The Forgotten land

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ALEJANDRO born as the second son of the Elf King Aston and Witch Queen Xia who have been living 100years in the cursed valley of the oak . Can he take away the cursed that his lands have had for many years or will destruction prevail. DAVINA daughter of the great evil hybrid king and the might Witch Katherine living in destruction have learned who her mate is will she unbind the bond or will she embrace it and conquered her rightful thrown . Two different kingdom only one can win this fight to be the ruler of the mystical creature in the forgotten lands

Fantasy / Romance
Shiovellie August
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read at own risked its my first ever fantasy book might be different from many books you have read so keep in my of all the different twist make sure to leave many comments along the way.

In a land where everything seems old and grey, where the magic is hidden lives the magical beings of the oak. A great cursed was cast upon the beautiful valley of Oak. Many of the magical creatures that roam the valley are trapped inside their mundane bodies. Many elves, wolves, fairies, dwarfs and giants have never seen their threw nature from birth. Everything is about to change for Alejandro he have finally grown up and is set on changing the atmosphere of his father kingdom. He has to pass the excellence test first to make all his dreams come threw. The high priestess whom his father and mother have left in charge of the match is giving the winner a very special prize along side of being KING her very first child as bride. The very beautiful and virgin Alexandra whom ever elf have save themselves to be the lucky winner to her bed. Will Alejandro he be able to conquer the throne and bride were the question he had on his mind.

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