Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 11: What lies beneath

My eyes flutter open to the welcoming of a sleepy grin, encased by his rippling muscles, with one particular muscle standing out more than the others. His cock hard against my entrance ready and eager. He pulls me in for a kiss, brushing my hair behind my ear. He lowers his hand down along my thigh before scooping it up into his arm as he slides in halfway. He holds me in place slowly moving his hips back and forth teasingly. My insides want to explode yet his distance is phantom, there and not there. Growing impatient and with need I push his shoulder down while rolling on top.

His hands find their way to my waist while mine cling to his chest as I lower myself further down his long hard shaft. Slowly I roll my hips brushing my clit along the thick of his hair at his base getting that extra sensation I had been craving from him. His grip tightens as I rapidly grind flesh to flesh; my tits bouncing freely. His moans turn to growls with muffled curse words in between. The ecstasy builds into a vibration equivalent to that of a roaring diesel engine, forcing quick jaded breaths from my lungs as I scream his name.

Max shoots up placing one hand on my lower back the other to the back of my neck. My legs shift from under me to along his sides while he squeezes me into him as we ride out the wave crushing orgasm that ripples through our bodies leaving me trembling in his arms.

Max: God I love you.

He holds me tighter still as his lips find their way to mine.

I pull back looking deep into his green eyes with nothing but admiration and love.

Sky: I love you

I whisper before reclaiming his lips. We lay back down still entangled as if neither is willing to let go. His expression turns soft and concerning.

Max: I hope you know I will do anything for you, but I need to know what’s going on? What happened last night with Jason and in Cynthia's mystic room?

Sky: Jason wanted to know if you and I were a sure thing. He said he’d leave me alone if we were, but then he become possessed. It wasn’t Jason attacking me. It was a demon.

Max: Vampires are demons. How and why would another demon possess him?

Sky: Vampires are still half human.

Max: Then I should have killed him when I had the chance. What if he tries again?

Sky: He was fighting her Max. He didn’t want to hurt me.

Max: Either way I need to find him before he can try again.

Sky: I don’t think he will.

Max: What if this demon is still possessing him?

What if that were true? What about the vision of my dad. If the demon was possessing him to kill my mother why didn’t he come after me too?

Sky: Why can’t I remember.

Max: Remember what?

Sky: I saw a vision, or rather an old recurring nightmare, only this time it was a little different.

I let out a huff and squeeze my eyes tight. Max’s fingers caress my cheek wiping away an escaped tear.

Max: I’m here babe. I’m right here.

Sky: I’ve had the same nightmare since the night my mom killed herself. I was 6 and in bed when a girl's voice said “she’s coming.” I run to my closet and hide. This female with gray skin, black hair and smoke flowing around her comes into my room, a demon. She pulls down my covers and screams when she sees I’m not there. There’s a big flash of light, the demon is gone, and my mom collapses. That’s the usual nightmare, but this time what I saw last night was different.

I was in the room. Everything happens the same except the demon isn’t gone after the first flash. It’s when the second flash hits that the demon is gone and it didn’t come from my mom, it came from my 6 year old self. I was engulfed in a white light hovering over my bed, and when my mom collapsed there was a black mark on her chest. At first I thought it was from me, that maybe I had struck her by accident, then I saw my dad standing in the doorway where my mother had just been. His eyes where black and black ash or magic swirled around him. Just like what happened with Jason. That’s all I saw before I found myself back in the mystic room.

Tears flood my eyes as I suck in a deep breath.

Sky: I think my father killed my mother.

Max: Oh Sky.

Max wipes my tears and pulls me to his chest where the sound of his heartbeat comforts me. More thoughts started flooding my mind.

Sky: All these years my father led me to believe my mom overdosed due to a mental illness. He told me my nightmare was due to the trauma of me finding her body. Why would he lie to me? He knew she was a witch.

Max: You said he seemed possessed, maybe the demon erased his memory?

Sky: But if it was after me, why didn’t it have him kill me too?

Max: Maybe it wasn’t after you?

Sky: I need to talk to my grandmother.

I reach up giving him a kiss.

Sky: I’ll make you breakfast first.

He grabs my arm pulling me in for another kiss.

Max: Why don’t I make breakfast so you can go do your ghost thing.

Sky: You sure?

He nods with a big grin as I jump out of bed and throw some clothes on. When I step in the mystic room it’s softly lit by the ball giving off a soft morning glow. My grandmother Cynthia is already there.

Sky: Just the person I need to see.

Her smile is as warm as ever. I sit down in the chair next to her and tell her every detail of the nightmare.

Sky: I don’t know what to do or think? I want to be angry at my dad, but what if Max is right; what if the demon altered his mind to believe the story he told me?

She sets her hand over mine. The feeling is not very strong. It’s more of the normal phantom touch.

Cynthia: I’m afraid I don’t have an answer. I think your father could be right about one thing. That your mind altered the truth because you were so young. The only people who would know are you or your....

She trails off, but I know who she was going say.

Sky: My mother. Why have I never been able to see her like I do you and Celia?

Her smile is small as her eyes fill with sadness.

Cynthia: I sensed your mother the night she died, but never again. It’s possible that your dad was telling the truth.

Sky: You don’t believe that do you? What about the dream?

Cynthia: The truth lies just beneath the surface. You just have to look harder. Trust your heart, not your eyes.

Sky: Grandma what’s going on.

Cynthia: My time has come to leave the in between. You are as you were meant be and no longer do you have any need for me. You are more powerful than any of us.

She slowly begins to fade.

Sky: Grandma wait!!

Cynthia: Do not allow the darkness to consume you. Remember....trust your heart, not your eyes.

The light goes out and she’s gone. I almost feel more confused than before. Just then Luna hops up on the table and headbutts my arm drawing my attention to her.

Sky: Maybe I should have had coffee and food first.

Luna: Meow.

The second I stand the world goes dark. Next thing I know I am again in my old house, standing outside my parents' room. The door is slightly cracked open, my father is holding my mother as they stand looking out their window.

Lilly: It’s getting too dangerous for her here Alexander. Her powers are growing and it’s only a matter time before she finds her.

Alexander: Lilly my love, she has us. We can protect her.

Lilly: The illness is spreading. My mind and my powers are too weak.

Alexander: Lilly please. You know I can save you.

Just then the familiar haunting scream breaks the silence of the house.

Lilly: No!

I jump away from the door as my mother darts out into the hall. Her body begins to glow as she enters my bedroom. The first flash goes off. My father runs after her already wrapped in his own black magic. The second blast of light flashes.

Max: Sky!

I hear Max’s panicked voice calling for me as I fall into the darkness once more. There’s a large wet, yet rough thing, going across the side of my face, followed by a deep growling purr and hot heavy breath. I swat blindly at the air when my hand collides with something big and solid, and yet there’s a tickle of what feels like whiskers on my wrist.

My eyes shoot open and I find myself face to face with a massive black panther.

Sky: Max?

Max: I’m right here babe.

I follow the voice past the big black ball of fur to see Max kneeling down beside the beast.

Sky: What the fuck?

The panther pushes its weight off of me and leaps over my head as Max scoops me into his arms. I look to the doorway as the beads rattle catching the glimpse of a small black tail whipping back and forth.

I look up at Max with extreme curiosity only to find him laughing at the dumbfounded expression on my face.

Max: Are you ok?

Sky: I don’t know. I think I might be losing my mind. What the hell was that?

Max: That was Luna?

He helps me up and walks with me to the kitchen as Luna is snatching a piece of bacon off one of the plates Max has on the kitchen bar full of pancakes, bacon and eggs. Well, minus one piece of bacon.

Max: That’s happened twice now. I’m not sure what to make of it but, when you go into this trancelike state Luna turns into a panther?

Luna meows as she jumps down running off with her prize. I sit down trying to wrap my head around everything.

Max: Sky!

I start laughing. It’s all I can think to do right now. Max grabs my face.

Max: What happened just now?

I shake my head and close my eyes, feeling like I’m in a fog.
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