Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 21: Becoming

He lays me gently down stealing a kiss as he parts my legs resting his erect member over my center. His hands grip under my shoulders as he sinks his K9s into my neck and buries his cock up inside me.

He pulls his mouth away licking the inside of mine before leaning back digging a nail across his chest and guiding the blood to drip into my mouth. He rocks his hips back and forth sparking another round of pleasure. The taste of his blood is sweet, sending me into a frenzy craving more. I wrap my arms and legs around his back sealing the open wound with my lips, lapping every drop with my tongue.

My heart begins to pound like a drum in my ears. I feel his warm blood run through my veins. My eyelids flutter as my vision blurs and my lips quiver as my teeth protrude into long K9s sinking into the flesh around his healing wound with need for more.

Max pounds my mound with hard rapid pelvic thrusts, driving his cock further inside me. Letting out heavy groans with each thrust. The force causing me to remove my teeth throwing my head back screaming in painful pleasure.

Max pulls out quickly flipping me onto my knees guiding his member back into my ass flower. Like a fucking rabbit he mounts me with no end in sight.

We twist our bodies fucking and feeding on each other like rabid beasts, climaxing in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss, till blinded by my own light as it engulfs us both into a cocoon of magic. Our bodies remain tangled as we float weightlessly.

The feel of his soft lips on mine force my eyes open. Our skin glows of an iridescent blue light, our hearts beat as one, our minds link as one bound together in a tranquil state of bliss.

Max: I love you Sky

His lips don’t move and I realize I can hear his thoughts. I place my forehead against his sharing the same thought. The light dims as our bodies lower to the bed. Max grips my hand kissing my fingers never taking his eyes off me.

Without actually reading his thoughts I can tell by the grin on his face and his pulsating heart he is wound by the same energy I feel with desire to run under the full moon, eager to see my inner wolf. I spring out of bed making a mad dash for the back door, leaping off the porch naked without a care. I look up at the full moon and feel the transformation begin as my K9s protrude even more.

My body lowers to the ground as my hands form into two massive white paws. I look behind me to see my enormous wolf shape covered in fur as white as snow. Max stands in his beautiful nakedness at the top of the step with a look of hunger. I look back up at the moon before bolting through the trees. Max is quickly at my side. I finally see his true wolf form still towering over me in size with his timber colors of brown and grey marbled in a sea of white.

Together we run through the woods exhilarated by a moment of freedom drawing full strength from the very essence of the moon. When we come to a meadow flourished in the blue haze of the moon's light I realize Max is not with me. I perk my ears listening for the sounds of paws tramping over grass lowering myself into a prowl. Just as I leap towards the movement Max tackles me from the side. We roll through the tall grass returning to our human forms. Max grabs my wrists holding them high above my head as he drives his aroused member through my wet core, making love long into the night under the stars

All too soon my blissful slumber is stirred awake by a whisper. Not ready to wake I hold my eyes shut and begin drifting back to sleep. I hear the whisper again only this time the words are clear and the voice is one to heed.

Celia: Do not come back to the in between.

The sound of an eerie chuckle in the far distance jolts me awake. Max is awakened too, grabbing me instinctively.

Max: What, what is it?

Sky: Celia’s sending me a warning. She says not to go to the in between.

Max: That’s where you went yesterday.

I look at him with concern and confusion nodding my head.

Max: What made you go?

Sky: I don’t know. I didn’t do it on purpose. I think in my desperation to see Celia, I somehow summoned myself there?

Max: That’s how Daniel followed you back here?

Sky: Yeah.

Max: I know you believed his sincerity regarding your mother, and maybe he was sincere, but Celia obviously has her reasons.

Sky: I know, it’s just that....

I let out a sigh.

Sky: He could be our only hope of knowing how to stop the demon for good. He created her.

Suddenly there’s a clearing of a throat.

Daniel: I’m sorry if I’m interrupting something.

Max flies out of the bed standing between me and my uncle who’s leaning against the doorway chuckling at Max who is butt naked and unashamed, puffing his chest seconds from changing to his beast.

Daniel: My god you’re a big one.

Max growls taking a step forward. Daniel throws his hands up and retreats down the hall.

Daniel: All right, I’ll wait in the other room.

I slide up to Max kissing him on the cheek and looking down over his shoulders.

Sky: Yeah you are.

Max gives a knowing chuckle. I slip into some black jeans and tank top while he throws on just jeans. We head down the hall to find Daniel in the living room looking at all the pictures on the mantel above the fireplace.

Daniel: I cannot possibly tell you enough how truly sorry I am for bringing this upon you.

I start the coffee and make my way back to Max’s side.

Max: Why do you keep coming here uninvited?

Daniel turns from the mantel to Max looking offended.

Daniel: I’m sorry, but I do believe this is a family matter and until you say I do then perhaps this should be between my niece and I.

Max grunts taking a step forward in a challenge even though it would do no good since Daniel is a ghost. I put a hand on Max’s chest and step forward.

Sky: Have you and Celia figured anything out yet?

Daniel: If you had a titan dagger it would make things much easier. Unfortunately, the last one was destroyed in the event of my death.

He studies Max's every movement, every expression. At the mentioning of his death he notices Max tenses even more. Daniel raises a brow.

Daniel: Did I personally wrong you somehow?
I’ve been dead since before you were born. So please enlighten me if you will.

Max: You really have no clue who I am?

Max asks between gritted teeth.

Daniel turns his head from side to side squinting his eyes and rubbing his chin before pointing at Max.

Daniel: Liam Reed? That’s who you look like. Well shit, I’m glad to know he was able to move on. He and....

Sky: Uncle!

I snap.

Sky: Be mindful of what you say. You are about to cross a line you cannot come back from.

Daniel freezes in a startling revelation.

Daniel: She survived?

He speaks softly like he’s convincing himself rather than asking Max. He looks up with apologetics eyes.

Daniel: For what it’s worth. I truly

Max: It's not Max interrupts.

Daniel stands speechless. I touch Max’s arm linking our minds in a plea for him to stand-down. Without a word he leaves for the kitchen to get coffee.

Daniel runs a hand over the back of his neck as if still trying to grasp it all. In the blink of an eye he stands inches before me with curious eyes. He ghostly grips my chin willing me to turn my head. With a lost look he drops his hand and turns back to the mantel at the fireplace just as Max returns from the kitchen handing me a coffee.

Daniel: Twenty-nine years ago this would have been considered an abomination. A real life Romeo and Juliet.

He chuckles faintly to himself.

Sky: Where is Celia?

Daniel: She’s trying to find Elizabeth. If we can find her in the in between we might be able to summons her demon back into her body and undue what I did.

Sky: If you can’t?

He turns back around facing us.

Daniel: Then I’m afraid the only other option is to let her take your light. As she begins to take human form she will be temporarily weakened. This would be your one chance to kill her.

He looks at Max and grins.

Daniel: One bite from a demigod wolf and poof, your witch demon will be no more.

Max: No, we are not sacrificing Sky. There has to be another way.

Daniel: It’s a risk, yes, but as long as you can kill the demon during the transformation Sky will recover.

Max: It’s still too risky.

I place my hand over Max’s arm drawing his attention.

Sky: It is a risk I am willing to take. But uncle, what would happen if you found her and summon the demon back; can you actually reverse the spell freeing her of your curse?

Daniel: That is the hope.

Sky: What if I could bring her to you?

Max and Daniel both give me dumbfounded looks.

Daniel: That is too great of a risk.

Sky: Why?

Daniel: When you came to the in between you were of flesh. If your blood was to be spilled it could raise the dead.

Max: Including you! Max growls.

Daniel: Yes, but that is not what I desire. I have accepted my fate and deserve to remain where I am.

He steps close to me against Max’s protest and takes my hand.

Daniel: Sky you must never come back to the in between. That is a risk I cannot allow you to take.

Sky: You don’t think you can be redeemed?

Daniel: I don’t deserve to be, but it’s not me I fear. It’s Hades! I thought.....

He looks to Max with shame and guilt.

Daniel: I thought I could gain Hades' power, but it wasn’t his power I was absorbing, he was absorbing mine. He was using me to reincarnate himself. Willow didn’t just save the world the that day, but she saved me as well. I will do whatever I can to make this right. Promise me you will not go back there for anything.

I nod and watch as he fades.
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