Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 18: The witch and the warlock

Sky: Then it’s true. You created her to hunt all the white witches.

Daniel walks cautiously my way raising a hand out. Max steps forward with a deep growl forcing Daniel to take a step back. He looks Max up and down.

Daniel: You remind me of someone?

He smirks at Max before turning his attention back to me

Daniel: I promise you, Celia and I will find a way to stop Elizabeth.

Sky: You and Celia?

Daniel: I assume this is why she summoned me. We didn’t have time to talk. When she sent you away I followed the magic immediately, and here we are.

Sky: If you didn’t have a chance to talk to Celia how did you know my mother was gone.

Daniel: The thing about being a twin; I felt it. The night it happened even from the underworld I could feel it.

Sky: What about the warlock who was supposed to protect her?

Daniel looks over my shoulder.

Daniel: You might want to ask him about that.

Max and I turn and I gasp.

Sky: Dad!

Alexander: Hi Sweetie.

I look back to see Daniel has gone as Luna runs to my dad like she knows him, rubbing and meowing against his legs. He picks her up and she curls up in his arms as he pets her.

Alexander: I’m sorry you had to find out this way.

Sky: You mean you’re sorry that I found out. What the hell is going on and how does Luna know you?

Alexander: I knew when you came here there was a chance you’d run into trouble, so I gifted you your own guardian. Now, are you going to continue being rude, or are you going to say hello to your dad and introduce me to your friend.

I walk hesitantly to my dad and give him a quick peck on the cheek.

Sky: Dad this is Max Reed, my fiancé. Max this is my dad, Alexander Levy, who is apparently a warlock.

Alexander: I’m sorry did you just say fiancé?

Sky: Yes I did, and he’s also a werewolf.

Max: Good to meet you sir.

Max holds out his hand.

Alexander: Likewise.

He takes Max’s hand and I can see he’s measuring up his strength. He finally caved under Max’s grip.

Alexander: So you’re a Reed. Blood of the second wolf. Impressive.

Sky: I’ll go make tea while you chat about other people’s bloodlines.

I huffed storming out of the hall into the kitchen. Luna runs in after me bumping my leg like she’s scolding me for snapping at my dad.

Sky: I’m sorry it’s a little hard to be so openly forgiving to someone who’s lied to me my whole life.

I snap at her a little loudly and she lets her inner panther roar at me before she saunters off.

Alexander: I’m sorry Sky. I really am. But please know we did it for your own good.

His voice is sincere and full of regret.

Max walks up giving my shoulder a squeeze while kissing the top of my head. He pulls down a few coffee mugs and then helps deliver them to the coffee table. Max sits next to me on the couch while my father sits in the single chair next to the couch. He takes a sip of tea before setting it down.

Alexander: How much did Daniel tell you?

Sky: About you, nothing. As for him, I know he’s my mom's twin brother which makes Celia my grandmother not Cynthia and Hades my grandfather. He created the witch hunter by stealing the soul of one by the name of Elizabeth to find Celia, but didn’t know about my mom at the time. When he did find out about her and that she too was a white witch, he sought the help of another warlock to protect her. I suppose that brings us to you. So tell me what really happened to my mother, and why didn’t you protect her?

Alexander’s perspective:

Alexander: According to Daniel, Elizabeth was only supposed to find Celia, but her own darkness grew over the years. She went after others and their children including the third white witch Natalia Kass.

Max: The fourth wolfs wife?

Alexander: Yes....When she found Celia she attempted to kill her too, but Daniel needed Celia alive to get to the lost princess. He was able to control the demon enough to keep her from killing Celia, but when he discovered he not only had a twin sister but that she was gifted the light magic as well, he called for my help. We were to imprison the demon witch, but she seemed to stay a step ahead of us evading us at every turn.

I got close to your mother so I could protect her. Not just because of Daniel, but because I had fallen in love with her the first time I saw her. Weeks passed without incident. Like a fool I let my guard down and let her go with Cynthia to perform some special yearly ritual they had. That’s when the demon attacked. By the time I reached them your mother had been stabbed by a titan dagger. How the demon was able to wield it I will never know.

This would have killed a normal witch instantly, but with your mother it would prove to take years as it merely absorbed her light making her more human. By the time we found the brain tumor it had already started affecting her mentally. I was able to stop the growth with my magic buying me the time I needed to find a spell that would remove it without further effects.

Shortly after you were born we realized you had the gift. Somehow your mother still had it in her and passed it along to you. As you grew so did your powers and with it hope. I had finally discovered a way to heal your mother with yours and my magic combined. Only we never had a chance.

That’s when she returned, the demon we thought had perished when Daniel died. Your mother sacrificed herself using up what magic she had left to fight the demon, and you my brave little one released a power beyond ours. It defeated the demon, at least I thought it had, but it also made you weak. I used this to my advantage.

Not trusting that she was gone for good I had to do what I thought was best. I cast a concealment spell and fed you the story about your mom killing herself because of a mental illness. It was fragments of truth to protect you. I thought moving us away and keeping you focused on your studies would help.

Your emotions from time to time would get the better of you and your magic would resurface.
As you got older it was becoming more difficult. After the college situation I had to use a stronger mind spell to alter your memories.

I was terrified when you came back here. I knew how strong you were and that you would find a way to break the concealment spell. Now the demon has come back and after all these years I am still at a loss on how to kill her. I now know she will not stop until you, the last of the white witches, is dead.

Sky’s perspective:

Nearly every memory ever altered came back at full force showing a darker side as fear and anger seemed to be my very triggers, as it was at this moment. My eyes were blurred, my heart was racing, my mind was spinning. I could feel my every muscle twitch as my body began to shake. Through my blurred vision I could see my hands glowing.

Max: Sky!

Max gripped my hand gently keeping me from losing it completely.

Max: Sky look at me.

His other hand held my face as his green eyes flared with their golden flames drawing my attention to him. His forehead rests against mine keeping me temporarily anchored.

The second Max released his grip on me I bolted for the back door. I run through the backwoods faster than I had ever ran before. My inner light was glowing leaving a whirlwind of destruction behind me. My every emotion fusing as one till I found myself flying through the air over a cliff. I balled up all the energy that was around me throwing myself down like a meteor. The earth gave way as the water from the creek exploded around me, freezing mid air.

An image of Luna in her panther form stood at a distance.

Sky: Luna?

She walked slowly toward me getting bigger till her image completely shifted to human form and there standing before me was my mother. Her hand parted the water touching my face. Suddenly the world began to fade.

Max’s perspective:

I knew she must have felt like a ticking time bomb. All the secrets revealed, all her questions answered, and they were all there kept by the one man she was supposed to trust the most. Though I understood what he did as a father.

The second I let up my grip she ran out of the house. I turned my attention to Alexander.

Max: I get why you felt you had to do what you did, but when will you people realize the longer you hide the truth the darker the path for those you think you’re protecting.

Alexander: I know.

Max: What made you come.

Alexander: Celia paid me a visit a few hours ago and told me the demon had returned and she had planned to summon Daniel for help. So tell me, has the demon tried to attack?

Max: Only once a few weeks ago. She used a vampire that...

I let out a growl.

Max: That Sky is friends with. He attempted to attack her till I showed up. I would have killed him, but Sky stopped me. She knew it was the demon.

Alexander: Demons have always feared wolves. Especially those of the first four bloodline, but why didn’t she put up a fight. Surely one as hungry as she would have made some effort. Who sired you?

He looked me over questioningly. I simply smiled nonchalantly.

Max: My mother Willow Grayson last born of Luna, and my father Liam Reed third generation of the second wolf.

For a warlock as well rounded as he appeared to be the look of shock had me chuckle to myself.

Alexander: Knowing her bloodline this doesn’t bother you.

His voice was shaken, almost angry, but from fear. The same fear Sky shares with the uncertainty of how my family will react.

Max: I assure you sir. Her bloodline does not falter who she is. Nor how I feel. I love your daughter more than anything. I will be at her side until my last breath. My mother is a goddess of purity. She was the one who led me on my path to find Sky. If that does not prove to you the type of person she is then I am at a loss.

Alexander: I will take you at your word. And this demon has not tried to attack again?

Max: No, and I have not once left her side.

Alexander: Of course, a descendent of Luna. You may hold the key. The question is, how?

Suddenly the earth trembled beneath my feet as the sound of a sonic boom was heard in the distance. Alexander and I look at each other and before I know what’s happening he has me by the arm and we vanish through a smoke of black magic.
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