Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 16: Who am I

My first instinct is to laugh at the audacity of it, thinking it as some twisted dark humor, but his eyes speak the truth. My body grew cold from the inside, consumed by the feeling of being ghosted by a dark soul. Max’s hand squeezes my arm alerting me that he is still there.

Max: This is some sort of mind trick. He’s adding to your confusion. He must still be possessed or he’s more of a sick fuck than we thought.

Sky: He’s telling the truth.

Max spins me around to face him, with a look of disbelief.

Max: You can’t seriously believe him. I have tasted your blood. Don’t you think I would know if you had demon blood?

Jason: As I said the spell has been weakened. If you had her blood before that time it would have been masked even from you. Just as your mother's was from Victor.

Max looked to Jason with anger.

Jason: Luna cast the very same spell on Willow. Daniel was the only other person I have ever known to cast such a spell upon himself.

Sky: What does this mean.

I speak over my shoulder at Jason.

Jason: One of your parents or grandparents is not who you thought they were. It’s possible Hades had another child with another white witch, but Celia was the only one that anyone ever found out about.

Max looks back down at me and I am at a loss.
Searching his eyes as mine blur with stinging tears.

Sky: I didn’t....

Max: Shhhh..... I know. I know.

He takes me in his arms.

Sky: Who am I?

I sob into his chest.

Max: You’re my Sky.

Sky: But I’m your enemy. I’m your family's enemy. They’re all going to hate me now.

Max: This doesn’t change anything Sky. You’re still you. Your bloodline doesn’t determine the person you are, and the person you are right here and now is the person I love more than anything in this world.

His calming sincere voice and touching words provide some relief to my internal chaos. I pull back drying my eyes and see the love he still bears for me. Though I cannot stop the thoughts that follow; what his family will think of this news. Thomas was already suspicious, and his mother?

Sky: Can I have a minute.

Max is reluctant as he looks behind me at Jason. I place both hands on his chest drawing his attention.

Sky: Please Max

He nods and walks to the door as I wave it open then closed. I stand there for a long minute taking in slow deep breaths attempting to calm my mind from the flashes of faces racing through it. The faces of people I’ve trusted my whole life. In an instant everything stops, and silence falls as his hand gently grasps my shoulder. His soft voice pulling me out of it.

Jason: Max is right you know. Your bloodline does not determine who you are, especially you.

I take another deep breath before facing him. He places his other hand on my other shoulder lowering his head to look me in the eyes.

Jason: Hades created the first vampires, so yes, in essence his blood runs through all our veins and yet we are not all evil demons. At least not anymore. I may not be the best example, but certainly you can see this truth in vampires such as Dante. You may have his blood, but you do not have his darkness. You have a light in you that brings out the best in everyone around you. That is who you are.

I wrap my arms around him, and he quickly accepts the warmth of my hug as his own arms gently take me in. A vision forms of a past full of love. Jason before he was turned bears a smile of true happiness as he kisses his wife in the warmth of an afternoon sun beneath a giant oak tree. In her arms is a beautiful baby boy. This glimpse at who he once was brings forth a sliver of hope. Though he lost everything he held dear and succumbed to a darkness many cannot escape, he still has it in him to be a good man.

I pull back to leave when I catch sight of a tear in the corner of his eye.

Sky: I’m sorry

I say instinctively. He grabs my hands holding them tight to his chest with a look of astonishment.

Jason: No...thank you. That was a memory I had long forgotten. You allowed me to remember.

Sky: Me?

Jason: Like I said, your light brings out the best in people. You a have a truly amazing gift Sky.

I place my hand over his and smile before slipping back out into the other room where Max waits anxiously. No words are needed. Max takes me in his arms, kissing me deeply and passionately before following Kylee and Dante back down the hall and out into the night. Kylee turns to face me.

Kylee: Whatever it is that happened in there, please know I will always be here for you.

I let go of Max's hand and hug Kylee. I feel another hand over my shoulder sensing Dante.

Dante: That goes for us both.

Sky: Thank you.

Max helps me into the truck, never letting go of my hand the entire drive home. I know he loves me, but I also can’t help but know deep down this has to bother him. Had he known of my bloodline before we met I am sure we wouldn’t be together now. I give his hand a light squeeze before getting out and heading inside.

Max: You’re doing it again.

Max speaks as he walks in behind me dropping our bags on the floor and locking the door. Luna runs from the back room and leaps into my arms headbutting my chin per her usual greeting. I carry her into the kitchen to feed her dinner. Max comes in grabbing me from behind.

Max: I can feel it when you start to distance yourself. I think I understand now, you’ve felt alone your whole life, never being able to share any of this with anyone other than a couple of ghosts. You have me now Sky. You will always have me no matter what.

I turn into his embrace resting my head on his chest wanting nothing more than to get lost in the soothing sound of his heartbeat.

Max: Please talk to me.

Sky: I was ready to give myself to you completely. But now I am afraid I may never be able to. At least not until we know who I am?

Max: It would be selfish of me to try and make you, but it is still what I want regardless of what has happened today. I will always want you. I will always want us bound together.

Sky: A werewolf and a demon have never... we cannot defy the gods.

Max: Who’s to say we can’t. Hades was once a god until he allowed the darkness to claim him. A darkness he created from jealousy. Just because that blood resides in you does not mean you have any of that darkness. You Sky, are a light in darkness. Nothing will ever change that. No demon nor god will ever stop me from loving you.

Sky: Nor will my love ever fade or falter for you. But I must know who am before I can give myself fully. We need to know what it means. What could turning do to me or our future children.

He lowers his forehead to mine in defeat, yet understating. Holding up my hand exposing the ring.

Max: No matter what you decide, you will always be mine.

Sky: And you mine.

I can feel Max’s hunger, and it’s not just lust for me.

Sky: One day as your fiancé and I have already neglected you. What do you want to eat.

His lips turn up into the most seductive evil grin that shoots an instant chill to my core. I hold my composure smacking him on the arm as I try to escape his hold. He keeps me pinned against the counter as he slips one hand up my dress and tears my panties from my flesh. Swiftly he lifts me up onto the counter exposing my nakedness. He slides the thin black straps off my shoulders letting the dress fall below my breast. I unclasp my bra letting it fall to the tile floor. He nips and kisses each nipple before kneeling.

Gripping my thighs he slides me forward providing him full access to my wet center. He licks and sucks like a starved beast. Every flick and thrust of a finger forces a cry of pleasure from my lips. My toes curl against his shoulder as my fingers twist in his hair.

He removes his fingers from inside me and I can hear the zipper of his jeans. His shoulders tense as he begins to grunt between sucking on my clit as he strokes himself. As his climax builds, mine explodes. He strokes himself faster as he licks my cum before rising to his feet and sinking his swollen pulsating cock inside me, at the same moment he grabs the back of my head and sinks his K9s into my neck.

Sky: Oh my god.

Another orgasm courses through my body as he releases his own. His K9s retract and he covers my mouth with his. His tongue forcing mine into a dance as I become intoxicated by my taste on him. He lifts me and carries me into the shower with him still inside.

Max: You don’t taste like a demon. You taste sweet like an angel.

He whispers in my ear. We take turns washing each other before returning to the kitchen to feed his other hunger. I toss a lasagna in the oven and lean against the counter as I watch a shirtless Max wave a feather wand across the living room floor for Luna. His laughter and her still kitten sounds warm my heart. Till my mind wonders to the unknown.

Max: What is it babe?

Max comes around the counter holding me.

Sky: I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything. I need to talk to Celia, but she hasn’t been around since Cynthia left. I don’t understand any of this.

Max: What can I do?

I turn around rubbing my hands down his bare chest.

Sky: Just being here is enough.

I kiss his cheek and go check on the lasagna.

Max: Sky you know I can sense your emotions. You want to ask something but your hesitant.

I close the oven door looking out the window at the full moon. His hands wrap around my waist. His lips brush against my ear.

Sky: Do you know what Daniel looks like?

Max: I don’t.

Sky: Do you think....

I let out the breath I was holding and think to retract my question. I really didn’t want to have to include his mother in my mess.

Max: My mother would have a picture?

He finishes my question without my asking.

Max: I’m sure she would. They were close and in spite of everything that happened she believes some of the friendship they had was real.

Sky: I just don’t want to involve her in this. She had to deal with enough of her own demon shit. This is mine to deal with.

Max: Ours to deal with. You know the two of you are alike in many ways.

Sky: That’s twice I heard that today.

Max: Jason?

I nodded my head.

Max: How would he know?

Sky: You didn’t hear any of the conversation but you knew he was biting me?

Max’s body’s tenses around me as he grunts.

Max: I was trying to be polite keeping my distance so I couldn’t overhear your conversation, but I smelled your blood immediately and thought.

I grip his arms with my hands thankful to him.

Max: I’ll text my mom. If she asks, I’ll let her know we got this. She won’t push.
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