Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 12: Just a dream

Sky: Maybe my dad was telling the truth about my mom, and that my coming back here would cause me to lose my mind, too.

Max: Sky what are you talking about?

I laugh faintly.

Sky: I don’t know. Maybe this is all just a dream. I mean... last week I was just a psych major making plans to start working alongside my dad. Vampires, sirens, and werewolves were all still just stories. Now of all a sudden my best friend is a siren, I’m in love with a werewolf, there’s a vampire and a demon after me. I’m supposed to be some powerful witch, my grandmother is gone, and my kitten somehow is a fucking panther.

I start laughing more, almost hysterically, till the look on Max's face grows more concerned.

Max: What do you mean Cynthia's gone?

Sky: She said she was leaving the in between, that I had no need for her anymore. Something is not right Max.

My heart was pounding so loud I couldn’t hear what Max was saying. My entire body began to shiver. My breaths quickened till I couldn’t breathe. Images began flashing before me of my mother holding me as a baby, Kylee and I as kids, my grandmother Cynthia before I left Maple Falls; my entire life all the way up to yesterday morning. The last thing I see is Max's smile. A darkness was consuming me as I felt myself drifting into a deep sleep.

Max's Perspective:

Sky was rambling incoherently. Her body was trembling, as her skin grew cold to the touch. Her eyes closed as she started slipping off the chair. I caught her and carried her to the bed, wrapping myself around her. I was growing concerned, what if my bite, my mark, was affecting her in some way. It wouldn’t change her into a were, but what if? Just then there was a knock on the front door. It was Kylee. I needed to know what she knew, and as if by some cue Luna runs and jumps on the bed so I could answer the door. She would be safe.

The second I open the door she burst past me.

Kylee: Where’s Sky, is she alright?

Max: Do you know something?

She looked at me skeptically.

Kylee: Jason was rambling about a demon making him attack Sky last night? Is she ok?

Max: Where’s Jason?

Kylee: Why? What are you going to do? Where’s Sky, Max!

Max: You first Kylee.

She was getting frustrated, more so because she knew she couldn't enchant me with her voice.

Kylee: Dante has him locked up, per Jason’s request, till he can make sure the demon is gone.

Max: He is a fucking demon.

I snapped at her and immediately felt guilty after the look of shock on her face.

Max: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to snap at you. I’m just worried about Sky. I think it’s just all been a little too overwhelming for her. The lake, Jason’s attack, the weird trances. Maybe it all caught up to her and that’s what made her pass out.

Kylee: She passed out?

Max: This morning I found her passed out on the floor in the mystic room. She seemed lost, confused and started talking incoherently. Her heart was pounding out of her chest, her body went cold and started shaking before she passed out again.

Kylee: What was she saying?

Max: That maybe all this was a dream and she was losing her mind like her mother. Which doesn’t make sense because just last night she told me about this recurring dream about a demon coming for her the night her mom killed herself, but in the dream her mother is protecting her from the demon and the demon kills her. She said the dreams were starting to alter, to reveal more, and now she thought her dad might have killed her mom.

Kylee: For a girl who’s been raised away from all of this and stripped of all that she is, I’m surprised she didn’t crack the first night. On top of that she’s got two supernaturals lusting over her. That in itself could make a girl who’s never had a real boyfriend in her life, crack.

She sighs loudly.

Kylee: Can I see her.

I nodded shifting my eyes toward the bedroom. Maybe Kylee could help. I follow her and wait leaning up against the wall just inside the door. Luna who was curled up on Sky’s chest, leaps down as Kylee sits on the edge of the bed looking her over and checking her pulse. She brushes hair away from her face and leans over looking at her neck

Kylee: And you thought with everything else going on now would be the time to mark her?

She whispered, turning her head in my direction with a glare that could kill a man, before turning her red lips into a tight grin. I glare back at her with a smile and a look of pride. She shakes her head with a slight giggle.

Kylee: Overwhelmed and exhausted is putting it mildly. I’d say you nearly fucked her to death.

She gets up and walks over to me placing a hand on my arm.

Kylee: Leave Jason to Dante and me. We will get to the bottom of this demon possession thing and help him.

I make no attempt to hide my anger from her, but the look she gives me says it all. She’s not a big fan of Jason either, but she can keep a level head about the situation. Dante will keep things under control, and I have no problem eliminating any threat to our way of life here, even his own kind.

Max: I still want one of my guys on the inside.

Kylee: Deal. Will you have her call or text me later?

I nod while she pats my arm and slips out the front door. Returning to Sky's side I watch as she rests. A ping of guilt strikes at the notion of me being at fault for her current state. I place a kiss on her forehead before cleaning up the kitchen and finding her phone to make sure the ringer is off. The screen is full of missed calls and messages. One name sticks out above all the rest. “Jason”! I squeeze the phone in my hand contemplating reading the message. Deciding to be the better man, I toss the phone on the counter and head back to the bedroom.

Needing to be near her, I nuzzle up against her back entrapping her with an arm across her chest, as I rest my head above hers on the pillow looking out the window. With no space between us I can feel her heartbeat vibrate through me slow and steady. The vibration and sound is soothing and I soon find myself drifting.

Sky’s perspective:

It’s like watching a scene from a movie on instant replay. Only each time it plays there’s a slight alteration and a little more in the end. Fragments of puzzle pieces trying to fit together. There’s just one piece left....my dad!

In this current dream my mother collapses and the second blast comes not from 6 year old me, but my dad! He falls to his knees taking my mother into his arms and weeps as the black smoke swirls around them, creating a gust of wind that rattles the windows. At another look into the dream, 6 year old me becomes so emotionally distraught after my mother’s collapse, my light fills the room as the windows begin to rattle. Suddenly my light explodes and the windows shatter.

While still hovering over my bed, my dad fights his way through the swirling wind and takes my hand pulling me down as he whispers something. His eyes go dark as his magic consumes me and I fall limp in his arms. He puts me back in my bed leaving a kiss on my forehead. Tears falling down his face as he turns back to my mom, lifting her in his arms and disappears down the hall.

Still observing everything from afar, I make my way down the hall with blurry eyes. The door creaks as I brush past it into my parents' room. My father who was resting his head on my mother’s whips his head up with one hand out. I freeze instantly with fear. The look of confusion in his eyes tells me he doesn’t actually see me. He returns his attention to my mother brushing the side of her face with the palm of his hand.

Alexander: How am I to live without you....

My heart squeezes tightly in my chest hurting for my father and the love he had for her. I cannot hold back the tears as I fall to my knees burying my hands in my face. I flinch when I feel a hand gripping my shoulder. When I look up I find myself back in my bed. It’s dark and there’s only a sliver of moonlight peeking through the black curtain. Max slides his hand from my shoulder around my chest, surrounding me in his warmth as I succumb to my emotions.

He remains silent and patient. After a long moment and calming breaths, I tell him every detail of the last two dreams.

Sky: Cynthia said for me to trust my heart, not my eyes. I know the love my dad had for my mother was real and the last dream felt the most truthful, there’s just been too many alterations.

He turns me to face him wiping away the last tear with his thumb.

Max: I might not be able to go with you into your dreams, but I will never leave your side. We will get through this together, I promise.

I smile faintly as he kisses my cheek. There’s a meow at the door followed by scratching. Max starts to get up, but I place my hand on his arm and wave my finger at the door. The knob turns and Luna comes barreling in crying like she’s starved for attention and food as she jumps onto my chest and licks my nose before running back out of the room.

Sky: I can’t believe we’ve lost an entire day.

He kisses my forehead with a look of guilt.

Max: You needed the rest after everything you've been through. Everything I put you through.

He pauses running his fingers through my hair and behind my ear.

Sky: What is it Max?

He shakes his head.

Max: You need to eat. I’ll go make you something.

He kisses my dry lips before leaving. I feel weak from the lack of food and water but I push through it and decide to take a quick shower. I toss on a pair of long black pajama pants and black tank top before making my way to the kitchen where Max is flipping a steak in a pan on the stove. Walking up behind him I slide my arms around his waist placing my head between his shoulder blades absorbing the mix of his oak maple scent with the delicious smell of medium rare steak. My mouth begins to water. My appetite grows not just for food. I slip one hand down his V to the rim of his jeans.

His chuckle revives me as my center becomes wet with desire.

Max: You need your energy. Let’s eat first.

He turns slightly kissing me on the forehead and laughing when he sees the pouty look on my face.

Max: Oh don’t worry babe. There’ll be dessert after dinner.

He winks and I give him a seductive grin turning away when, oof. He smacks my ass. I cross the kitchen to feed Luna who doesn’t seem interested in her food as she stands by Max’s feet hoping for something to drop. He caves in to her sweet little meow and those big beanie boo yellow eyes tossing her a small piece of meat. Of course now she wants more. I stifle a giggle at the sight before me as he talks gently to her. It brings a smile to my face and warms my heart as I imagine how he would be as a father if we had children.

All the memories of last night's love making flash before my eyes sending waves of pleasure through me at the realization he had taken me in raw form, and again this morning without hesitation or concern for the consequences. Well maybe someday, but for now I’ll stay on the pill. Right now wouldn’t be the best time until we figure out how to remove the threat on my life.

Max: Sky

I look up from Luna's bowl seeing that I’ve overfilled it.

Max: Where’d you go?

Max has my face in his hands looking down with lust filled eyes.

Sky: The future.
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