(Im in love with my) Guardian Angel- Destruction

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Azrael has been An Angel Of Death; a Grim Reaper since before Christ was born. He was tasked with carrying Human Souls to their final resting place at their appointed time. But he is growing tired of it, and longs to make a difference elsewhere. His past requests were declined but He decides to ask the Arc Angel Gabriel for a new role and Gabriel concedes and appoints him to become a Guardian Angel tasked with protecting a young girl through her infancy, childhood, and into adult hood. A girl with Agnostic views towards religion but an inborn connection to Satan himself that she doesn't yet recognize. She is in the middle of the ongoing spiritual war that is waged outside of human sight daily. She is important to both sides as a potential asset and Azrael simply cannot allow Satans demons to get a hold of her. But will his bond to her as her Guardian Angel shift because of his feelings for her? Will he be strong enough to stay dutiful to her as her Guardian or will he fall for her in ways that he begins to long for while he is on Earth? Will he Remain a Guardian Angel or will he fall for her and possibly destroy himself in the process? Or worse.. Lose his place in Heaven and become a Fallen Angel where his place is no longer in Heaven and not in Hell but In between?

Fantasy / Romance
Rachael Blue
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Azrael sits high above the ground below, perched upon a Catholic Cathedrals tall and pointed roof. To Humanity he wasnt there at all.

It was an ancient cathedral older than the town itself but he was far older. He had been there before it had been built and tasked as a Grim Reaper. An Angel Of Death. Even before this place was ever settled into a town he helped to guide Human Souls to their final resting place. Heaven or Hell.

Wellford Texas, the town that has always seemed to channel its own energy and draw in all sorts of creatures, Mutant-Gifted Humans, and demonic and angelic beings.

Azrael swept his large silver and white wings behind his back as he observed his new 'Task' being carried into this Catholic chapel by her parents for her newborn christening. His wings changed from raven black since Gabriel gave him a new rank.

Her parents were devoted Catholics in the local community and the birth of their daughter was celebrated by all. Her Father was the Pastor in this church also.

Azrael blinked in the afternoon sun as the colors from the stained glass windows reflected upwards and out of the Windows on the roof, making him glow beneath the sun. Prayers of any faithful and true Christian congregation granted him and other angels strength.

Gabriel allowed him to change from the role of an Angel Of Death to the role of A Guardian Angel to protect this child from Hells Legions to ensure she made it to adulthood. She was special, and part of a prophecy.

I will have to choose a familiar form. An animal that can be accepted into their family as a faithful pet. He thought to himself. So he could keep a better eye on her.

He let the wind carry him down from the top of the cathedral to land in the parking lot a few spaces away from her parents car. His armored cloak sweeping behind him. He stood at 8 feet tall in his true form.

He walked to their car and reached his hand through the door. Angels could walk through walls and other neat and useful things since most humans couldnt see them.

Although their were some that could see them if they had Gifted Sight.

He unlocked the car door and opened it squeezing inside in the back next to the Girl's carseat, looking around one final time to see if anyone was around. No one was, they were all in the Sunday Morning Service.

Azrael began to change to his decided familiar form. A black cat. He then purred softly and curled himself up in the backseat. Waiting for the Girl and her parents to return to the car to head home.

When they see me they'll take me home with them as well. And there i will continue to guard this child. And learn her name.

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