The Light Of The GUARDIAN

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1910 AD

Hors Slovinsky had a dream of confusion; a woman of great beauty luring him up to the castle on the hill, although the image of himself in the dream was hesitant. A woman of fine looks stood behind the woman of great beauty, although the two women didn’t appear to be offering him pleasures of the flesh. The dream was strange and confusing, for while he gazed upon the women, in the skies up above, a comet blazed its way through the night sky.

Hors Slovinsky had the dream again the next night, the woman of great beauty luring him, although he couldn’t understand what he was being offered, and he dreamt of the comet again, the comet blazing, streaking, its fiery tail sparkling in grandiose splendour.

Hors Slovinsky’s life was tough, working twelve hours a day, cultivating his fields and trying hard to get by, trying hard to provide for Ivanka, his new, young wife.

His first wife, Elena had left him when she found out about the secret tryst with Ivanka, and Elena had taken his three-year-old son and sailed across the seas to be with her brother in the great land of America. Hors could cope with that, for Ivanka was everything that Elena was not; young, pretty, feminine, and with regular sexual interplay, Ivanka would no doubt provide him with more children. Hors missed his son, although more children would come, of that he was certain, and when they did come, the children would fill the empty space in his heart.


Submerged, yet disturbed, tranquillity stolen from her.

Having been of human form, she understood that she was of the same condition now, and she broke the surface, gasping, unattracted by the need to breath, but instinctively knowing that she must.

Wet, dripping, of flesh and bone, yet her attention was caught as she gazed at the kneeling figure. “My Lady …” the two words offered as a phrase of confusion.

Restful peace stolen from her yet again, and the Warrior was astute enough to know this had been the eleventh time they had been disturbed. They had been aroused in the years 1145, 1222, 1301, 1378, 1456, 1531, 1607, 1682, 1758, 1835, and now a new time, a different era.

Thiebe had no smile to offer, for again, her most earnest desire to return to her Kingdom had alluded her, and with measured aggrievement, she turned her gaze to the night sky.

The Warrior followed her gaze, and as it was not in her nature to moan in annoyance, she chose to nod in acceptance.

Thiebe rubbed a hand on her belly and said with regret, “My womb is not cleansed.”

They both looked to the sky, the Light of the Guardian tearing through the dark background of the Heavens.

The Warrior and her Mistress had been disturbed again, and the Warrior, of sound reasoning, knew that her Gods were fair and just, but they were also vengeful. People of the tainted bloodline must still be roaming, and she would be called upon again to swing her sword.

Thiebe skimmed a hand over the Great Warriors cheek, and said quietly, “Immortality is almost yours.”

Of the four words, there was only one word that the Warrior did not care for. “My Lady, how can it be that you are not cleansed?”

“There is one, only one more.”

The Warrior bowed her face, drew in a measured breath, then said, “Shall we begin?”

“Yes,” Thiebe replied, “I know not where he is, but I will lure him to us.”

“Can this be done My Lady?”

“Many miles from here, there is an abandoned castle, and we shall reside there until he comes to us.”

“He will definitely come?”

Thiebe looked to the Heavens, the Light of the Guardian streaking across the sky, the white sphere having something magical about it, something magical and mystical. “Our Gods are saying yes, he will come to us.”


A young man ran into the Inn and said breathlessly, “The sky, the sky is on fire!”

The men of the village left their ales and moved outside to look at it.

“Nay, the sky is not on fire lad; this must be the comet that our fathers spoke of!” one man declared.

Most men were impressed by the brilliant display in the night sky, although Hors Slovinsky was confused, and scared. For two weeks, he’d had the same dream; the castle on the hill, two blond women, and a comet streaking through the sky; and it was this comet, the comet looking identical to the one in his dream.

Of many ales that night, Hors should have slept well, but he tossed and turned, the dream clearer; the castle on the hill, the two women, and the comet blazing; the comet that he had seen on this very night. The woman of great beauty looked even more ravishing, looked like a gift, looked like a Goddess, and in the dream, with a voice of promise and seduction, she beckoned him, ‘Come, come to me…’

Fields to be ploughed, crops to be planted, but on this morning, Hors knew that work would not be done until he travelled up to the castle on the hill. His new wife Ivanka was of the finest looks, her body slim yet womanly, and all the men of the village envied Hors, because Ivanka had chosen him to lay beside; but not even his beautiful wife could stop him from his new quest.

He had to meet the woman who invaded his dreams.

At first light Hors faced his wife and uttered, “Ivanka, I believe that two women have taken up residence in the castle on the hill.”

“Nay, it no be; castle has been abandoned for years.” Ivanka replied.

“Aye, but the rumour is strong, and I feel it is my duty to travel out there.”

“For what purpose husband?”

“If it be true, I will welcome them to our district, and, and …”

“And what?”

“As well good wife, we need to know who they are.”

“Don’t be foolish husband, much work is to be done in the fields, and besides, the castle is hours away.”

“I, I must go, I must find out who they are.”

“Hors Slovinsky, your duty is here, in our fields.”

“I understand Ivanka, but on my return journey, I will stop by the market and buy a gift for you.”

In the still morning, Hors climbed aboard the cart and began the long journey.


Two moons passed, and standing by the lake, Thiebe was of confusion. The man had come, and the man was now no more; yet no sign from the Gods, no invitation to come home.

The Warrior sensed her discomfort. “My Lady, are you troubled?”

“Great Warrior, Ada, troubled I am.”

“What is the nature of your troubles?”

Thiebe looked up to the great Kingdom of the Gods, and she said, “A message, a message has come to me.”

“What is the message?”

“Our task is almost complete, but I am told that there is one more, the son of our recently departed.”

Ada, obedient, subservient, although also practical, said with hesitation, “The man I cut down had no children.”

Thiebe sighed and said, “The man had no children … here.”

Ada had been promised Immortality in the Kingdom, and at present, it still eluded her, yet Immortality was the greatest gift of all, so she said solemnly, “For you My Lady, I will seek him out.”

“The child, the son is not of this land.”

“Where is he?”

“This I cannot answer until the information becomes available to me.”

Thiebe knew that Ada was of relentless faith, although she detected that the faith may be wavering. “Loyal, faithful servant, I too am displeased that we have not ascended, but I believe that if the son is slain, I will be cleansed and then we shall reside forever in the Kingdom.”

“I shall do your bidding My Lady.”

“As we are, the form we have, this is the way we shall remain until the task is complete.”

“We shall live in the castle?”


“When will he come?” Ada asked.

“I know not, but I will attempt to bring him to us.”

“Can this be done My Lady?”

“Ada, I lured the child’s father with the help of my God’s, and if the child is capable of dreaming, I will lure him.”

Ada nodded and said respectfully, “I trust you My Lady.”

“Unfortunate that it is, I fear that it will be many years before I am able to lure him.”

“Why is that so?”

“He is but a child, and I will only be able to lure him after he has become a man.”

Ada was of a displeased nature, until she gazed at Thiebe. Simply gazing at her Mistress melted away the displeasure, and Ada said humbly, “I am honoured to be in your presence, and whether that be in the Kingdom or in the castle, I remain now and forever, your faithful servant.”

Thiebe smiled, and to Ada, the smile was like a burst of purity. The smile brought tears to her eyes, and then Thiebe kissed her, on the lips, and the kiss produced many more emotions than the smile had produced.

Ada lifted her gaze to the Heavens, and the Light of the Guardian, the blazing sphere that she had seen so often, whispered its way through the dark sky.

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