Wolves in the Mist

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Chapter 1


There it was again, that voice.

“Help me!”

I wish I could, but I was stuck in the mist. It surrounded me, taking away the view of whatever was going on around me. No matter how hard I tried to move, I couldn’t. My lips remained sealed as I used all the air in my lungs to somehow let them know I was there, but there was no use — nothing came out. I remained paralyzed and mute.

I’m here! I said. Can you hear me?

All I could do was listen to the screams and cries of the person on the other side of the mist.

It was only when the most painful one rang in the air was I then able to move. My heart ached as I reached a hand through to the other side. “I’m here!”

But I never made it to the other side.

My body shook violently even after I opened my eyes. I panicked when I saw a figure next to my bed. If it wasn’t for the smell of lavender, I would’ve shouted for help and ran for my life.

“It’s okay sweetie,” my mother spoke as she approached me. “It’s me.” She sat at the edge of my bed and brought me into her arms. I nodded frantically.

When she pulled away, she asked, “was it another nightmare?” I quickly nodded once again.

“Tell me about it.” She rubbed the back of her fingers against my cheek before pushing strands of my hair behind each of my ears.

I should tell her, I thought. I was always afraid to tell her about my nightmares. There was no way for a child to explain exactly what I heard and saw. But I had grown up a bit, I could tell her now.

“I heard a boy.”

I felt her hand come to a sudden stop, but quickly continued running her fingertips along the side of my face. “Did you see him? Did the boy say anything?” She asked.

“He needed help, mommy. He said my name.”

“Is that all he said?” I gave her a curt nod.

“It was only a nightmare,” she leaned in and planted a kiss on my forehead. “Even I have them sometimes.”

“About what?” I slightly tilted my head to the side and released the grip of my bed sheets.

She gave me a small smile. “Don’t worry about them. How about I sing you a song until you fall asleep?”

I smiled eagerly, “yes mommy.”

“Alright,” her smile grew. “Now lay back and close your eyes.” I did as she said. My mother pulled the sheets up until the ends reached my shoulders. The soothing sound of my mother’s voice allowed me to relax and soon after I had forgotten my nightmare.

Suddenly, the obnoxious sound of my alarm filled the bedroom. I groaned, hoping that it would somehow shut up without having me move from the spot I was currently in.

The alarm continued to ring.

With eyes closed, I reached towards the nightstand, patting the surface of it. I couldn’t feel my phone and the alarm grew more obnoxious by the second. Where the hell is my phone? I swear to—

“Alright! I’m up!” I yelled.

I opened my eyes before sitting up. Pain immediately struck my head. Shit. I massaged my temples, hoping it would ease the pain. I looked towards the nightstand and confirmed that my phone was not there.

My gaze shifted towards my desk upon hearing the alarm blare once again. I didn’t want to get up, but I was sick of hearing my phone. I flung the cotton sheets off my body and got out of bed.

The moment I reached my phone, I stopped my alarm and checked the time. Seven in the morning. I needed to get to work.

I placed my phone back down and stretched my arms up to the ceiling. I felt my back and arm muscles shift as they either extended or contracted. The pain in my head returned to which I once again massaged my temples.

I made my way to my kitchen and pulled out my medication. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and downed the pill with the water. I sighed in relief, feeling my insides cool and the pain lessen slightly. I grabbed some ginger powder and add a bit of it to the remaining water to which I finished drinking.

I always preferred natural remedies. I learned how to do so from my mother and it stuck with me. It was cheaper than the medication doctors prescribed me. I would’ve preferred using that money to save up for other things but remedies weren’t enough. The pain was getting worse, stopping me from my daily chores.

I scoffed. Sometimes even the medications prescribed to me aren’t enough. I would mix them with the remedies and it was then that I would feel better.

But even then, no one knew what was wrong with me. Doctors told me that I was perfectly healthy. Test after test, nothing came up that said otherwise. At one point I gave up and thought that I would never find out why I had such terrible pains.

I threw the bottle away before heading back into my bedroom. I stripped myself off my pj’s and changed into my work clothes which consisted of black jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers.

Once in my bathroom, I brushed and tied my short brown hair back into a low bun. I took a glance at my mirror and knew I had to hide a few things. I moisturized first and with concealer, covered my dark circles and any other marks I didn’t want others to see. I applied a bit of cream blush to add life to my pale face and set my face with powder. Lastly, I applied mascara to my lashes and Vaseline to my lips. All done.

All of a sudden, my phone rang. I entered my bedroom and checked to see who was calling me. Without thinking much of it, I answered the call. “Hello?”

“Emma, I have good news!”

“What happened, Audrey?”

“He’s back! Nathan is back.”



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