Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 13: A special night

Unable to confront my father just yet, I spend the next few weeks keeping our calls brief and messages vague. I know it’s a only a matter of time before the doctor in him demands an explanation for my distance. For now he seems to be going along with it. I have also spent nearly every morning training at the lake with Kylee mastering my powers. As promised Max never leaves my side. Being the owner of Beast Bounty allows him to take the time off. Of course, it helps when his best friend and cousin Rolin is also a partner and very capable of holding down the fort, along with his other cousin Olivia.

With my powers as strong as ever it was finally time to face Jason who had still been locked up under Dante’s protection without incident. The fact that there had been no more attempts by other demons on my life during that time, left great concern that it somehow still resides within him. This is what we needed to find out, and if so, I was going to draw her out.

This would have to wait till tomorrow. Tonight was a special night. Max was taking me to Spokane to meet his cousins Rolin and Olivia.

When we arrived at the big two story cabin we were instantly greeted by a tall slender female with long wavy red hair and bright blue eyes. She was as colorful and almost as bubbly as Kylee in her baby blue heels, skin tight jeggings that hugged her never ending perfectly proportioned legs, and her matching baby blue loose fitted racer back tank. She also had a very serious demeanor that I suppose comes with the territory. That and being the only female born into the Reed family. Max opened my door and helped me out as the 5’9” goddess brushes past her cousin and swoops in for a hug. She pulls back staring at me with great admiration, which makes me smile and feel welcomed.

Olivia: You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment. Max has not stopped taking about you since the first day you showed up over there in Maple Falls. I knew from the sound of his voice and the way he talked about you, you had to be the one.

Just then a tall well built male steps out of the house running a hand through his short scruffy dirty blond hair. He has the same eyes as Olivia's that are scanning me from head to toe, casting a one-sided grin showing off a beard. Wearing just a black wifebeater and blue jeans he literally looks like Thor after he got his hair cut in Thor of Ragnarok

Max stands tall puffing his chest as he grabs me from Olivia. I look up at him with a raised brow then back at Rolin who is extending his hand to me. Max's grip tightens around my waist.

Rolin: I’m Rolin.

I reach out my hand to shake his, but instead he grabs it and kisses my knuckles.

Max: This is Sky

Max says with clenched teeth still glaring at his cousin as if he had just made a huge mistake.

Olivia: Alright enough of the who’s dick is bigger.

She pulls me away from both of the men and leads me inside. It’s very woodsy. There’s a huge sky light above the entrance that is currently giving off a subtle red glow as the sun is setting. There’s a long windy wooden staircase to the left leading upstairs. To the right of the entrance is a very spacious living room with wood framed couches that have oversized red fluffy cushions. The fire place is massive, outlined in rock with a granite mantel full of pictures. I find myself drawn to a large painting of a willow tree hanging above it.

Olivia: Beautiful isn’t it?

Sky: What?

Olivia: The painting! It’s beautiful isn’t it?

I nod my head. The men come inside laughing at some joke one of them just told. I pull my eyes away from the painting to the pictures. One in particular stands out. Max’s parents Willow and Liam standing in a field just like in my dream. Liam is holding Max, there’s a slightly older boy standing in front of Willow. He has her black hair color, but cut short like Liam’s. Next to Liam is a shorter man and woman with two boys who look like twins, but a few years apart.

Max: That was the memory you dreamed. Those two boys are my cousins Tristin and Aiden, my uncle Conor, and aunt Kali.

I look up over my shoulder at Max with wide eyes and a bewildered smile as his arms wrap around my waist possessively. Olivia looked between me and Max with a big smile of her own.

Olivia: There’s me and Rolin with my mom Liv and dad Luke. And over the, that’s great grandma Velora, my gramps William and grandma Lily with their sons Rolin, Liam, Conor, and Luke.

Seeing all the faces of the people I’ve read about and seeing how happy they all are made me a little teary eyed.

Olivia: Oh Sky.

Olivia touches my arm as Max looks down at me.

Max: What’s the matter.

Sky: Nothing. You’re just all such a big happy family. It makes me happy.

His chuckle vibrates my back.

Max: You want a big happy family?

I turn around planting a kiss on his lips.

Sky: Some day.

His smile grows as he returns my kiss.

Olivia: Yeah. Ok lover boy, let me have your woman for a little bit longer while you guys get the food going.

We follow the men outside where there’s a man that looks exactly like Liam, only a little younger with black hair and sky blue eyes like Willow's.

Max: Thomas!

Max pulls his older brother who’s only a slightly taller into a hug.

Thomas: Max

He pats his back looking in my direction with slight reservation in his eyes.

Max: Gwendolyn!

Max takes the 5’5" petit woman with almond colored eyes into a towering hug. Her long straight blond hair is swept to one side. Max kneels down touching her very round belly.

Max: How's my little nephew.

She giggles.

Gwendolyn: I swear he always knows when it’s you.

Max looks my way with his green eyes gleaming. Yeah, he will definitely make a good dad some day. He gets up and reaches for my hand.

Max: Gwendolyn this is my girlfriend Sky. Sky this is my sister-in-law, Gwendolyn, and that is my brother Thomas.

I hold out my hand to her. She looks down as if I’ve offended her somehow, but then she sports a wide smile reaching her arms out for a hug.

Gwendolyn: It’s so nice to finally meet you.

Sky: It’s nice to meet you, too.

Thomas nods providing a light hand shake. One that reads I don’t trust you or I’m afraid of breaking you. Why the indifference of his behavior towards me is a little unnerving.

Max: I wasn’t expecting you guys to be here. How did you manage to take him away from

Gwendolyn: You’ve told us so much about Sky we just had to come meet her. Besides it’s been a while since we’ve all been together. I thought it would be nice to have one last little get together before the baby comes.

Olivia: Ladies this way.

We follow Olivia back inside to the kitchen while the men start up the grill. She starts pulling vegetables out of the fridge giving us each a task to put together a salad and some sides. As I start chopping tomatoes Gwendolyn places a gentle hand on my arm.

Gwendolyn: Don’t fret about Thomas. He doesn’t trust easy, especially witches, but try not to take it too personal he’ll come around.

Sky: Why doesn’t he trust witches. My aunt raised his mother.

Olivia: And for that reason he is making an effort to put aside his own issues.

Sky: He’s been deceived by a witch.

Gwendolyn: It took him a long time to get over it and an even longer time to trust women outside his bloodline.

Sky: How did the two of you meet?

Gwendolyn: High school! We were so in love and almost inseparable, till she came and somehow bewitched him.

Sky: How did the two of you find your way back to each other?

Gwendolyn: True love conquers all.

Olivia: And the fact that you bit her head off.

The both of them start laughing and I found myself feeling very small.

Sky: Fuck.

I cursed under my breath when I nicked my finger with the knife.

Gwendolyn: Sky are you ok?

Olivia grabbed my hand pulling me to the sink to rinse my finger, but as the blood rinsed away so did the wound. Olivia looks me over suspiciously.

Olivia: I’ve never known a witch to heal so fast.

I was just as shocked as her.

Sky: I’ve never done that before. It’s usually Max that heals my clumsy wounds.

Olivia: Max?

Sky: Yeah, I had a small cut on my lip that healed after he kissed me, and another time when I burnt my hand with boiling coffee he licked it and it healed.

Gwendolyn: You probably hadn’t unlocked your full potential yet? I’ve heard that white witches are the most powerful and rarest of all. Some say it was a gift Luna gave to only a select few from her time.

Sky: My aunt Celia, but who were the others?

Olivia: No one knows!

I stand still, lost in thought as questions begin swirling in my head. If that were true then how did my mom and I become white witches. My grandma Cynthia wasn’t one. She was your average spell casting, fortune telling, ghost seeing, witch.

Olivia: Sky! Hello!!!

Sky: Huh

They both start giggling again at my expense.

Olivia: Where’d you go?

I shrug my shoulders shaking my head and finished helping prepare the food to take outside. Just before heading out Olivia grabs my arm.

Olivia: I know we just met, but I feel like I’ve known you forever. Just know you don’t have to figure things out on your own. You have us now!

I pat her hand and smile

Sky: Thanks Olivia.
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