Wolves in the Mist

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Chapter 9

It had been hours since Isabel's visit and all I could think about were Isabel's final words before she left. I repeated the words in my head over and over.

Do not give up and most certainly do not die. What did she mean by that? What will happen to me? What will they do to me?

I wiped the sweat from my eyebrow with my trembling hand as fear coursed through my veins. Several pairs of footsteps echoed from outside the room. I shuddered and moved farther back into the corner, pulling my knees towards my chest and hugging them.

The door slowly opened revealing two men and a woman. The man on the left had bronze skin, brown eyes, and black hair. The man on the right had light skin, green eyes, and curly blonde hair. The woman in the middle had dark skin, green eyes, and straight black hair. All of them wore an all black attire which consisted of shoes, jeans, and a t-shirt. The men wore black leather jackets, while the woman had black leather gloves.

"Grab the girl and follow me," said the woman with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

The men behind her grabbed me and began dragging me into the hall. I struggled to release myself from their hold. The men tightened their grip on my arms, cutting my blood circulation. We passed through several hallways and stumbled upon a door leading to a small flight of stairs. The room below was spacious and had a bar door at the back wall. As I inspected the room and noticed chains attached to the ceiling and floor.

I began to push myself back, "no! Let me go!"

The men yanked me forward and threw me onto the floor, landing on my hip and forearm. The men chained my ankles while the woman chained my wrists.

"What are you doing?! Get these off me!" I pulled against the chains, but that did nothing. The chains were designed to allow me to move across the room, but secure so I wouldn't be able to leave the room.

"Let's go. It's time," said the woman as she headed for the stairs.

"Time?! Time for what?" I shouted in a worried tone.

The woman turned to me and smirked before shutting the door behind her. As I laid on the ground, I checked my hip for bruising and there was some starting to form.

"Shit!" I yelled as I rubbed my aching hip.

A growl echoed through the room, but this time it wasn't my stomach. I slowly turned around and my eyes widened. Isabel's words began to play through my mind.

Do not give up and most certainly do not die.

I now understood what Isabel had meant and what the woman had said by it was time.

I was staring death right in the face.

• • •

Everything was black, quiet, and felt cold. I slowly opened my eyes, focusing on my surroundings. I was still in the room I had been left in. I felt pain and numbness all over my body. I slowly sat up on the cold floor. I looked at my body and a cry escaped from my mouth.

My clothes had been ripped off and I was left in my undergarments. My body was covered in blood and bruises.

My blood.

I had claw and bites marks all over my body, especially on my limbs, not enough to kill me, but enough to leave me in pain and weak. I knew that I lost quite a lot of blood. I didn't have to feel it to know. Parts of the walls and floor were covered in my blood.

I was weak, but I was still able to move. The only word that I could think of that could describe how I felt was fear.

I finally realized who the girl in my dreams was. It was me and I felt everything all over again, only this time it wasn't a dream.

It was real.

My nightmares were becoming a reality and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

The door above the staircase opened and down came one of the men who kidnapped me. He wore all black attire like the men from before, except without the leather jacket. He had broad shoulders, stubble on his chin, and his blonde hair was a mess. Green eyes pierced holes through me. I wrapped my arms around myself.

He placed a paper bag at the end of the staircase and stared at me.

"You actually made it," he smirked. "Mason will be glad to hear this. I guess she wasn't wrong about you. Keep it up little one," he said before making his way back up the stairs.

"Wait!" I shouted. I quickly lifted myself off the ground but fell right back down, landing on my hip and shoulder. I bit my lower lip, preventing myself from allowing another cry to escape. I began to slowly drag myself towards the stairs. The man turned his head and stared at me over his shoulder.

“Who are you?!” I groaned when I tried lifting myself up once again. “What do you want?!”

He smirked and looked forward. “You’ll know soon enough what we want. Call me Logan. I guess you should know my name if you’ll be here for a while.”

"Who is she? What do I need to keep up?” Logan stopped at the top of the stairs and locked his gaze on me.

"You aren't done yet," he grinned and slammed the door behind him, leaving me once again alone.

I grabbed the paper bag and spilled all its contents on the cold floor. I instantly opened the water bottle and chugged it down, drinking every last drop. I unwrapped the ham sandwich from the plastic and began eating. After I ate, I opened the bottle of rubbing alcohol and dumped some of it onto a small towel.

I took a deep breath and began to clean myself. I took deep breaths to try and forget about the pain, but it didn't do much. The pain was still there. I wrapped my limbs in bandages and laid against the cold floor. I hugged my knees close to my chest and cried. Why?

I wanted it to end. I wished this was all some messed up dream and that I would wake up from it soon.

It's just a dream, Emma. It's just a dream.

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