Wolves in the Mist

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Chapter 13

When we reached the mansion, Isabel said we had to go to the office. My thoughts went straight to Mason and Lincoln.

"I'm guessing we're going to Mason's office?" I asked to which Isabel nodded.

As we made our way through the mansion, I thought about how I should act in front of Mason and Lincoln. Mason was the one who planned and ordered for all of this to happen. Being alpha, I assumed no one questioned his orders.

And then there was Lincoln. I slumped my shoulders. I trusted him as a friend and he broke that trust. I can kind of understand why he would want to keep the fact that he was a werewolf, but he knew what would happen to me. He didn't stop it from happening.

Our steps came to a halt in front of two tall dark wood double doors.

Upon opening, they revealed both men. Black, brown, and silver dominated the room. There were two bookcases at the back wall and a bar stand to my right. The source of light came from the terrace to my left side and the two lamps that hung on each wall. The walls and desk were made of black and brown wood with silver designs embedded into them. The chairs were made of leather. Three of them sat at the center of the room with a small table in the middle and the other sat behind the large desk by the back wall.

Mason sat behind the desk while Lincoln stood next to it. Both men had been waiting for us to arrive. Lincoln smiled the moment he laid his eyes on me. The corners of my lips slightly lifted upwards but quickly went down. My gaze then shifted to Mason.

Mason broke the silence, "I'm assuming Isabel explained everything that you needed to know."

"If you mean by telling me about your pack and the fact that you're werewolves, then yes. But what I don't know is what the hell am I supposed to help you with and how," I crossed my arms over my chest.

He grinned, "you'll find out after you join my pack. Right now the thing you have to answer me is whether you'll join or not?"

"How will you help me find my parents? I'm only doing this so I can find them," I arched an eyebrow.

"We have the resources to do so and of course with your help."

"Will I ever have to go through that again?" I asked, knowing he knew what she meant by that.

He leaned back, "depends."

Depends on what asshole. I frowned and balled my hands into fists.

"Am I allowed to leave?" I asked.

"You can leave and come whenever you want to, unless told otherwise," he answered. He tapped the arm of his chair with his right index. "But if you mean by leaving the pack then that can cause problems for you, so I wouldn't recommend it."

"So what's it going to be Emma?" Mason asked.

I had two choices. I could join the pack, find my parents, and help them with whatever it is they needed me for. But that would mean I couldn't leave and I would have to continue to work for Mason. If I did leave that would cause me problems. What problems? I have no idea. If I stayed then I would have access to many resources.

Or I could not join their pack, get back to my normal life, and find my parents on my own, but how could I do that when I didn't even know what exactly to look for that would lead me to them. I thought it would be that easy getting back to my normal life after everything that has happened, but my life has never been normal. I swallowed the heavy lump in my throat.

What should I do?

• • •

Mason's POV

Minutes before, I sat behind my desk as I worked on the plans for the event that would be hosted just a few weeks from today.

"So what's the plan?" Lincoln asked as he pulled his phone out of his leather jacket.

"Invite our neighboring alphas, especially him. Make sure he shows up. I don't care who he brings. Formal attire. Have our most trusted pack members at the event. You will join them. I trust you with arranging outside security. Make sure there's plenty of food for everyone."

Lincoln nodded and stepped out into the terrace to make a call. I had known Lincoln since we were kids. It was always Lincoln, my brother, and me. I made him my beta because I knew I could trust Lincoln with anything and he hasn't let me down—well until he met her.

I warned Lincoln about getting close to Emma and yet he did it anyways. He told me it would allow him to get closer to her and in that part I’d say he was right. It came in more handy than I imagined. Emma accepted to go through what I asked all because she thought I’d hurt Lincoln. She had to go through it or else my plans wouldn't work. I needed her ready for what was to come.

Lincoln stepped back into my office and stood by my side. They were coming. She was coming. I could smell her scent getting stronger. It reminded me of someone I once knew and loved.

But she was gone.

The doors to my office opened revealing Isabel and Emma. I noticed how the corners of her lips slightly lifted as she stepped into my office, but it wasn't towards me. I knew she was staring at Lincoln.

But then, her hazel eyes shifted to my blue ones.

I spoke with Emma about the terms of joining my pack. It was true that she’d learn more about her use once she was a part of my pack. I would also give her whatever resources she needed to find her parents.

Emma had two choices to choose from. Either she joined my pack or she didn't. I could tell she was thinking about it. Thinking about the benefits and disadvantages of joining or not joining my pack. She frowned as the room fell silent.

After a few moments, she told me what I expected she’d say.
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