Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 20: Alexander Le Vette

Alexander: If what you say is true about the demon not willing to attack Sky when you’re around, then there must be something about your bloodline or abilities?

Sky: Or maybe the first attack was just a test and she’s simply waiting. So right now, let us just eat and enjoy tonight. I’d like to get to know the real you.

Alexander smiles while squeezing my hand.

During dinner he talks about falling in love with my mother and tells stories about us as a family before my mother’s death. After dinner we relax in the living room. While the men enjoy their beer, I sip on my tea, and he continues to share stories. When my father asks about us, Max takes the reins immediately like a love sick puppy dog that couldn’t wait to tell our story. It’s crazy to think how much there was for him to tell considering we’ve only been together a month.

Alexander: This is what you really want Sky?

Sky: Yes. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.

I look over at Max who squeezes my hand and kisses my cheek.

Alexander: Well not that you need it, but if it counts, you have my blessing.

Max: Thank you sir.

Alexander: When do you plan on getting married?

Sky: It’s only been two days since he asked, I hadn’t even thought about it.

Max chuckles.

Sky: What?

Max: I’d marry you right now if I thought you would.

Sky: I’m sure you would, but I think we need to solve our demon problem first. I wouldn’t want her crashing the wedding.

We all have a laugh even though it’s a serious matter. I can see by the look on my dad's face how worried he is. I am after all the last one, and she has been successful killing all the others it seems. Wanting to change the subject I ask my dad the question that has been eating away at me since he arrived this morning.

Sky: What about before you met mom. How old are you?

He laughs before finishing his beer. Max is about to get up to grab another when Alexander snaps his fingers and both men hold new opened cold beers.

Alexander’s perspective:

Alexander: Levy is short for Le Vette. I was born in France in the 1700’s to Sir Charleston and Rose Le Vette. My father was one of the first warlocks and very powerful. He helped win many battles in his time. When I was of age I fought by his side in many more. Despite my mother’s wishes one of my greatest abilities was altering memories. It became my signature. When she died so did he. My father begged for me to use it on him. I thought he was being selfish wanting to leave me to deal with my own grief for my mother alone. As I watched him wither away into nothing from a broken heart, I finally caved in thinking it was the lesser of two evils.

Max: You’re the sandman?

Alexander: In theory.

Sky: This lead you to be a psychologist?

Alexander: Yes, after seeing what happened to my father I wanted to understand the mind better. In all my studies through the centuries, in every aspect of the psychosis, nothing could explain my father's mental state. It wasn’t until I lost your mother that I understood. He literally, physically, mentally died of a broken heart.

He looked my way with love and sadness.

Alexander: Had it not been for you and my promise to your mother. I would have led the same fate.

Luna who has curled up on my father's lap meowed rubbing her head against his hand.

Alexander: I should get going. You need your rest.

Sky: What do you mean, I thought you were staying?

He sets Luna on the floor and stands

Alexander: I am, but I’m staying at the Maple Inn.

I stand in protest.

Sky: Don’t be silly there’s an extra room here.

He reaches out his arms taking me into a hug kissing the top of my head.

Alexander: I’ll see you in the morning.

Sky: Wait dad, have you ever known a witch or demon to be turned by a wolf?

He pulls back looking back and forth between Max and me as he sucks in a deep breath.

Alexander: Werewolves and vampires both have kept the company of witches since the beginning. So yes, there have been a few witches that have been known to give themselves to their werewolf lover.

As far as a demon. No, there has been bad blood between the two for so long I imagine it would take a love like yours to bring those bloodlines together.

He smiles warmly and winks as if he knows what I am about to do, before vanishing in a puff of black magic.

Max: That explains a lot.

Sky: What does?

Max: Your strength. You come from a long line of very powerful witches and warlocks.

Sky: And a demon.

Max shakes his head.

Max: Hades was also a god once.

I let out a breath as he begins massaging my ass cheeks while nibbling and sucking on that sensitive spot below my ear.

Sky: I know I promised, but tonight just doesn’t feel right.

Max: I know babe. You’ve been through a lot today. I’m not going to push you to turn.

He slides one hand between my cheeks rubbing my ass flower through my capris.

Max: But it doesn’t mean we can’t practice getting you ready.

His other hand slides up my hip under my black tank top, lightly grazing my ribs with his fingers till they come to the top of my bra and pull it down. My exposed nipple reacts instantly to his touch as he squeezes. He quickly pulls away and takes a small step back.

Max: Take off your clothes.

I slowly strip away one layer at a time until I am standing bare in front of the couch.

Max: Bend over and grab the back of the couch.

I follow his every order feeling my own pleasure build. I rest my knees on the couch cushion arching my back slightly. He grabs my tank top off the floor and covers my eyes as he ties it around my head.

Max: Stay

He whispers in my ear and smacks my ass before walking out of the room. Seconds later he returns behind me running a small hard object along my inner thigh. When it begins to vibrate I realize what it is. He pushed it through my wet center spreading my moisture. When he pulls it out he slides it back up and circles the ass flower. A cold liquid drips down the middle causing me to arch more raising my backside.

Max: Tell me you want it baby.

Sky: I want it Max.

He slips the little purple penis shaped vibrating anal plug we picked out together during our drive to Spokane through the center of my flower as far as it will go. He fists my hair in one hand exposing my neck for his teeth as he scrapes his K9s along the flesh and begins sucking. His other hand strokes his enormous erection between my legs spreading the pre cum over the tip. He releases my neck to admire my backside while flicking his cock against my clit before plunging his full length deep inside me.

The tingling sensation absorbing into my body becomes so intense the first orgasm courses through like a tidal wave. I tighten my grip on the back of the couch. Max starts easing the vibrator in and out slowly.

Max: Say you're mine Sky.

Sky: I’m yours

I barely whisper. My body continues to tremble in ecstasy as the dual sensations recharge my building climax.

Max releases my hair and the vibrator sliding his hands to my hips digging his fingers into my flesh. His growls are primal as he thrusts with such force his pelvis rams the plug filling me completely in both holes. His hands grow larger as claws replace his finger tips cutting into my flesh. He shifts to his beast and fucks me harder and faster like a wild savage.

His massive jaws and sharp teeth lightly clamp around the back of my neck. A swarm of butterflies flutter through my abdomen as my hands begin to glow.

Sky: Do it!

I scream.

Sky: Take all of me.

He snarls and drools careful not to bite down as he pulls out the vibratory slowly and slides his engorged pulsating cock from my drenched pussy and slips the massive tip through my ass flower. He slowly eases his member till his balls are resting against my clit.

The slow torturous motions calm him back to human form as his soft lips kiss where his fangs left their marks. His hands slide up my chest squeezing my nipples leaving a trail of blood along my skin.

He caresses my chest with one arm while guiding my hand with his other down to my mound. His fingers intertwined with mine move circles around my aroused clit before descending into my wet center.

His cock tenses like a balloon ready to burst unable to contain the slow torture any longer. He quickens and grinds our flesh together sending small sparks of pleasure with each thrust until both our bodies explode in a grand finale of fireworks leaving our bodies trembling as one as we fall dormant sinking to the cushions. He holds me tight against his chest breathing heavily against my shoulder.

Max: Are you ok?

My entire body is still buzzing in the orgasmic after shock, I simply nod. He remains inside me adjusting his massive size further into the couch cradling me in his warmth.

Sky: What will it be like.

Max: The transformation?

I nod again.

Max: Much like what you just experienced now. A little pain but mostly pleasure I assume. I’ve never turned anyone, but it’s what I imagine it would be like.

Sky: I’m ready.

He lifts his head and grabs my chin facing him.
He looks long and deep into my eyes. With a Cheshire cat grin he smothers my mouth in a hard kiss. His cock begins to swell again, but he slowly pulls out and stands lifting me in his arms. To my surprise he takes us into the shower. He takes his time washing me and grooming me like a princess getting ready for her coronation.

I watch in admiration for a moment as he begins washing himself before I snatch the sponge running it over every cut of mountainous muscle as he flexes and grins staring down at me like a predator stalking its prey.

When we step out of the shower I summon a whirl of cool air drying us in an instant, causing my nipples to stand erect. Max immediately attacks one with his mouth while lifting me in his arms and carries me to the bed. His eyes remain on mine full of lust, possession and love.
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