Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 14: Promises

Max's perspective:

Max: She’s not Vanity.

Thomas halts with his beer midway to his lips, giving me a sideways look before knocking it back. He takes a deep breath and lowers his head.

Thomas: I’m sorry. It just all seems to set up.

Max: That’s usually how mom's visions work.

He rolls his eyes at me grabbing another beer from the cooler.

Max: Look you were young and hotheaded, she was much older and more powerful than we could have known.

Thomas: Yeah, and your Sky is a lot more powerful than I expected.

Max: Yes she is. You are older and, well I thought wiser, but it appears your stubbornness as usual is holding you back.

He flicks his beer cap at me which I block causing it to smack Rolin in the back of the head.

Rolin: Hey come on.

Thomas and I share a laugh before he goes all serious again.

Max: What happened, happened! I can understand your reservations, but I need you to trust me.

Thomas: You’ve bonded.

I nod my head unable to stop the boyish grin on my face.

Thomas: So that’s what tonight’s about. You’re gonna ask her..

His words are cut short as the ladies come bouncing and giggling out of the house with plates and food. Sky looks past Thomas with a nervous smile before setting her eyes on mine. Her light shines brightly around her as I get lost in her beauty. Thomas smacks my leg hard enough to remind me who’s older and maybe a little stronger.

Thomas: I might not be able to trust you 100% being that you are still a man with a dick. But, I do trust my wife who has more sense than both of us combined. So if she trusts Sky then that’s good enough for me.

My brother holds up his promise to make the rest the evening go smoothly which it does. Sensing his more relaxed demeanor Sky is able to enjoy my family as they all take turns getting to know her, even Thomas. I watch from across the table never taking my eyes off her while she laughs and throws a few jokes at the guys, when the ladies tell of stories from our younger years.

Every once in a while she steals a glance at me and holds it for a bit. Her smile melting my heart each time. As the evening carries on we gather around the fire pit where it's a tradition we all share a sad moment in our lives followed by our happiest. To my shock Thomas leads off with his story of Vanity, the old witch that almost destroyed him, followed by his getting married to Gwendolyn his savior.

Rolin and Olivia's stories both have to do with their worst and best bounty takedowns. They may not be identical twins, but right out of the womb they’ve been in competition with each other, even with storytelling. I could tell Sky was battling with how to tell her story since the truth has now been altered too many times to know what’s, what. She settled on a short version about her mom dying and having to leave Maple Falls.

Sky: One of my happiest moments.....

She looks my way with the biggest, sweetest smile,

Sky: Was when I looked out my kitchen window and saw this god of a man in my back yard, shirtless and chopping wood.

Olivia: Ummm we said happiest not sexiest. Jeez.... keep it in the pants girl.

Everyone erupts in laughter. Sky looked at me with a wink.

Max: I think I can speak for both of us on the happiest moment. It’s one we share that hasn’t happened yet.

Everyone looks at me like I’m drunk. Sky's eyes widen as I take a knee in front of her.

Max: You were mine before we even met. I knew the day you first arrived you would be.
I want that big happy family with you. I want that happily ever after with you. I know you're scared about what’s to come, but I promise you that as long as we’re together we will defeat it. I love you more than anything. A life without you is a life not worth living. I promise to love you every day till our last breaths.

Sky Levy will you be my wife?

Tears fill her eyes as she nods her head. I pop open the red velvet box and slide the eye-popping diamond on her finger; an exact fit. She collapses on me with arms around my shoulders and lips capturing mine. I lift her in my arms embracing the beyond words kiss. The applause from everyone fades as we enjoy this moment of ours.

Thomas is the first to stand slapping me on the back. After getting to know Sky through the night he had a complete change of heart and was now genuinely happy for us.

Thomas: Well done little brother.

Gwendolyn: I’m so happy.

She hugged us both before retreating to their room. Olivia jumping with joy runs up hugging us.

Olivia: This calls for a celebration.

Max: Another time Olivia.

Olivia: Party pooper.

Rolin: You lucky bastard.

Rolin walks up knocking back the last of his beer. He fist pumps me then turns to Sky with a devious smile. My possessive self stands on edge as I watch him take her hand and kiss her knuckles again.

Max: Our room has a shower. Why don’t you head up and get started.

I demanded, watching her lips curl up. Her smile alone was making me hard. I turn back to Rolin looking down on him.

Max: Anyone else I would’ve had pinned to the ground by the throat for that.

Rolin: You know I would never try anything. My god, she just agreed to marry you. I never stood a chance, nor would I take it. You're family. You know I like to fuck with you.

He smacks my shoulder grabbing another beer and sits back down by the fire. Yeah, we’re family but it doesn’t mean I won’t kick his ass. Olivia comes barreling back out with a bottle of wine to join Rolin.

Olivia: Hey cousin when are you gonna turn her.

Max: When she’s ready.

Olivia: Why not now? With how powerful she already is, if you turned her she’d be almost as powerful as your mom, and you guys could eliminate this demon shit. Or maybe they wouldn’t even come after her anymore.

Max: Why wouldn’t they want her anymore.

Olivia: Demons hate wolf's blood. Right now she’s in her purist form; I saw it with my own eyes.

Max: What are you talking about.

Olivia: She cut her finger earlier and it healed instantly. Quicker than you, and you're a demigod. Gwendolyn said something earlier about white witches being rare, and that their powers were a gift from Luna who only gave it to a select few?

I sigh loudly knowing my cousin is buzzed and there would be no real reason to talk with her anymore about this tonight. Why Sky doesn’t want to turn yet?

Max: Goodnight cousin.

Rolin: Don’t forget we have excellent hearing.

I growl in frustration at my ill mannered cousins who I force myself to walk away from before fists fly. Thankfully Sky was still in the shower. I strip my clothes and slip in behind her. Her hair was washed and rinsed pulled to one side with her neck exposed as she just stood there. I watch as the water runs down her chest and over her round perky breasts. I turn her facing me as I take an erect rosy nipple between my teeth. Her fingers find their way through my scalp as my other head stands erect demanding her attention.

My tongue dances with the dripping water as it slithers across her collar bone, along her long slender neck before claiming her mouth. I give her hair a pull while my other hand ventures its way down her curvy backside between her cheeks teasing that tight little unplucked ass flower. I turn my hand flat separating her cheeks as I rub a finger through the uncharted territory. Making tiny little circles just at the rim, her gasp of pleasure allows me to sink my finger further.

Max: I want to take you from behind; fill your every need, give to your every desire.

I tease her tight little ass as I move my finger in and out till I feel her knees giving way.

Max: Bind my soul to yours. Be forever mine and I promise, I am and will be forever yours.

Sky: I promise under the next full moon you will have me in every way you desire. My soul will be bound to yours.

Max: Words I’ve longed to hear.

She bites my lip as her hands wrap around my shaft tugging and twisting. She lets go slowly dragging her teeth along the soft flesh of my bottom lip causing a small nick. Her tongue runs over the spot before she lowers herself forcing my finger from her ass as she turns her attention to my glistening hard cock. Running her tongue down the side of my shaft. She grabs the base with one hand slowly stroking and twisting while the other hand rests at my balls and her soft fingers strum the delicate tissue, creating a world of sensations I've never felt before. My abs twitch with faint tickles, my leg and ass muscles relax and tighten and repeat.

Her tongue flicks the tip of my penis as I grunt and twitch while the pre cum spreads with her every flick. Both hands and fingers begin working in unison with her mouth as she takes as much of me as she can, sucking my juices as she pulls back.

Max: Oh my god Sky.

My every muscle tensing as the climax builds to full capacity while she pleasures me. My cock begins twitching uncontrollably as my body trembles with need of release. Her slow torturous sucking power with her magical fingers, sends me into a frenzy of a wild nature, like a fuse reaching its end my cock begins to explode. I pull out quickly watching as my cum pours over her chest. With her hair still gripped in one hand I pull her up letting the water rinse away the juices as I claim her mouth once more.

Max: Jesus baby.

I’m out of breath and yet my body wants more.

Max: Go wait for me on the bed.

I kiss her mouth once more while she slips out and towels off. I take a minute to catch my breath and quickly wash off.

Sky’s perspective:

I lay bare on my side propped on an elbow and pillows on top the thick burgundy comforter, with my legs slightly crossed. The image I imagine to be like that of a Victorian painting. The pleased look on Max’s face and his enlarged member standing at attention says it all as he causally waltzes into the room. With a deep-chested, kegel clenching growl, he grabs my ankles, pulling me to him as he drops to his knees sinking into the bed. He kisses my ankle, making his way up my calf to the inner thigh. His hands grip my hips, as his mouth hovers over my mound blowing cool air sending a mild shock wave of pleasure.

His tongue begins flicking and circling the aroused nub before plummeting through my wet center. He teases it in and out, slowly swirling up and back down again. My stomach flutters while my hands grip his hair as he sucks on my clit causing me to burst out in a moan of ecstasy.

Sky: Max.

He sucks harder as he slides two long rough fingers deep inside gently messaging that wondrous spot that sends my body into a flurry of orgasmic bliss. He continues circling his fingers, sliding them part way out and back in as he kisses his way up my belly past each breast coming to rest upon my lips. He slips out his fingers and presses his thick hardened member as slowly as he can possibly manage through my center, as deep as he can possibly go and back out just as slow to the tip. After long minutes of torture he finally caves pumping into me as hard and as fast as he can until we both come undone.
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