The Deadly Dressmaker

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Chapter Twenty

The Fairy Godmother helped the princess to her feet then circled her, taking in her looks and dimensions. She tried not to drag out this part of the process too long as it always made the young maid self-conscious. Then Aryssa drew her wand from her sleeve, pictured the type of gown she wanted, and waved the wand over Primrose’s head.

A shower of light burst from the tip of the wand and drifted over the princess like snowflakes. As it did, the girl’s golden hair dried and lifted itself into an elegant coif of ringlets atop her head on which was centered a diamond tiara. A light blush touched her cheeks and lips. Diamonds hung from her lobes and ringed her throat. Gossamer sleeves trailed down her arms, littered with crystals, which trailed along the bodice accompanied by gold dust and exploded across a broad skirt that kissed the floor. On the princess’ feet gleamed a pair of golden slippers.

“Oh Godmother, it is just so wonderful!”

Aryssa smiled. She’d forgotten the warm glow she experienced when the wisher was truly grateful for her gifts.

“Are you ready to see your future king?”

Primrose blushed prettily and nodded. Aryssa took her hand and recited the spell that brought her to the island backward. There was a flash and the women whisked their way back to Davenmour.

The Godmother and princess arrived in Aryssa’s apartment with a thump. Primrose gave a squeak and swooned but she caught her and helped the girl to a chair. In her rush to get them back home, she’d forgotten to account for the discomfort a human might experience in star flight.

She was bringing the princess some water when suddenly the front door crashed open and Irk charged into the living room brandishing his war hammer followed by Arbo clutching a pair of daggers. Behind him was a tall and lanky young man with long blond hair and bright green eyes. He was dressed in the fine white coat and silver trousers that bespoke his rank and title as he held his claymore aloft.

Primrose screamed and fainted.

“Primrose!” Prince Logan cried and crossed the room to her.

Aryssa handed him the water as he passed her.

“She is quite well, just a little overwhelmed, is all.” She told him.

The prince gave her an odd look before turning his attention to his bride.

“What’s yer plan, Godmother?” Irk asked. “The whole toon is in an uproar.”

“When the princess comes to, I need you and Arbo to escort them to the border. Once they’re safe in Silvermire, Hazelbite cannot touch them.”

“What about ye?”

“I need to intercept Hazelbite before she kills Ravenshade.”

“That will be hard to do if the prince ain’t at the chuffin’ palace,” Arbo said.

“I don’t think she’ll wait until they get to the palace,” Aryssa said.

“Which is how come ye sent Pepper for the Detective Chief Inspector,” Irk said.

Logan had been softly murmuring and caressing his beloved and they turned to see the prince place a gentle kiss upon her lips. After a moment, the princess began to stir and opened her eyes.

“Logan, you came for me.” She sighed and he kissed her again.

The Fairy Godmother smiled.

“As soon as she’s regained her senses, get those two on the road.” She said.

Irk grasped her arm. “Yer sure I canna come with ye?”

Aryssa raised an eyebrow at his impertinence and placed her hand on his. “Thank you, Irk, but this is far more important.”

Irk squeezed her arm and held her gaze. “Nothing is more important to me than yer safety, Godmother.”

Don’t get your knickers in a twist. I just thought it was because he’s sweet on ya. Drullian’s words came back to Aryssa but she shook them away. The Dwarf was devoted to his work, he always was. How would it look if something befell the Fairy Godmother of Davenmour on his watch?

Aryssa squeezed his hand. “I will be perfectly alright, I promise you.”

Reluctantly, Irk released her arm with a grunt and stepped back, allowing his boss to sweep out the door.

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