Beneath Dragon Scales

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In Mantap realm humans could control two of the natural elements: water and earth. The balance of the world is threatened by greed. In such troubled times dragons came down from the sky to help humans restore their world. Join the characters as they learn more about their true nature.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Ametiana watched in the distance at the hills covered with trees from her balcony. It was the end of summer. The wind passed through her long purple hair.

Under the balcony there was a garden that stretched far away. The violet roses were blooming all over the garden, her favourite.

Suddenly the door of her room opened and Apolinaria entered in a rush.

“Hi, Apolinaria. What happened?”, said Amentiana returning in her room.

“I just find out we have a test today at dragon history and I haven’t learn anything. I thought the test will be next week. Could you please help me learn something fast until the test? I know you know everything about dragons, Ametiana.”

“Well, I don't know exactly everything but I can help you. Let’s go to the study hall”, said Ametiana.

They both went outside Ametiana’s room and went to the study hall which was in another building nearby.

Ametiana was living in Mantap, a world similar to ours, but in her world the people became so attached to nature that they could control a part of it using some special elements called the tianssens.

She was studying in a special type of school to learn how to use and control the power of her tianssens, to deepen her knowledge about the world and to learn to follow the rules of the kingdom.

The school building was like a castle having class rooms, dining rooms and libraries and each of the students had their own room. Some of the teachers had small houses near the school but most of them lived in the capital city which was nearby.

The people from Mantap could control two components of the natural world: the water or the earth. The tianssens were small signs that they had at the base of their neck, below the chin. They were about 1 cm in diameter and each person had three of them arranged horizontally. Depending on the type of element from the nature that they could control they had different shapes.

For example people that could control the earth had tianssens that looked like a small gem stone or mineral. The ones that could control water had shapes depending on the form of water they could control: liquid, frozen or vapor. The liquid form had tianssens with the form of water ripples or river waves, for the frozen form they had snowflakes or ice and for vapor clouds.

People were born with the tianssens and they contained a part of their own life. If one of them was removed, the person lost a part of its own life and could have different disabilities affecting their body and also their power to control the element.

Not all people had the same amount of power from their tianssens. Some could control the weather, create storms but others with the same type of element, water for example, could only move a certain amount of water from a river to water some crops. Some could help the crops grow faster if they had earth tianssens and others could create earthquakes or dig in the ground to find different metals or minerals. Their powers varied and there were strict orders and rules on how could someone use its power. Some had their hair or eye color affected by the tianssen but this happened more often to earth element controlling persons. Ametiana had an earth tianssen containing the mineral amethyst which influenced her hair an eye color which was purple.

Mantap was ruled by a king and he established the rules together with the Council of the Wise and the Council of the Elements. They had also a group of people called the Protectors of the Elements, which took care that the rest of the citizens respected the rules and applied sanctions if needed.

The Council of the Wise was formed by people who had a lot of knowledge about the past and came up with new ideas for solving problems and participated in establishing the laws. The Council of the Elements was formed by people who had high level of power in their tianssens and also contributed at finding solutions and establishing laws. Persons that had high level of power in their tianssens were called Pelems. The Protectors usually had also high level of power in the tianssens but it was not a condition for becoming a member.

The sanctions that were applied for not following the rules could be mild like a fee or it could mean prison time. In case the person being sanctioned had misused the power of the tianssen it could be sentenced to tianssen power diminishing. This was obtained by using an amulet that contain an opposing element which had to be worn as a necklace and could not be taken off only by the person that created it. An opposing element for water meant an earth element which could be a crystal or rock. For earth the opposing element was water and the amulet contained a special type of water that flowed high in the mountains. The amulets were made by craftsmen that learnt how to reproduce a part of an tianssen energy into the opposing element.

In case someone was producing harm or not following the rules of the kingdom repeatedly by misusing his tianssen an extreme measure of taking out one of its tianssens could be applied but it was pretty rare. This was called an extraction of tianssen.

The people were assigned a certain role in the community they were a part of. Not many people were living in the realm. They were descendants of the survivors of the previous wars that took place in their world. The balance of the realm was still fragile.

They were living in towns or villages and most of them had houses made of stone or wood. They had different occupations. Some were growing crops, taking care of animals similar to farmers. Others were merchants selling food, clothes and other items people needed in their everyday life. There were also doctors which used different plants for healing, scientists, craftsmen and artists and other professions similar to our world.

Each person was allowed to perform a specific task using their tianssens, that was set by the Councils. They could not use the power of their tianssens for another task than the one established and also were not allowed to use their power against other people. Some of the tasks that they were doing using the tianssens were helping at growing crops, creating different utensils from the metals found in the ground. They could create storms to water the crops if there was drought, deviate rivers, help grow trees faster by using minerals in the ground.

Everyone was taught all the rules of the kingdom since they were young and they were encouraged to always announce the Protectors if someone was not following the rules. Each town and village had its own Protector and a member from the Council of the Wise.

Almost everyone respected the rules. They were accustomed with it since they were young.

But not everyone wanted to follow the rules of the kingdom and there were people who created a separate community that was living isolated in the depths of the forests and they had their own form of ruling. The king respected their freedom but they were not allowed to come close to towns or villages. They were called the Tazolis.

The Tazolis were not very well seen through out the realm, because people were taught since they were young that Tazolis were like outlaws. They could live in the forests but they could no longer have their previous jobs or visit their friends and family and had to wear an opposing amulet to restrain their tianssen’s powers. But they were free from the rules of the kingdom and in the late years more people were joining the Tazolis because of the new king that ruled over Mantap: Comlanion.

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