Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 19: Forgiveness

Max’s perspective:

I find myself falling toward the ground but manage to turn just in time landing on my feet next to Alexander who seems frozen in place staring out at the water.

Sky’s entire body is an iridescent blue light floating inside a ball of water in the middle of the creek.

Max: Sky!

I holler for her! As I take a step towards her Alexander throws his arm out to stop me. I grunt at him puffing my chest. His eyes blacken in challenge.

Max: Why does my fiancé look like the Dark Phoenix?

His eyes turn back to their dark blue with a humorous gleam.

Alexander: I’m glad to see my daughter has found someone else to share her in life movie comparisons.

Max: It’s a family trait! So what the hell is happening?

Alexander: The same thing that has always happened when she allows anger and fear to take control. Her powers take over to protect her.

Max: Protect her from what?

Alexander: The truth.

Max: I thought you already revealed all the secrets. How many more you got old man.

I say with frustration.

Alexander: Nothing that she hasn’t already figured out by the looks of it.

Max: So what do we do?

Alexander: We wait?

Max: We can’t just leave her like that, what if the demon comes.

Alexander: For one, it’s day and the demon only hunts at night. Two, we’re here and I know Luna's here somewhere, at least she was.

That struck me odd that I hadn’t seen Luna. She’s always near Sky when she’s in her trance states in the mystic room.

Max: What if she can’t handle everything she’s seeing. All the secrets you’ve kept and the lies you’ve told the last 19 years. If she’s seeing all of it right now, what if it’s too much?

He puts his hand on my shoulder.

Alexander: It will weaken her temporarily. Then, she will either hate me or forgive me. I am prepared for it. I may not have been the best father, but I stand by what I did. All any parent ever wants is what’s best for their children.

Max: Sometimes what’s best for them is letting go.

Alexander: Most parents aren’t trying to keep their children’s souls from being taken by a demon.

Max: You’re right, that only happens in our world.

He lets out a hardy laugh.

Alexander: I’m glad she has you. The love I sense between you two is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I hope if we survive all this she can at least forgive me enough to invite me to the wedding.

I smack his back maybe a little hard.

Max: I’ll see to it sir.

Sky’s. Perspective:

Sky: Mom!

I call out through the darkness. In the distance I see a light that appears to have a human shape. When I come face to face with the light image it becomes a reflection of me. Whispering voices begin to grow louder circling around me. Different ones haunting me all at once.

Mother's Voice: Sky

Mother's Voice: I’ll always be with you little one.

Male Voice: You’re my first everything Sky. I love you.

Second Male Voice: What have you done?

The light image swirls around me taking me into a memory. My mother calling me by name for the first time when I was born. I see my reflection in her eyes and see a bright light sparkle like a star. Everything spins and another memory takes form. I’m 6 and it’s the night my mother died. She whispers...

Lily: I’ll always be with you little one”.

Then walks away and the rest plays out as it has a hundred times, only this time the truth is revealed. The demon attacks my mother who has little magic left. I watch in horror as the demon hits my mother in the chest with an outreached hand and begins drawing my mother's soul out of her body. I fly out of the closet blasting the demon with my light. My father runs in blasting her at the same time with his black magic until she turns to black smoke and evaporates.

Everything spins again to a memory forgotten.

David: “You’re my first everything Sky. I love you “.

I’m a senior in high school at my boyfriend David’s parents' cabin. He was a fit water polo player, at about 6', but he was sweet not like what you think of most athletes. The image of light brown eyes allowed me to remember everything. It was the first time we made love. We were both virgins and both madly in love. It was the best weekend of my life at the time. He was holding my hand as we drove back down the mountain after the long weekend. We were singing to a song on the radio “Home” by Phillip Phillips. I remember a feeling of utter happiness till the world went silent. A car veered into our lane colliding with us head-on. My body lit up and David was frozen in place inches from having the steering wheel crush his chest.

The other car flipped over ours onto its roof behind us then continued sliding till it crashed through the side rails and down the side of the mountain. When I unfroze David he looked at me in shock.

David: Are we...are you..dead?

He points to me as I’m still glowing. Just then my dad appears out of nowhere whispering to David.

Alexander: You will forget everything from the last 6 months.

That was how long we had been dating. Why would he do that? Then I notice he’s not whispering to David he’s talking to me. It all comes clear when I notice David’s body slumped over the steering wheel. I had just been talking with his ghost. I hadn’t stopped the accident. My powers had only protected me, and my father erased it from my memory, but why? The images fade as yet another memory takes place. This one from college when my supposed boyfriend tried to rape me. Only in this memory he was successful because I wasn’t drunk, I was drugged. It plays out past the part when I was finally able to bring out my powers throwing him against the wall. My father again appears out of nowhere.

Tyler tried getting up but his body remained on the floor. He looks down and back up at me with hate.

Tyler: What have you done?

Just then black smoke rises from the ground swirling around Tyler’s soul and drags it down.
My father looks at me with horror as he sees my torn clothes. The tears in his eyes pain me. My light grows brighter as the entire house begins to shake. The anger of what I let happen, the fear of what will happen to me from killing yet another person. The shame my father must feel towards me. The walls and floors crack, pieces of ceiling crash down around me. The sound of screams grow distant. My father whispers to me.

Alexander: You will forget this night.

I didn’t forget that night, only parts of it.

Darkness begins to take hold once more. Through a fog I hear my father's voice followed by Max’s.

Alexander: All any parent ever wants is what’s best for their children.

Max: Sometimes what’s best for them is letting go.

I close my eyes and when I reopen them I find I am still trapped in a ball of water hovering over the middle of the creek. My light begins to dim as my anger resides. Max and my father are laughing carrying on about love, forgiveness, and our wedding? I spot Luna laying on a nearby boulder in her panther form. She lets out a mighty roar bringing the men’s attention to her.

I turn toward them releasing the water, unable to hold back the laughter as I watch the force of it splashing all three of them. Max looks at me soaking wet with a devious smirk. I realize a second too late as he plans his revenge, grabbing me into a bear hug splashing me with the cool water. He releases me, but holds me with a stare.

Max: Are you good.

I glance at my father with uncertainty, but provide Max with a half smile and nod. Suddenly we are all sprayed with cold droplets of water as Luna shakes her body getting me back from the splash. I rub her head and look at Max.

Sky: Could you and Luna go ahead. My father and I need to talk.

Without a word he kisses my forehead and follows Luna. I am still angry with my father. There are so many things that have happened because of his decisions. Things I could have prevented. People I could have saved. Tears well in my eyes as I look into his. He is pleading for my forgiveness.

Sky: I could have saved David and the people in the other car had I known my abilities. Why? Why did you take that from me?

Alexander: We don’t always get to chose who lives and dies. It was fated to be either way.

Sky: If that were true then why did you not let me grieve for him. Why did you take away my memories of him.

Alexander: I was afraid. I didn’t know how to help you control your emotions. I was afraid if you grew too strong I wouldn’t be able to keep you concealed.

Sky: But I was still getting stronger. I killed Tyler and caused an earthquake that destroyed half a dozen homes. I could have prevented all of that. I could have prevented him from doing what he did to me.

Tears fall from my father's eyes for the first time since my mother died.

Alexander: It is my biggest regret that I didn’t get there sooner.

He reaches a hand to touch my cheek wiping away a tear.

Alexander: But that sick fuck deserved what he got. You stopped an evil man from hurting dozens of other women.

I look away wiping my face on my arm. He lifts my chin.

Alexander: I am truly sorry for the things I took away from you. But please Sky, you must know what I did... I did because you’re my daughter and I love you. I promised your mother I would do anything and everything in my power to keep you safe. The only way was to conceal you and suppress your powers. It’s how she found you when you were little. It’s how she’s found you now.

I stand up on my toes embracing my father in a hug. His arms wrap tightly around me in relief and joy as black magic swirls around us transporting us back into my living room. A minute later Max swings open the back door as Luna shifts into her kitten self running off.

Max: Yeah, let's see how well you keep up in that form kitty!!

Luna: Meow

Luna meows as if mocking him. He looks up in surprise, seeing my father and I standing in the living room, then he chuckles.

Max: Must be nice having that power.

He heads for the kitchen grabbing a couple beers offering one to my dad.

Max: So how do we defeat this demon?
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