The Devil’s Kryptonite

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Meet Isabelle. Due to being depressed, she commits suicide. So what happens when she gets a second chance? Read to find out!

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Where am I? Am I dead? Have I been kidnapped? Hold on, Sarah! Just think. I remember cutting myself in the bathtub, watching the tub fill with my blood—turning the water into a literal bloodbath.

I looked around. It’s so dark. There was no light. I strained my eyes for a sign of where I was, or a way out. I was even looking for a light. For some reason, while I was looking for a light, I thought I would find a light at the end of a tunnel or something.

Wait! Tunnel? Where was this coming from? I felt around and I finally felt something. I was surrounded by rocky terrain and the familiar smell of roses. Weird.. rocks and roses? Doesn’t make since. I felt around the rocks some more, and I pricked my finger on something sharp. It couldn’t have been a rose, could it? I felt the blood trickle from my finger and down onto the ground.

Suddenly, a light appeared. It was tough for me to finally get up off the ground, but I managed to pull myself up. I stumbled a few times but I made my way toward the light.

As I came to the light, it nearly blinded me. I had to cover my eyes in order to keep my eyes safe. The light was so bright that I could feel the warmth on my skin. But then it got terribly cold as I walked further. I got goosebumps and started to shiver all the way down to my bones; my teeth started to chatter.

I didn’t even notice that I stumbled upon a person, but I did notice that it wasn’t so cold anymore. It wasn’t hot either. It was just right. It reminded of the temperature I liked my room.

“Well, hello.”

The voice had such a sinister tone that it almost made my spine jump out of my body. I finally opened my eyes to see a beautiful god standing in front of me.

“It’s rude not to be speak back, darling.”

The words were caught in my throat. It seemed I couldn’t utter a word, much less a sound. He looked me up and down. He took in my full appearance. I didn’t even bother to look at myself. But I did bother to look at him.

He seemed to be six feet tall exactly because I was five foot six. He had pretty icy white teeth paired with weirdly unique chocolate and green eyes; the brown was on the outside and the green was in the center of his pupil. He was lean, but built, and wearing a gray and maroon suit; there was a rose in his suit pocket. His hair was ginger at first glance but when I blinked, it transformed into dirty blonde. He had one freckle on the left side of his face and a chiseled jawline.

“So you’re not going to talk? You’re just going to stare?”

My words were still stuck. I watched him as he looked down at me. Was I disgusting to him? The air turned cooler and he spoke to me once again.

He asked, “You’re hurt. Were you in the rose garden by chance?”

I responded, “I don’t know. I just woke up in a dark place. While feeling around, I pricked my finger.”

He replied, “You finally speak but how ironic. I find it amusing that blood is also the same color as roses. You pricked your finger, eh? Seems like something out of a fairytale. You don’t belong here so get out.”

This prick! “The nerve of you! I’m not here because I want to be. Could you tell me how to get out?”

He stood up from behind his wooden desk and walked a bit to his left. He pointed at a brown door and said, “Right through that door. Get out and stay out.”

“Fine. Thank you, goodbye.”

I walked through the door and into another light, but it wasn’t so bright that it would blind me. I was immediately wrapped in someone’s warmth. I didn’t even have the chance to see their face.

I was pushed into a dark hole; it felt like I was falling into a pit— but for an eternity. While falling, I heard a voice say, “You get another chance, my child. Do with it whatever you wish. Go ahead. You’re destined for greatness.”


I awoke in a rose garden. Upon further inspection, I realized that there was actually just a single rose. So I guess it’s not much of a garden, huh? How much crazier could this get? Was it a dream? I heard another voice after I rubbed my eyes and let my ears adjust.

A woman screamed, “Belle! Belle! Where are you? Belle! Oh my, Belle, here you are. Nanny has been looking all over the place for you.”

A beautiful lady wearing a blue ball dress with brown hair walked up to me. She must be my mom, or either my nanny. Wait, a nanny? How old am I? I looked down at my seemingly tiny body and I realized I was a child again.

No way! It did get crazier. My name was switched!

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