The Light Of The GUARDIAN

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The Pleasures Of The Flesh

After dinner, Ada led them to the bathing room, and the boys were surprised to see Thiebe lounging back in the large bath.

“My friends, please undress and sit opposite My Lady.” Ada advised.

The undressing was clumsy yet hasty, and Jack and Kurt stepped into the bath, both of them staring at the stunning woman.

The water was warm and foamy, the bubbled surface of the water covering most of Thiebe’s chest, although when anyone moved, the water rippled and lapped, briefly displaying the gorgeous breasts. Jack considered swirling his hands around to create a whirlpool, because that would have of effect of intermittently exposing the breasts, and excitingly, it would also diminish the bubbles; but he decided against it because this was the closest they had been to the gorgeous creature. His attention was caught as Ada unzipped her dress. The dress travelled down, off, then a loose-fitting white top was peeled off. A petticoat shimmered down past Ada’s hips, then a pair of high-cut panties were discarded. Kurt and Jack stared at her.

At almost six feet tall, Ada cut an imposing figure. Her limbs were toned and athletic and her breasts were divine. Significantly larger than Thiebe’s, Ada’s breasts were rounded and firm, bulbous nipples centred in the large areola. Her body would be an aesthetic vision, although the numerous scars around her torso slightly diminished her desirability.

Ada stepped into the bath and settled on Thiebe’s right side.

Trying to subdue his excitement, Jack stuttered, “It’s, it’s nice to see you again Thiebe.”

Thiebe didn’t respond, she simply closed her eyes as Ada skimmed a hand over her brow and encouraged the dampened blond fringe to sweep back over her crown.

Meekly, Kurt asked, “Who are you Thiebe, where did you come from?”

Ada glanced at him, then said quietly, “My Lady has no desire to be conversational on this night.” And then she kissed Thiebe, a slow, sensual kiss.

Jack’s eyes opened wider, and Kurt sucked his bottom lip, as Ada’s right hand began a slow circular caress of Thiebe’s left breast. The intensity of the kiss never rose, it meandered forward leisurely, although when Ada’s hand disappeared below the surface, both of the young males squirmed uncomfortably.

Kurt was confused, because he suspected that the subtle movements of Ada’s right arm could mean that she was providing sexual enjoyment to the stunning woman, but for what purpose? Surely she must realise that by performing this decadent act in front of two naked males, it would only serve to arouse them. Maybe it was a show, a display, or even a test. Kurt wanted Bold and Daring Jack to make an appearance, and he could ask, Do you mind if we join you? Although Jack was currently Breathless-and-Mindless-Jack, his focus never shifting from the involved women.

In a slow and carnal movement, Thiebe rolled her face out of the kiss and rested her face on her own left shoulder, and with her breathes now whispering out in melodic surrender, her body began writhing subtly, her breasts now visible as she arched her back, her eyes closing as her tongue slowly and deliberately skimmed over her lips.

For the next minute, Kurt held his breath while Jack began inhaling and exhaling audibly. Thiebe lolled her head back and blew out a contented breath, then she straightened and opened her eyes.

Kurt was affected every time he looked into the mesmerizing eyes, although this time was even more impactful, for her eyes shone like blue diamonds. Thiebe delivered a puck of a kiss to her lover, then Ada turned to them and whispered, “My friends, you may retire to your rooms.”

Kurt was distraught, and Jack, after snapping back to reality, muttered, “Arhhh, we can wait until you both get out.”

“Please, go now.” Ada advised.

Jack’s brain was functioning again, and he offered timidly, “Maybe we can help you dry off.”

“We are both more than capable of drying ourselves.” Ada replied.

“But Ada, Thiebe,” Jack began, his voice high and despondent, “After, after seeing that, we’re both, you know …”

Kurt certainly was you know; although he was shattered when Ada said firmly, “Leave us be, I will see on the new day.”

They both stepped out, and as foam slid away from Jack’s groin, it was clear to see that he had been physically aroused.

Kurt experienced a moment of indecision, for while his initial thought was to wrap the towel around himself and scamper away, this was the first time he’d been able to look at Thiebe as he stood naked before her. He watched her eyes, the eyes on him, then flicking over to Jack, then back to him. A suggestion of a smile parted her lips, and while her eyes still shone, they also seemed to dance playfully. Kurt was expecting Ada to shoo them away, although she remained silent as Thiebe continued to look at them. Kurt was aroused and emboldened by the occasion, because he knew that this was a significant moment; the most beautiful woman in the world gazing upon them as they stood before her completely naked.

Thiebe rolled her face onto Ada’s shoulder, and Ada glanced at them and said, “Leave us be.”

Jack’s mind was skipping ahead, and he asked, “We can take these towels?”

Ada nodded, “You may.”


After attending to his physical needs, Kurt fell asleep quickly, and he dreamt. Pleasant images; Ada undressing, Thiebe writhing and moaning, the blue eyes focussing on him, the lips slowly parting; images that Kurt could gladly host for all his sleeping hours, yet more images coming, multiple dreams, dreams within dreams, identifiable characters in multiple dreams; his father standing by Thiebe’s bedroom door, Kurt standing by the door. Multiple characters, some hesitant, some excited, although suddenly, all the dreams merging into a single event, his father hesitant, turning the doorknob and walking into her room, the door slowly swinging closed. Kurt wanted the door opened, wanted to know why his father was in her bedroom, wanted to know what was going to happen, for it seemed so real. Of great uncertainty, the Kurt in the dream opened the door and stepped in, yet his father was nowhere to be seen, and Kurt found himself not in her bedroom, but in a forest, and he gazed to his right and saw steps leading up to a platform. Drawn, or guided, almost as if he were in a trance, Kurt mounted the steps slowly, and each step navigated offered him a greater viewing of the scene above him. He took the final step and saw men gathered around some kind of an altar, and lying on the altar, it was her. She of innocence and purity. She was naked, and she was tied to the table, and her young voice screamed out in terror as a man of middle-age held a glinting sword above her chest. The Kurt in the dream wanted to object and protest, although he knew there was nothing he could do to prevent this event, for he sensed that it had already happened. It was the past, it was history, so he looked on dispassionately as the man roared, “For the good of this village, tonight we offer her to our Gods!” Many people were gathered below, and as lanterns bathed the altar in flickering golden light, the terrified young girl seemed to compose herself. With her gaze on the Heavens above, she drew in a breath, then cried out, “Evil men, I will never forget what you did to me, and if you do kill me, I will pray to my Gods that they return me so that I can have revenge!” The man plunged the sword into the restrained young girl, and moments later, the girl’s state of living and breathing was altered dramatically. Although strangely, there was another Kurt in the dream, the new Kurt wondering whether the girl still existed. He had seen her brutally murdered, yet he could still feel her presence. Kurt was mildly surprised to see his father standing next to him. Keeping his gaze on the bloodied body, his father said solemnly, “I paid my price.” Kurt wanted to speak to his father, because he had so many questions to ask him, yet it seemed like he was outside the dream now, and two moons rose and fell, and as Kurt looked up to the Heavens, he saw a brilliant light streaking through the sky. And he could still feel the girl’s presence, and soon, he found himself standing outside Thiebe’s door.


At breakfast, Kurt was distracted, because he remembered everything about his dream. Snippets of the dream had been floating into his sleeping mind on previous nights, and the snippets were random and confusing, almost like they were pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; although last night the pieces had all come together and they told a tale of butchery and savagery. His father had been by his side as the girl was murdered, and his father had said, I paid my price … His father had not been sighted for twenty years, and his father’s last known movements had been when he travelled up to the castle on the hill to see a mysterious woman. Kurt was now in the castle on the hill, and he had met the mysterious woman, yet Kurt wondered, What price did you pay father?

Jack was a bundle of nervous energy after lunch, and he urged, “Come on, let’s get the chores done!”

Happy to be distracted, Kurt asked excitedly, “Is Ada going to …”

Jack smiled and nodded, “Yes, yes she is.”

Ada massaged Jack then Kurt, and after his session, Kurt asked, “Can we see Thiebe tonight?”

“Yes, My Lady will be available.”

“Are we all going to bathe together?”

“No, My Lady will see you in her quarters.”

Kurt was mildly disappointed, because when they went to Thiebe’s bedroom they had to dress, yet the prospect of seeming the gorgeous woman in any situation was still exciting.

After dinner, Jack pulled Kurt aside and said, “Listen, tonight I’m going to lay it on the line.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t get her out of my head, so tonight I’m going to ask Thiebe if I can kiss her and touch her and have sex with her.”

“Jeez Jack, I don’t know. They’ve been good to us and I don’t want to upset them.”

“We’ll offer her money, I mean big money!”

“Both of them have said that they have no need for money.”

Jack frowned, then he said, “Well anyway, I am going to ask her, and if she refuses, so be it, but brother, just thinking about her is driving me crazy, so I simply have to know.”

Ada called into their room an hour later. “Come, My Lady will see you.”

Following Ada up the stairs, Jack was bristling with expectation, and while Kurt was excited to see Thiebe again, his dream from the previous night kept circling in his mind.

Ada opened the door, and the boys walked in. The light from the lanterns lit up the whole room, and they saw Thiebe sitting in the chair, although Jack frowned when he saw that she was wearing the white gown.

After they sat, Thiebe cooed, “Good evening.”

“Good evening Thiebe, how are you?” Jack asked.

“I am very well.”

Edgy, expectant, Jack asked, “Are we going to bathe together tonight?”


The negative response wasn’t unexpected, so Jack asked, “Could you take your gown off for us please?”


Another not entirely unexpected response, but Jack was so aroused by looking at her, he decided that he had to lay it on the line, because quite simply, he had to know. “Thiebe, your beauty overwhelms me, and I think about you all the time.”

Knowing her role, Ada said, “You were warned that if you saw My Lady, you would never forget her.”

“Yes, I remember, but Thiebe, looking at you fills me with romantic desires, and the thing I want most in the world is to touch you and kiss you, and hopefully, make love to you.”

“You were warned that if you saw My Lady un-adorned, you would want her.” Ada advised.

“Yes true, but here, right now I am verbally acknowledging that I do want you, and I want you desperately.”

Thiebe remained motionless, her gaze fixed on Jack. Enough time had flitted by to have Jack wondering whether the gorgeous woman was seriously considering his desperate plea, so he said breathlessly, “I can give you money, all the money I have!”

Thiebe had her own agenda, so she said, “I am sorry, I am not available … for you.” Then she turned to Kurt and looked directly into his eyes.

Jack was distraught, although as he saw Thiebe staring at his best friend, he ran the reply through his mind; I am not available … for you. Huh? Not available - for you … Jack glanced at Kurt, and he was surprised that Kurt had a concerned expression on his face. The most beautiful woman in the world had basically sent an invitation to Kurt, and instead of jumping out of his chair, he seemed deep in thought. Jack was disappointed, and he knew that he was going to be green with envy, yet all the same, Kurt was his best friend and he would help his speechless friend close this deal. “So Thiebe, are you saying that you’ll let Kurt have sex with you?”

Thiebe remained silent, motionless, then with her gaze still on Kurt, she cooed, “I will consider any requests that the young man has.”

Jack waited for him to babble out a hundred requests, although when he glanced at Kurt, he seemed like he was in a trance. Jack nudged him in the ribs and hushed out, “Come on man, what are you waiting for?”

Kurt was staring at Thiebe in confusion, because for a fleeting moment, years were peeled away from her, making her looking younger, making her look pure and innocent, and alarmingly, the image looked so much like the image he had seen in his recent dreams. He was jolted back to awareness by the nudge in the ribs, and he glanced at Jack, then muttered, “Huh, what?”

“Jeez, Thiebe, you and Thiebe, I mean come on!”

Kurt swung back to look at Thiebe, and she wasn’t the younger girl of purity and innocence, she was the ravishing woman again. The ravishing, smouldering woman. Kurt’s mind clicked back into gear, and a previous statement speared into his mind; I will consider any requests that the young man has … Kurt gulped, then he said quietly, “I, I would like to kiss you.”

Thiebe nodded, then said, “On the next new moon, you may.”

“Keep going.” Jack whispered into his ear.

Kurt sucked his bottom lip, then said, “I would like to touch you.”

Thiebe nodded, then said, “When two moons pass, you may.”

Kurt seemed frozen, so Jack nudged him again as he whispered, “Come on, roll the big one out.”

Kurt surveyed his requests; Kiss … tick; touch … tick; the big one … hooo boy … He straightened in his chair, and even though his heart was beating furiously, he was relatively composed as he said, “I, I would like to make love to you.”

No response.

Jack shifted uneasily in the chair, and he looked at Thiebe, swung his gaze to Kurt, then as a response still wasn’t forthcoming, he swung around to look at Ada. Standing behind the seated men, Ada, fully conversant with her role, said respectfully, “My Lady, the young man would like to make love to you.”

Thiebe flicked her head back, the blond hair momentarily dancing behind her, then as she corrected her gaze, she skimmed the index finger of her right hand under her fringe and encouraged the fringe to sit where she wished it to be. Setting her gaze on him, she said, “Young man, if you wish to lay with me, there will be a price to pay.”

With Thiebe looking directly at him, Kurt realised that he had never wanted anything so much in his life. She was ravishing, stunning, almost too gorgeous to be real; yet she was real, he knew that, for she was sitting barely ten feet in front of him. Ten feet, ten feet … ten feet was as close as he had ever been to her, and being that close to her set all his senses alight, so how would be if he was only a puckered lip away from her? She had made it quite clear that in order to get closer to her, to do the things he wanted to do to her, there would be a price to pay, although Kurt reflected that the previous prices she had requested hadn’t diminished him in any way. The first price was that if he saw her, he would never forget her, so that price was simply an affirmation, because he never would forget her. The second price was that if he saw her undressed, he would want her, and that price was a clear and defined acknowledgement of the obvious; so maybe the third price would be nothing more than a conclusion, although in his recent dream, his father had said, I paid my price … and now, his father was missing, having vanished without a trace. Kurt drank her in, the sheer beauty, the carnal delight of her features, the titillating mystery of her subdued nature. She was dreams and wishes in human form, she was lust and desire in a white gown, and being well aware of his own frailties, Kurt wanted to gently settle himself over her and from close range, stare into the hypnotic blue eyes. Keeping his gaze upon her, he said quietly yet assuredly, “I will pay the price.”

She, she of divine beauty offered cautiously, “You know not of the price.”

Kurt had been drawn to this land to find out about his father, and while staying in the castle, he had been subjected to puzzling and confusing dreams, but now merely ten feet away from her, he knew where he wanted to be. His life, his future, his destiny; nothing mattered anymore, because he craved, he hungered to hold her in his arms. Committed, and bewitched, Kurt crooned, “I will pay the price, whatever it is.”

Jack was still disappointed that he wouldn’t get the opportunity to bed down with the dazzling beauty, although he consoled himself with the knowledge that his best friend would soon have a story to tell everybody for the rest of his life.

Thiebe pyramided her hands in front of her chest, then advised, “American friend, I am but female flesh, and the joys you can extract from me are the same as you can extract from any woman, although the price I ask is substantially higher.”

Kurt’s decision had been made, although as his acceptance hadn’t been acknowledged, he asked, “What is the price?”

“If you wish to couple with me, I will invite you into my room when three moons have passed,” Thiebe began quietly, “Although if you do couple with me, you may never see another tomorrow.”

Jack thought about the statement; You may never see another tomorrow. It was almost a dare, or a threat, although to Jack the significant word in the statement was; MAY. Bold and adventurous, he would have acted upon the significant word and declared, Okay, let’s get everybody out of the bedroom and get into it! Although this wasn’t about him, this was about his best friend. He asked rather meekly, “What do you mean?”

Thiebe glanced at him briefly, then swung her gaze back to Kurt as she said, “I have afforded you all the information that I am willing to impart; we lay or we do not lay, the decision is yours.”

A moment of hesitancy touched Kurt as he ran the statement through his mind; If you couple with me, you may never see another tomorrow … Kurt gulped, then he cocked his head as he asked curiously, “Are you saying that if I lay with you, you will kill me?”

Thiebe stood, her movements elegant, and before turning away from him, she asked, “Do you wish to gamble away your tomorrows?”

Kurt saw Ada move forward and extinguish the first lantern, and he asked timidly, “Thiebe wait, I don’t think I understand the price.”

Ada extinguished the second and third lanterns, then said, “My Lady is retiring for the night, please move out.”

After extinguishing the final lantern, Ada hustled them out of the room.


It took Kurt a long time to find sleep, his mind racing; excitement clashing with confusion, expectation clashing with trepidation, and when he finally began to dose, dreams fluttered into his mind.

A young girl screaming … men with lecherous endeavours; and standing right near the men, Kurt was able to count them; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine … nine men with lecherous endeavours … the girl subjected to vile abuses, the nine men unaffected by her tortured wails, their only objective being to fulfil their dark desires.

And when the dark desires had been satisfied, the men, or one man, killed her. And his father was there, watching silently, although he pointed at the murderer, swung his gaze to look at the Kurt in the dream, and then he nodded.


After lunch, Ada was in a generous mood, and she gathered Jack’s hand and led him into the bedroom. Already unclothed, Jack prepared to lie on his stomach, yet Ada said, “Lie on your back.”

He liked it when she ran her strong hands over his neck and shoulders, although he much preferred it when she ran her hands delicately up his thighs as he prepared to relieve himself of the sexual tension. He closed his eyes as she skimmed her hands over his chest, then his right hand, his relief hand began engaging, and soon after, his tickling hand came into play. Expert at self-arousal, his mind slipped into the dreamy orbit of coming pleasures, yet he snapped his eyes open when Ada peeled his relief-hand off his erect penis. Keeping her gaze on him, she skimmed her fingers up and down its length, tickling, cruising, then she cupped her hand around the stem and stroked, gently at first, the initial strokes of an introductory nature, until her grip tightened, her hand running up and down with purpose, the bulbous head of his penis being collected and delightfully accosted with each smooth stroke. Jack could almost time his own self-relief events; Yeah, it’s gunna be five to seven minutes … yet this other-person-involved event wasn’t destined to see five minutes, because the statuesque woman’s electric touch had him groaning and panting at double-speed. The climax exploded, and the firm sliding grip encouraged further explosions of pleasure, Jack’s heaving chest quickly reduced to shudders.

Sucking in harsh breathes, Jack spluttered, “Ohhh Ada, wow, that, that was unbelievable.”

Ada nodded, stood, then moved out of the room and went into the adjoining bathroom. Jack joined her in the room and watched as she washed her hands. Still thrilled that it had happened, Jack said, “That was fantastic, so thank you.”

Ada dried her hands and said, “I will see your friend now.”

Before cleaning himself, Jack poked his head around the corner and said, “Kurt, you’re going to love this man.”

Ada led Kurt into the room and then closed the door. Kurt lay on his stomach and got comfortable, although Ada said, “Please turn over.”

Kurt was excited anyway, although with Jack’s bright message and Ada’s initial instruction running through his mind, the excitement went to a new level as he rolled onto his back. He closed his eyes, then he felt the hands circulating around his chest, and soon the hands were gliding up and down his hips. He waited, hoping that the hands would encourage arousal, yet one of her hands gathered his right hand and placed it over the arousable vessel, and when her hands began gliding up the inside of his thighs, he had no alternative but to allow his hand to engage. He sighed, fully aware that the hand-to-groin contact was successful, his penis reaching optimum length quickly. It was always a pleasurable activity anyway, yet having this striking looking woman watch him perform made the event even more erotic. Working into the performance, his rhythm slow and resolute, Kurt’s focus was disturbed as his fingers were levered away, a new hand grabbing the baton.


Ada didn’t eat, although she sat with them at dinner, and Jack, with the memory still alive in his mind, said gushingly, “Ada, this afternoon, it was sensational; it was one of the best experiences of my life.”

Not compelled to respond to statements, Ada remained silent.

Curious, Jack said, “It was so exciting and we loved it, but Ada, did you enjoy it?”

A question, so Ada said calmly, “My intention was to pleasure you both.”

“Well you did, but I’d like to know if you enjoyed doing it.”

“I gain a measure of satisfaction by providing pleasure.”

Jack brightened as he said, “I am pleased, but I feel like we now owe you a debt, so we can make ourselves available to pleasure you.”

Expressionless, Ada kept her focus on him as her mind wandered. In times long gone, Ada had spent her entire adult life being a soldier of justice, righting wrongs and clashing with vicious, evil men, and the spilling of blood had been the one constant factor in her human existence. Her body had become a trained machine, it single function being to physically unleash her fury on those who preyed on the weak and vulnerable. In her new other-worldly existence, the spilling of blood remained a troubling constant as she skipped through the centuries by her Mistress’s side; although for the last nineteen years they had retained their human forms while they waited for the last of the bloodline to fall into their trap. And for every single night of those nineteen years, her Mistress had shown her that the human body could also be used for more pleasurable pursuits. Young men attending to her desires appealed to her, so she said, “I shall ask for My Lady’s permission.”

Jack had been expecting a negative response, so he was pleasantly surprised by the servile statement, and he said, “Wow, great!”

Caught up in the moment of positivity, Kurt said, “We would treat you with the utmost respect Ada, because we like you and we appreciate how good you’ve been to us.”

Ada, no longer a being of this world, was affected by the young man’s humble statement, although she lowered her gaze as she reflected solemnly that in the very near future, she would be responsible for the young man’s demise. “Young men,” she began calmly, “The night is yours to do as you wish, and I will see you on the new morn.”

Jack was tempted to blurt out, No, go and see Thiebe now and ask for permission! But no, he assumed that the day may have already given him more pleasures than he was due. “Good night Ada, sleep well.” he said fondly.

Kurt gazed at her shyly and added, “And again Ada, thank you, for everything.”

Strangely, Ada gazed at the polite young man’s neck, and in a moment that belonged to the future, she could see his neck becoming the apex of his being as she propelled her sword into a whizzing horizontal swing. To achieve Immortality, to receive eternal bliss in the Kingdom of the Gods, one must perform actions that rankle and distort long lost emotions; yet Ada, of unwavering faith, would propel the sword if her divine Mistress wanted it to be so.

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