Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 10: Confessions

He brushed his fingers along my cheek bringing my eyes to meet his.

Max: I’m in love with you, and that scares me because if anything ever happened to you... I couldn’t exist.

I let out a shaky breath knowing that what I feel in my heart is love, but his words strike fear in me. The demon has found me and now everyone around me could be in danger. The thought of him unable to exist if I died brings tears to my eyes, worse if he were to die because of me. I can’t contain the gasp leading to a sob.

Max: Sky.

His own eyes water as concern overshadows him. I slip out from underneath him and run for the bathroom slamming the door closed. Max knocks on the door lightly.

Max: Sky I know you feel it too, and I know you’re scared. I know about your dad's practice if that’s what you’re worried about. We can make it work. I’ll move to L.A with you. I’d follow you to the ends of the earth, but please don’t shut me out.

Max’s perspective:

When I saw the bloodsucker reaching for her my beast shifted with an uncontrollable rage I’ve never felt before. His throat was in my grasp, seconds from being ripped out beyond the point of no return. But her voice was mellow and soothing, distracting me long enough for me to loosen my grip. Big mistake; the fucker still had fight in him and managed to escape. Her touch alone was enough to calm the angry beast. Why would she want him to live. How could she be so trusting. Anger and possession fueled my lust for her.

Like the wild fucking animal I am I took her. Without question or consequence I took her. She was mine and would be mine till our last breaths. She caved beneath me as my cock filled her with my fluid in an aftershock of climax. My heart constricted as I gazed into her sky blue eyes. My confession of love and fear was received with equal love and fear, but also darkness.

It wasn’t rejection I felt when she locked herself in the bathroom. I could feel her sadness and confliction. I know about the demon, her dad's practice, her newly discovered powers. She didn’t know how much of it I knew. I looked down at my cock still swollen for her, realizing my impulse to have her had resulted in the lack of protection. For a split second it crossed my mind that perhaps she had realized it too and was upset. If that were the case I would have to try even harder to convince her to stay so we could raise our little half-breeds in the safety and comfort of Maple Falls. That is, once we remove the demon threat.

She’s a stubborn woman with a heart of gold. I was the big bad wolf ready to blow down her walls and devour her so she’ll never have to feel fear again. The door knob turned and the door cracked open. When I entered the bathroom I found her curled up in the corner of the shower with tears streaming down her face and my heart ached.

I stepped in turning the water on. Maybe it was a little cruel, but it broke the tension and got her to relax after the initial shock of the cold. She shot up allowing me to devour her with the warmth of my body. I ravished her face with kisses not allowing her to turn away from me to sink back into her darkness. The first careless impulse was not enough to learn from as my animal instincts kicked in. What would it matter now. She’s mine and my cock was heavy with need. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she deepened the kiss. I slid my hands down her slender wet back.

I give her ass a squeeze while lifting her up against the slick tile wall, easing my member inside so deep I could feel the twitch of her hardening clit at my base. She sucked in a sharp breath with immense pleasure. I gently circled my hips causing my pelvis to rub that little sensitive clit causing more quick little gasps as her arousal grew.

Her perfectly round tits bounced with each little pump of my pelvis. Her dark pink nipples
stood erect needing my attention. I flicked one with my tongue before sucking it in, grazing it with my teeth as I held it in place. Her hands gripped the back of my neck tightly. I took the other nipple into my mouth teasing and sucking as her tight pussy squeezed around my thrusting cock. She began to tremble as her climax took control over her body. I squeezed and pushed her harder against the wall as I quickened my thrusts.

Her moans echoed sweetly off the tile as steam consumed us and we both shook from the aftershocks of our orgasms. I began kissing her collarbone and continued kissing up her neck to the sensitive part behind her ear where I scraped her with my teeth and sucked on her flesh. My wolf wanted to mark her, and she knew. With a slight tilt of her head, she exposes her flesh as if giving me permission. I pulled back searching her eyes.

Max: Do you know what it means if I mark you.

She smiles and nods her head.

Sky: I am yours Max.

She looks me dead in the eye.

Sky: I love you.

At her words I sink my teeth into her flesh lapping her blood with my tongue. Her legs and arms held tightly around me as I braced us against the wall. Her sweet taste made me hard again while still inside her. I began pumping slowly as I licked the bite until it healed and kissed my way up to her chin, and to her lips before slipping out of her. I set her gently down reaching for her soap and sponge. Her look of shock and awe made me chuckle as I ran the suds filled sponge down her throat, across her chest, along her ribs to her hips, down one leg and up the other, stopping between her thighs where I lingered a bit watching her bite her lip quivering with arousal.

I spun her around placing her hands against the wall and continued running the sponge up one arm and down the other, across her back, circling each cheek, and back down one leg and up the other. As the water rinsed the suds I kissed the back of her neck before biting her shoulder rubbing my head along her ass flower. She turned on me quickly with a raised brow snatching the sponge out of my hand.

Sky: Not yet.

She poured more soap in the sponge and teased me much in the same way. Slowly running the sponge over my every muscle. I watched her, mesmerized by the soft glow of her pale flawless skin. Her beauty and perfection had me paralyzed and yet with her gentle touch I never felt more relaxed. She hung up the sponge and pulled down the shower head, running the cooling water over my chest and down my back when suddenly I was blasted by cold water. By the time I turned around she was gone. The water showerhead was dropped to the floor still shooting me with now freezing water. If she thought that would cool me down she had another thing coming. I turned off the water and grabbed a towel taking my time. I wrapped the towel around my hips and sauntered into the bedroom expecting her to be on the bed, but it was empty.

Max: Sky!

I walked down the hall to the kitchen. She wasn’t there either. I glance over to the living room and still no sign of her.

Max: Sky!

My voice was raised with concern. My heart palpated heavily against my chest. I ran for the room behind the beads nearly tearing them down to get inside. There she stood with her back to me, her head down, gazing into the flickering ball on the table. The temperature in the room was near freezing. The only light was the purple glow from the ball highlighting her breath, it was that cold. I didn’t know much about ghost stuff so I watched quietly from a distance. Out of nowhere a huge black panther jumps on the table in front of me and plops down. Her purr rumbles deep like a beast, but her eyes are as gentle as Luna's. Her eyes are Luna's.

Max: Luna

She brushes her big head against my hand as if answering me. I might be a werewolf, demigod, but this is strange even to me. I have never in my life seen an animal shifter.

Max: I bet my grandmother's up there having a good laugh right now.

I whisper to Luna as she pushes her huge head against my hand again still purring. When she jumps up suddenly I instinctively go in defense eyeing her with question. She shakes her head and leaps off the table transferring in mid air before my eyes. By the time she hits the floor she’s her little kitten self. Now it’s my turn to shake my head completely flabbergasted. I chuckle and look up to see Sky turning around with that same darkness she had just before our shower. I don’t want her to pull away from me again so I quickly take her in my arms and hold her till she relaxes.

Sky’s perspective:

After getting Max back with a spray of cold water, I grab a towel and fly out of the bathroom. I stand in the bedroom drying myself off thinking about the amazing love making we just did, when Luna grabs my attention meowing from down the hall. I tighten the towel and follow her to the mystic room that is colder than usual. My skin tingles. The ball on the table lights up the room with a purple glow. There’s a faint whisper of a woman’s soft voice. Nothing like the dark eerie whispers that surrounded Jason. This voice sounded familiar. Like my mother’s?

I reach for the ball and the light shoots around me sucking me into what feels like some sort of vortex. The light dims and I suddenly find myself falling. I hit a wooden floor with a thud. It’s my old room from when I was a child. I scramble to my feet to see myself laying in bed, my mother tucking me in. This was the night she killed herself. Tears well in my eyes. She seemed so normal, so at peace. She was telling me a story about a wolf that fell in love with a girl who had gotten lost in the woods. It was her modern day version of red riding hood.

Seconds after she kissed me goodnight and left the room, there’s a whisper of a small child.

“She’s coming”

The nightmare I’ve had a dozen times was playing out in front of me. The 6 year old version of me stuffed the pillows under the comforter and ran into the closet. The door creaked open and there she was. The gray black haired demon. She pulls back the comforter and lets out her horrific scream. Suddenly a blast of light hits the back of the demon. My mom's body is engulfed in the same white light mine was at the lake. The demon turns and lunges. Mom blasts her again, this time her light explodes. Only it wasn’t her light. My younger self is hovering over the bed, also engulfed in the white light, with both hands lit up. My mom collapses and so do I. “I don’t remember this.” I feel myself lifting off the ground and that’s when I notice him standing in the doorway with black magic swirling around him. Another glance at my mother and I see a black spot over her chest.

Suddenly I’m pulled through the vortex and find myself back in the mystic room. I turn around to find Max standing there watching. I’m at a complete loss for what just happened.

Max pulls me into a hug with no intention of letting me go; ever. I give in to the comfort of it, as my world has just completely turned upside down.
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