Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 2: The welcoming

I’m in my old room at my parents' house. It’s dark and cold.

Girls voice: She’s coming.

The little girl's voice whispers with urgency. Fear begins to grow causing goose bumps. I jump out of my bed and run to my closet, where I bury myself in a pile of stuffed animals. The door to my room slowly creaks open. I can feel the presence of a demon as she crosses the room. Through the small space between the stuffed animals and the crack of the closet door I see her leaning over my bed, her eyes were black, her skin looked grey, her black hair flowed like there was no gravity. A black smoke wrapped around her as she stretched out her long fingers , reaching for the covers.

She lets out a horrific scream when she pulls down the bedding and sees I’m not there. Suddenly there’s a burst of light shooting through the demon's chest. The screams grow louder until the light fills the room and in a flash the light goes out leaving only a trail of ash. My mom stands in the doorway ready to collapse.

Sky: Mommy

Six year old me runs to my mother as she falls to her knees taking me into her chest smothering me with a hug. Her heart beats loud and strong. It grows so loud I begin to blink with the beat. The time between the beats stretch as the thumping sound changes to a single beat. The little sandpaper of a tongue brushes my nose followed by a wake up cry and my eyelids fly open. Luna lets out another wake up cry before running towards the door. The thumping sound continues.

With curiosity I walk quickly to the kitchen remembering to turn on the coffee pot first before sneaking a peek out the window. The presence from last night of my shadow lurker is now standing in my back yard chopping wood.

My eyes travel his muscular back that would make even the gods jealous. His long strong arms move the wooden axe through the wood like a knife through butter. My eyes continue up his hercules biceps, to the wolf tattoo and over his broad shoulders that make Thor look like an average human. Sweat begins to bead along his long sun-kissed neck from his thick short wavy dark brown hair. The morning glows off his stubble outlining his masculine jawline leading to thick kissable lips that turn up in the corner as if.... I suck in a breath as the warmth of sexual desire spreads through my center and I realize he’s noticed my ogling him. His bright green eyes flicker with a gold fire as they meet mine making me weak in the knees.

Our burning gaze is broken by an urgent pounding on the front door.

Sky: Ugh! Humans.

Older women’s voice: Hello

I peel my eyes away from the adonis of a man and make my way to the front door to which I open just as the woman is about to knock again. Luna darts out past her for a needed potty break. The woman is older with shoulder length bleached hair, a scowling stare, dressed in a pale blue dress suit like she’s fresh out of the 60’s.

Woman: Are you Sky Levy?

Sky: Who’s asking?

Woman: Donna Vanbuert.

I lean against the door crossing my arms. She looks me up and down with disgust. Yeah, I had just gotten out of bed wearing a thin black cami and little cotton boy shorts, and I wasn’t at all ashamed.

Donna: Well, are you Sky Levy?

Sky: Yes.

She whips out a red envelope for me to take. I raise a brow at her, looking from her to the envelope in her hand.

Sky: What is this?

Donna: It’s a copy of the filed complaints against your grandmother's fortune telling charade. If you are thinking of taking over her fake business you will have to file an appeal.

The soft glow of a younger version of Donna with golden hair appears behind her mocking her with hand gestures, and silly faces making me burst out into laughter.

My laughter is cut off by the shrill voice of an agitated Donna. Now looking over her shoulder to see what I am laughing at.

Donna: Stop that. What are you looking at.

I smile nodding at the spirit still standing behind Donna now rolling her eyes; while also catching the scent of oak and maple, causing me to feel aroused and alerted to his presence.

Sky: Your sister Darla says you really need to remove that stick from up your ass and learn to live a little before it’s too late.

His chuckle is so low only I can hear it. Which makes my smile widen while Donna's eyes broaden in shock but then, I swear steam almost starts pouring from her ears as she spits through her gritted teeth.

Donna: How dare you mock me using my sister's name. You, you.. Harlot!!

She turns on her heels screaming at her husband to stop looking at me and get in the car. Darla smiles an apologetic smile and waves as she fades. When I turn towards the side of the house my shadow lurker is gone. Luna darts back in the house just as I am shutting the door. She looks up at the papers in my hands and growls.

Sky: Smart girl Luna.

I open the envelope to skim over the papers before tossing them aside. I watch as they seem to hover in the air momentarily till suddenly they burst into flames and fall to ash. I glance at Luna bewildered. I was thinking it in my mind, but for it to actually happen was beyond me. I mean I have never learned how to?

I stop my thoughts and turn to Luna with a raised brow. A faint laugh comes from the mystic room. Make that two laughs, both very familiar. With excitement I throw the beads open to the welcoming view of my grandmother Cynthia and great aunt Celia sitting at the table. They both look like they’re in their twenties again. On instinct I run to them desperately needing a comforting hug, but stop short of their reach knowing the feeling is only a phantom of what their actual physical touches were. Tears well in my eyes.

Cynthia stands up and I watch as the chair slides back. I look up at her and back to the chair with a tilt of my head. She giggles at my expense as she takes hold of me. Her presence is so strong I can feel her as if she was here in body.

Sky: How?

Celia pushes back her chair and follows suit taking me into a hug.

Celia: Now that you’re back your magic is too.

They both sit back down gesturing for me to do the same.

Cynthia: As a child you where naturally gifted and extremely powerful. But without a proper teacher a young witch can be a danger to herself and others. So just before your dad took you to California, I put a masking spell on you that would only wear off when you returned to this house. Celia watched over you to help you mask your other natural senses from your father.

Celia: Now that the spell has been lifted your magic has awakened, and it is stronger than any of us could have ever dreamed.

Sky: So the thing with the papers, what was that.....

Cynthia: That was all you dear.

Celia: And that was without even trying.

A small sense of pride came over me.

Sky: How are you guys here in physical form.

They both look to each other and then to me with smiles of pride.

Cynthia: We’re witches dear and with your abilities you can summons us to be.

Celia: But only for a short time dear.

Sky: What about Luna?

Cynthia: What about her?

Sky: Since she’s not a reincarnation of you was she yours?

Cynthia: Nope, a witch's guardian can come in many forms. Then again, she could just be a black cat.

Sky: Thanks

I roll my eyes as both of them are starting to fade.

Sky: When will I see you again?

Cynthia: Soon.

Celia comes and takes my hand.

Celia: With the awakening of your power it won’t be long before the white witch hunting demon rises again, to destroy you as she did your mother.

Sky: What?

Before either could elaborate on Celia's statement they fade and the crystal ball flickers as they do.

Sky: Wait

I shouted as a sudden panic takes over my breathing. What the hell. Did I hear her right.

Luna: “meow”

I look down at Luna who runs to the kitchen.

Sky: Right breakfast

I toss Luna a few bites of left over ham and pour some coffee when I remember my adonis shadow lurker. The thought of him soothes my panic and provides a needed distraction from the sudden bomb aunt Celia just dropped on me. I pour an extra cup making it sweet like mine and step out on the back porch. His scent still lingers but he is nowhere. I look over to see a neatly stacked pile of the freshly cut wood against the house and smile.

Sky: Ok then!

I set the coffee down on the railing in case he comes back before going back in to get dressed. Tossing on a pair of fitted black jeans, my game of thrones tank top and thin black sweater hoodie, with a pair of black adidas, I swipe my grandmother's keys to her old black Cadillac and drive into town.
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