight leaning position, the sword stood at more than four feet high, its shimmering blade more than a foot wide at its apex, then tapering down to a razor-sharp tip. Ada saw him looking in the corner, and aware of where his thoughts would be heading, she lowered her gaze.

Thiebe stood, then lightly stepped over to the bed, and with a reserved tone, she said, “Faithful servant, companion, friend, budding Immortal, loose my gown.”

Of unwavering obedience, Ada pushed the straps down, helped the gown slide, then watched as her Mistress stepped out if. Of unwavering obedience, yet also of undying admiration, Ada cruised her hands over the bare hips, then the hands skimmed up, cupping the firm breasts.

So close to attaining her desire to ascend to the Kingdom, yet mindful of the young man’s growing anxiety, Thiebe cooed, “Young man, come closer; come closer and watch.”

Kurt stepped forward to be barely a foot from them, and he heard the pucker of lips as Ada leant in and kissed the most beautiful woman in the world.

Ada kissed with affection and passion, her left hand on Thiebe’s cheek, her right hand skimming down to the blonded pubic hair. The Warrior kept the kiss alive as she stirred the arousal of the Daughter of the Gods, although the kiss expired as Thiebe rested her face on Ada’s shoulder, and Ada enjoyed the delicate puffs blowing onto her neck as she continued the delicate yet purposeful massage.

Thiebe acknowledged the conclusion of the event by kissing her lips, then elegantly she slid herself onto the bed, and after a subtle collapse of limbs, she lay back invitingly.

Kurt desperately wanted to touch her, to taste her, and her submissive pose suggested that he was free to do so; yet in his mind he saw the young girl on the altar, the young girl not there of her own choice, her hands tied, her eyes full of fear. He gazed into Thiebe’s eyes and said compassionately, “Of the things I desire the most, coupling with you sits high above everything else, yet in respect for the young girl that you were, I will forgo my opportunity to lay with you.”

Thiebe cocked her head and cooed, “If your major desire is to couple with me, I invite you to do exactly that.”

Kurt felt himself shivering, felt sweat beading on his brow, and he desired most fervently to lay upon her, yet sometimes one must quell one’s desires and respect the feelings of those who promoted the desires. In a reverent tone, Kurt hushed, “I saw the fear in the young girl’s eyes, and I have no wish to subject her to further abuse.”

Ada, always conscious of her role, and as well, hoping to persuade the victim to engage in physical pursuits that would outshine anything that he had ever experienced, advised encouragingly, “American friend, the girl is now a woman, and the woman, my Mistress, the Goddess has invited you to lay with her.”

Kurt puffed out breathlessly, then muttered, “As further penance for the sins of my forefathers, I shall forgo this opportunity.”

Thiebe was of reflective mind, and conscious that her unadorned mortal form was sprawled out invitingly, she asked, “If you had a single wish, a final wish, what would it be?”

Kurt ran his eyes over the tempting flesh, then he looked into her eyes as he hushed out, “My, my wish would be that I could taste you, join with you.”

Thiebe lay her head on the pillow, and one knee did subtly bend as she whispered, “Act upon the wish, for I am available.”

The bend of the knee was significant, for it aroused him even further, yet Kurt was stymied, for his physical desire to engage with the ravishing beauty was overtaken by a more significant virtue that flooded his senses. With a choked voice, he uttered, “My desire to engage with you overwhelms me, and I desperately want to have you, I hunger to feel you close to me, but the young girl suffered horrific abuses, and I cannot hoist more abuses upon the girl, or on you.”

Thiebe was touched by his words, yet she cautioned him. “Young man of Slovinsky blood, the young girl was abused against her wishes, yet now I, the woman, invite you to experience me.” Thiebe ran her right hand enticingly up her thigh as she said, “This hour promises you many pleasures, the next hour does not.”

Kurt tarried, mild confliction in his mind, the confliction helping him to understand Eve’s dilemma in the Garden of Eden; Resist, refuse the temptation and see what happens next … or do I succumb, do I accept the consensual invitation and taste the forbidden fruit? Her eyes were opened wide, the radiant blue of her eyes making his heart skip a beat, her golden hair flowering onto the pillow, her perfect breasts inviting touch, her right leg lying flat, her left knee bent, the leg cocked and ready to fall, and her jewel of femineity offered the greatest temptation of all. Kurt had words that he wished to impart, yet his actions were all physical as he climbed onto the bed, and exhaling nasally, he lay next to her, and then kissed her.


The hour had decadently flowed into a second hour, and Kurt was exhilaratingly sated, yet not quite ready for departure. If Thiebe asked him, Young man, I will grant you one final wish. Kurt would have gushed, I wish for the final hour to be just like the previous two … although when Kurt heard Ada say solemnly, “Please, come here.” He knew that his final hour would be nothing like the previous two.

Kurt glanced at Ada, saw that she had gathered the large sword in her hands, then he turned back to the most beautiful woman in the world, and he had just the single impulse as he stared at her. Obviously, Ada would strike the telling blow that ended his life, yet Thiebe would be responsible for his demise; so it was strange that his final impulse was to kiss her. He knew that his journey was just about to end, yet on reflection, he realised that his final two hours had given him more pleasures than he could have ever imagined. Most men lived for eight decades, and even though his journey would end while he was in the infancy of his third decade, Kurt Slovinsky knew that he would meet maker with no qualms or quarrels. Two hours had shuffled his previous twenty-two years into insignificance, for the two hours had allowed him to experience the finest moments that life could offer. Regret circled in his mind, he dismayed that he was facing his final moments; yet the just passed final moments rushed into his mind, and his mind soared, his mind joyously screaming into the Heavens, for he knew that he would depart fulfilled, because surely, a mortal being could ask for no more than what he had been granted. He gazed upon the vision, and he asked meekly, “May I kiss you again?”

Thiebe knew that it would be the young man’s last kiss, and she reflected that indeed, this would also be her final mortal kiss, so she puckered and cooed, “You may.”

And in the sweet sensuality of the kiss, Kurt knew, he was now convinced that she was a God; because the kiss helped him understand everything, and he saw everything, and he realised that one’s existence didn’t cease when you died, for the glorious mysteries of eternity could be yours if you were willing to embrace them. Of reverent nature and choked voice, he whispered, “I love you, and if I’m afforded the opportunity to worship you, I will.”

Of steadfastly unblinking eyes, Thiebe blinked, and in a regretful tone that she hoped her Gods would hear, she said, “Worship me now and forever, and Kurt Slovinsky, last of the line, I will pray for you.”

Kurt was compelled to kiss her again, and he wanted the kiss to be his final memory, although as he broke away and looked into her mesmerizing eyes, he knew that his final memory would be of the single glistening tear that dribbled from her right eye.

With a thumping heart, Kurt slid off the bed, shuffled towards Ada, then after sucking in a breath, he slowly raised his gaze to look into her eyes.

Observant of the moment, respectful of the moment, Ada said quietly, “Please, be on your knees,” and conscious of established routines, she added, “Bow your head and lean forward.”


On the new day, bristling with excitement, Jack sat up in the bed and looked around, yet the eyed excursion of the room had him confused.

He wanted to bombard his best friend with salacious questions; You did it? How was it? How many times? Yet best friend not there, not in the room.

He pushed out of bed and walked into the hallway, and the smell caught him immediately; bacon and eggs. Jack trotted into the kitchen, and he saw the two plates on the table, the aroma filling the whole room, yet his favourite female wasn’t in the room, nor was his best friend. Sure, he would eat, because he was hungry, and the aroma only fuelled his hunger; but he decided to take a moment to seek out the other occupants of the castle; especially his best friend.

Jack checked the downstairs bathroom, checked the bathing room, checked the front rooms, then checked all rooms. He stood at the base of the stairs, listening for sounds, although all was silent, so he looked up the stairs, and after a moment of deliberation, he began walking up. He checked the upstairs area from front to back, all rooms empty, no sounds available, and soon he found himself walking down the hallway. He stopped at the bedroom door, remembered the warning, Do not disturb her … yet the mixture of curiosity and apprehension is a persuasive beast, and after drawing in a stabilizing breath, he turned the handle.

The room was in darkness, as most times it was; although he skipped over to the bed, ran his hands over the blanket, and a thought him; Alright, I won’t disturb her, because she’s not here … Confused, he began to walk out, although a glint caught his attention. He moved to the corner, and he saw the outline, recognised the shape, and he took a cautious look behind him before he picked up the large sword. The hilt of was of worn animal hide, and the large sword was heavy, yet he let his mind skip back, and the skip back helped him remember that in all the times they had been in Thiebe’s room, he had never seen this sword nestled into the corner. He duly acknowledged that when they came to her room, their focus was always drawn towards her, yet he was puzzled that he had never seen this glinting blade before.

Slightly unnerved now, he bolted down the stairs, hollering, “Kurt, Ada!” His voice echoed around the lower floor, and he yelled again, “Kurt, where the hell are you?”

Anxious now, he raced to the front door, and he yanked it open, and gushing in harsh breathes, he saw a figure fitting forlornly on the front edge of the plateau. Jack raced out, and when he skidded to a halt and saw who it was, he asked breathlessly, “What’s up, what’s going on?”

Slumped shoulders, a despondent voice, “They’re gone.”

Jack shook his head in confusion, then he asked, “What; Ada and Thiebe are gone?”

Kurt bent a knee, then he pushed up without enthusiasm, and without casting his friend a glance, he said quietly, “Come on, I made breakfast.”

Jack was rattled, and he asked, “What do you mean they’re gone? What the hell’s going on?”

Kurt sighed, then said, “Come on, we’ll eat and then we’ll go.”



Father of four and grandfather of eleven, the old man turned to his nurse and said, “Is it tonight?”

“Yes it is, but don’t get too excited, because you’re not well enough to go outside tonight.”

The old man was normally too frail and weary to argue, yet this was an important night for him, so he wheezed hopefully, “Please, this means a lot to me.”

“No, I’m sorry,” the nurse replied, “I mean your kids would kill me if they knew that I exposed you to the night air.”

“Dearest Brenda, please help me,” he muttered, “I have been blessed by living a full and rewarding life, but as my time here reaches its conclusion, I have only one final wish.”

Brenda huffed, then said in annoyance, “Jesus Mr S, you’ll get me sacked.”

He gazed at her and said serenely, “Wonderful woman, dedicated carer, what sacrifices would you make to grant a dying man his last wish?”

Brenda bowed her face into her right hand as she blew out in frustration. He’d been a perfect patient, and he was a true gentlemen in every sense of the word, yet they both knew that his growing health complications meant that his time left could be counted by days, not weeks. Brenda snorted, then quipped, “I fucking hate you.”

She opened the door and wheeled him out, and after positioning him where he’d get full view, she leant over and grumbled, “Happy?”

He felt the chill of the night air immediately, and his breath shortened worryingly, although he was able to look into her eyes and mutter, “You’re a wonderful person.”

“Yeah, don’t try and suck up to me,” she huffed, “And anyway, it’s not the Light of the Guardian or whatever you call it; it’s Halley’s Comet.”

And the last thing Kurt Slovinsky ever saw was the fiery comet blazing its way through the night sky.

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