Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 15: Bloodline

Max: You know tonight is a full moon.

His morning erection finds its way through to my ass flower, teasing the entrance with his prelubricated tip.

Sky: Well it hasn’t risen yet.

I laugh trying to escape his hold.

Max: No, but something else has.

After a morning quickie, some much needed food and light conversation, it was time for goodbyes. Which meant it was time to face Jason.

Olivia: Remember, you're not alone anymore. You’re gonna be a Reed soon which means you will never have to be alone again.

She towers over me in a big hug before hugging Max. Rolin shakes his head with a small smile.

Rolin: If only I could have been the one to show up in your back yard first.

Both Thomas and Max smack Rolin upside the back of his head at the same time.

Thomas: I’m sorry for being kind of a prick at first I....

I rest a hand on his arm.

Sky: It’s ok. I understand.

Gwendolyn hugs me next.

Gwendolyn: Always trust your heart, it can see more clearly than the eyes.

It kind of struck me odd that she said almost the same thing Cynthia did. I look down at her strangely as she giggles.

Gwendolyn: No, I’m not a witch if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m just very in tune to things, you could say.

Sky: Thank you.

Later that evening we arrive at the Eclipse just as the sun was setting. Dante and Kylee lead us down a long stairway to a hall of endless wooden doors. Occasionally a door rattles with beastly sounds coming from inside as we pass.

Sky: What are you, the collector from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Dante cracks a smile with a small chuckle.

Dante: You could say that I suppose, though it’s more of a holding cell for supers.

Sky: Couldn’t most of them just break down the doors.

Kylee: They could except all these doors are made by trees from my enchanted forest.

Sky: So that makes you the warden with the only key!

Dante grabs Kylee swiftly twirling her into a dip.

Dante: She holds the only key to my heart.

Max takes my hand kissing my fingers with the biggest sweetest grin.

At the end of the hall are two large dark wooden doors, leading into a spacious library with antique looking furniture. His French cologne pulls me in the direction of another door across the room. Max immediately steps in front of me as Jason walks out in his usual black dress pants with grey button up shirt. He smiles looking my way, ignoring the other three bodies in the room.

Jason: Hello Sky.

Max tenses as I step out from behind him and make my way to Jason who gestures for me to join him in the other room. Dante stops Max from following. Jason looks down upon me with a genuine smile. The door shuts as I admire the modern decor. I’m in awe at the transformation; like I just traveled through time from the 1800's to present day.

Sky: How have you been?

Jason: I’ve been in worse places. Though I suppose you were referring to that night.

His eyes fill with a mixture of emotion; anger, sadness, guilt, confusion. I place a hand over his as a gesture of forgiveness and acceptance. He sighs looking away for a brief moment. When he returns his gaze upon me it is with composure and confidence. His eyes turn a lighter shade of grey. I give him a knowing smile that reads, nice try. After a few seconds he gives in on his attempt to compel me and grins.

Jason: I see you’ve gotten stronger.

He smells the air before slumping into a posture of defeat.

Jason: You bear his mark.

Sky: Yes!

Jason: Do you know why most elder vampires as myself rarely take a wife?

I shake my head not knowing, as he stands and steps over to a desk against the wall and pours himself a glass of red liquid. After a sip he looks up at a painting over the fireplace of a petit woman. She bears a slight resemblance to Willow, with black hair pulled up into a bun, dressed in a fancy red gown, and standing next to Jason. There’s a small boy standing in front of them in a black suit looking very much like his father. Something was different. Jason’s eyes were dark blue, his skin was more tan, and his suit was classical of the Victorian period.

Jason: For some of us, we find it difficult to find someone of equal strength. For others it’s simply that we never find anyone who could hold a light to our one true love.

Sky: What happened to them.

They were killed by British soldiers who had invaded our manor. My regiment had been tracking these soldiers to the area not realizing I was leading them right to my beloved. By the time we caught up to them it was too late. My family had been slaughtered and my home burned to the ground. In my blind rage I led my men into an ambush. I was near death when he came to me. A vampire by the name of Victor who gave me an offer I could not refuse. A chance to revenge my family in exchange to serve in a quest.

I became his puppet as he used my anger to his advantage. This was of the dark times you saw. As times changed I slowly did with them, learning to adapt.

Sky: How did you end up here.

Jason: Victor's girl. I had a bit of a soft spot for her. After she nearly killed him, he sent me after her. Only I was secretly helping her, making sure she remained a step ahead of him at all times. Eventually she evaded me too, and I stumbled across this place.

Sky: Willow?

Jason: Yes.

He turns to me with a smile.

Jason: You remind me of her. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to have you as a daughter-in-law.

I look away twisting the diamond on my finger. In a split second he is beside me again, my chin in his grip as he lifts my face to meet his.

Jason: Do not fret about me. I had my one true love. You may have been the first woman to come close in comparison, but I would not have been able to promise you my whole heart as he can. For that I am happy for you. What I can do, is pledge my allegiance to you.

Sky: What about the demon?

Jason: She vanished the second Max tackled me.

Sky: What if she comes back? Tries to use you again?

Jason: I will fight her again. We will fight her.

Sky: I do appreciate that Jason. Before I can do that I need to find out more about her, or them, and why they hunt white witches.

Jason: According to Victor one of the few select white witches was captured by Daniel. If you know Willow's story you know who Daniel is?

I nod.

Jason: Supposedly he drained her till near death then fed her his blood, and with the use of black magic, turned her soul black. This gave him the ability to control her mind and body. He used her to hunt other white witches in search of Celia.

Sky: Wouldn’t she have been freed of his spell when he died.

Jason: I don’t know. It may not even be her.

Sky: There is so much I don’t understand. Sometimes I wonder if any of it is real. My memories are all over the place. A month ago I was just a college grad who could see and talk to ghosts, led to believe my mother killed herself by an overcontrolling father. Now I’m supposed to be some kind of powerful witch who’s best friend is a siren, has a fiancé that’s a werewolf demigod, and I’m sitting here talking to a vampire who tried to kill me.

Jason: WOW. You’ve nearly lead a more fucked up life in a matter of weeks than I have in decades.

Jason’s chuckle is contagious and makes me laugh at myself.

Sky: I’m sorry, I must sound terribly selfish.

Jason: Don’t be, but you know I can help you with your memories.

Sky: How.

Jason: If I drank your blood I could see into your real memories. That is, if you’re prepared for it.

I take a deep breath contemplating the idea of finally understanding which dream or memory is real. Or if this is some sort of trick. Jason senses my hesitation.

Jason: I would allow Dante and your.....fiancé to be here if you are afraid.

I shake my head, holding my wrist out for him. His eyes are sincere as he gives one last look to be sure. I close my eyes and nod. His fangs sink into my flesh. He latched on for all but a few seconds when the door burst open. Jason pulls back locking his eyes on mine with a look of shock, oblivious to the man leaping over the couch tackling him to the ground.

Sky: Max no!

I scream throwing my hand up. Max's fist suspends in mid air. Dante who was right behind Max is frozen. I kneel between Jason and Max placing my hand over his and they unfreeze.

Kylee stands in the doorway looking impressed.

Sky: Are you alright?

I ask Jason who remains silent looking like he’s seen a ghost. Max is taken aback.

Max: Why are you protecting him?

Sky: He didn’t attack me. He was trying to help me with my memories.

Max: So you allowed him to drink from you!

Sky: Yes Max, I needed to know the truth about that night.

I turn to Jason who is standing at the desk pouring another drink.

Jason: Everyone leave but Sky.

Max: Over my dead body.

Jason sets the empty glass down and looks my way.

Jason: What I have to say is for Sky only!

I nod at Kylee and she leads Dante out. I glance at Max who’s not about to move. Waving my hand the door shuts and locks.

Sky: Whatever you have to say, you can say in front of Max.

Jason: I hope you don’t come to regret that decision.

Max walks up behind me placing a hand on my arm.

Jason: You might want to sit for this.

Sky: Jason please just tell me what you saw.

Jason: I’m afraid this is not about what I saw.

Max: Enough of the dramatics.

Jason glares at Max with spite, before looking my way with uncertainty.

Jason: Sky. Someone has put a cloaking spell on you masking your bloodline. The only people I’ve ever known strong enough to do that were...

Sky: Daniel or Luna.

Jason: Yes.

Sky: Neither were around when I was born nor have any link to me. So who else could possibly do this and why?

Jason: Your blood.

Sky: What about it?

Jason: The cloaking spell has been weakened since you unlocked your inner witch. This could be how the demon found you, however it still protects who cast it upon you.

Sky: The blood Jason. What is it about my bloodline?

He looks at Max and then me.

Jason: I truly feel I should share this with you in private Sky.

Sky: Jason.

Jason: Hades' blood runs through your veins.
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