Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 17: Seeking truth

Max wolfs down most of his lasagna then stops mid bite.

Max: How does Jason know my mother?

He turns to me with suspicion.

Sky: He said he knew her from New York, and that he helped her to escape Victor.

Max: Why would a vampire help my mother.

Sky: He had a soft spot for her. I guess she reminded him of his wife, who she does have a slight resemblance to.

Max: He was working for Victor.

Sky: Yes. Victor sent Jason to find Willow, but he was secretly helping her, making sure that she was gone before informing Victor of where she had been, till she fled to Canada and Jason found this place.

Max growls with conflict and distrust.

I place my hand over his.

Sky: I know he’s telling the truth. I saw some of his memories.

Max runs his knuckles along the side of my face staring at me for a short time before stealing a kiss and finishing his dinner.

Max: You’ve hardly eaten a bite?

Sky: I’m not hungry.

Max: You haven’t eaten since breakfast and even then you barely ate. I know you’re going through a lot, but you need to keep your strength.

I smile at him forcing myself to take a bite before taking his plate and sliding him mine. I stand up kissing him on the forehead.

Sky: I feel fine. I’m going to clean up and try to summon Celia.

Max grabs my arm.

Max: Not tonight.

I look at him questionably and as I’m about to protest, he stands to his full height towering over me as he pulls me into his solid brick of a body, claiming my lips again. Without him saying another word we clear the dishes and head for bed.

Max’s perspective:

The game of thrones intro music wakes me from my sleep. When I reach for Sky the bed is empty and I know exactly where she is. I grab my phone to see the picture my mother has sent. The only word she typed was the name Daniel. As my eyes clear from sleep the image brings on a familiarity. I run it through my mind trying to place it and then it hits. I throw on my jeans and head straight for the mantel over the fireplace scanning Sky’s family pictures. There they are, the same eyes staring back at me. This hits closer to home than I’d like, but it doesn’t change anything for me. I just hope Sky can accept it.

Just then the front door opened. When I turned around I was taken aback and yet aroused at the sight before me. Her dark burgundy hair pulled into a tight tail. Small beads of sweat glisten down her neck and between the crevice of her breasts, which are held tightly in place by the black sports bra and tight black tank top hugging her every curve. Her little black capri pants hugging her slender thighs. My cock was swelling for her and yet I was angry at her.

Max: I thought you were in the other room. Why would you leave without me?

Sky: I felt like going for a run and I really needed to be alone.

I tower over her with mixed emotions.

Max: Sky you know it’s too dangerous for you to be out by yourself. What if something had happened to you?

The look of annoyance crosses her face. She’s about to say something when my phone lights up and she catches a glimpse of the photo.

Sky: Is that him?

Reluctantly I hold the phone out to her. She sees it and immediately turns pale with shock. Tears flood her eyes and I suddenly feel afraid that I’m about to lose her but, then her look turns dark. Her nostrils flare as she turns on her heel to the mystic room. The beads fly out away from the doorway as she enters the room and fall back in place without colliding. When I try to follow her the beads are solid like bars of a prison.

Max: Sky.

She ignores me as she jumps up on the table and sits legs crossed before the ball. It’s flickering red like her temper. Luna tried to walk through the beads and shifts into her panther form. Even in her panther form she cannot get through. She shifts back meowing up at me as if telling me to do something. Then she runs for the back door wanting out. I follow her as she runs around to the side of the house leading me to a window outside Cynthia's old bedroom. It’s unlocked. I slide it open and Luna leaps through but the opening is too small for my massive size. Feeling helpless I return to the doorway and watch as Luna in panther form paces the floor.

Sky’s perspective:

When I saw the picture of Daniel I knew immediately where my bloodline rooted from. Apart from the hair color being the only minor difference it was painfully obvious Daniel and my mother were twins. The anger grew like a wild fire inside me. I didn’t know what I was more angry at; the fact Daniel was my uncle or that I had been lied to my entire life.

I locked myself in the mystic room by casting a protective shield for Max’s safety in case I couldn’t control my temper, which at this moment was becoming a high possibility. I jump up on the table and sit cross legged in front of the ball focusing on my breathing. It seems to take forever for me to calm down enough to finally fall into a meditative state as I mentally call out her name. When I look up I am not in the mystic room but somewhere in the woods. It’s unfamiliar to me till I hear singing.

Sky: Celia.

I follow her voice and find myself outside a small cottage covered in ivy.

I walk in without knocking as Celia turns around in shock.

Celia: What are you doing here?

She seemed not only shocked, but upset at my presence.

Sky: What is wrong with you. I haven’t seen you in weeks, I was trying to summon you but I’m here instead.

She looked back at the door as if expecting someone. Then looked back at me with a grievance.

Celia: You really shouldn’t be here Sky. You need to go back.

Sky: Not until you tell me the truth.

Celia: Sky you shouldn’t be here. Please listen to me. Go back now. I will come to you when I can and explain everything, but not right now.

She stopped before finishing her sentence as someone walked through the open door. The tall man in a perfectly tailored grey suite, slicked back blond hair and ghostly blue eyes walks in with a grin.

Sky: Daniel?

It was barely a whisper but he heard his name on my lips and smiles wider.

Daniel: Lilly?

I look to Celia and back at Daniel. We did have the same eyes, but wait, he thinks I’m my mother and I’m in the between. I take shallow deep breaths as my hands begin to light. Daniel goes still as he realizes I am of flesh and blood. He looks to Celia with question.

She whispers something in my direction. Black magic swirls around me and I am back in the mystic room. A wave of exhaustion hits as I try to stand from the table. My weakend state breaks the shield and Max is there to catch me. It only takes a minute for my strength to be restored. Max’s look is of fear and concern.

Max: Where did you go?

Sky: The in between.

I laughed out nervously.

Sky: I don’t know but it was exhilarating. At first I was confused, but then I found Celia in this cottage in the woods and for a second it was peaceful, then she started acting weird like she didn’t want me there. She even told me to leave. That’s when he showed up.

Max: Who?

Sky: Daniel. He was standing there in the door way with a smile on his face like he was happy to see me only he thought I was my mom. Then Celia somehow conjured up dark magic and sent me back.

I walk out of the room to the fireplace looking at my mother’s picture. Max stands a few feet away giving me a moment.

Sky: I wonder if they knew about each other, they are twins after all. I guess I’m more of an abomination then we thought.

Max: Don’t.

Max walks up to me spinning me around. Without a word he claims my lips. I pull back wanting to speak but he seems determined not to let me as he seals them with another kiss.

Max: I will say it again and again. You are mine Sky. This will not change anything. Not you, not us. Not my family.

I push him back.

Sky: There is no way your mother will ever be able to trust me, and your family!!! How could any of them ever accept me after what Daniel did. He’s my uncle. Hades is my god damn grandfather. How can you be so trusting?

Tears invade my eyes as Max squeezes me tighter.

Max: I know you. You have not an ounce of darkness in you.

Luna suddenly lets out a roar as the house shakes. The lights flicker and the beads rattle.
I walk back into the room where Luna stands protectively in front of me. Daniel stands on the opposite side with fearful eyes glued to Luna. Max walks in front of me glaring at Daniel. He looks nervously away from Luna to Max and back at me.

Daniel: Forgive me for the intrusion.

Max: Why are you here.

Sky: You can see him?

Max looks at me as if he hadn’t thought about it.

Max: Yeah I can.

Daniel: I’m sorry, and you are....

Sky: My fiancé. Why are you are here?

Daniel: I had to see for myself. I mean, the idea that I have a niece. I’m sorry, this must be very strange for you.

Max: What is it that you want Daniel?

Daniel: I’m sorry do I know you?

Max: No but every supernatural sure as hell knows you.

Daniel: Right of course. Well you have nothing to fear my boy, as you can see I’m quite dead.

Max: Yeah you are and yet your demon is after Sky.

Daniel looks confused.

Daniel: I only just found out about you minutes ago. If there is a demon after you I can assure you I didn’t send it.

Sky: Are you not the one who stole the soul of a white witch turning her into your personal witch hunter, to find and kill your own mother, my grandmother?

Daniel: Yes, I know there is nothing I can say or do to right the wrongs of the things I’ve done. When I found out my mother was one of the most powerful white witches ever known and had left me to raise the daughter of a goddess I was enraged with jealousy and envy. The darkness consumed me as it did my father.

Daniel smiles as he looks at the picture on the wall. Luna shifts to her kitten self and jumps up on the table near Daniel as if she’s looking at it with him. Max and I look at each other at the same time.

Daniel: It was obvious that she was of light while I was of darkness. I couldn’t have known Elizabeth would go after her. Your mother wasn’t one of the original white witches.

Sky: Who’s Elizabeth?

Daniel: That's the name of the witch I turned. I had my hands full with my own vengeance. So I had to seek the help of another warlock to protect her from the demon I created...

He looks at me quickly as if realizing something as he sucks in a deep breath looking at me with deep apology in his eyes.

Daniel: You have it, your mother’s gift of light.

I nod

Daniel: This is my fault after all. That’s why Celia summoned me. I didn’t mean for this to happen. When I created her I had no idea I had a sister with the gift. I certainly had no idea she would have a daughter to pass in on to.
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