Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 22: Change of plans

Max sits on the couch pulling me down onto his lap. His big strong arms hold me tightly to his chest. I loop a hand around his neck and breathe in his addictive scent as his warm lips hover over my forehead.

Sky: We give them a few days. If Celia and Daniel can’t capture her then we resort to plan B.

Max: I still don’t like it Sky. It’s too risky. What if I become compromised?

Sky: We will have my father, Kylee and Jason, and Dante. Surely all of us together can take this demon out once and for all.

Max: What if we all fail? What if this is all some trick?

Sky: How would it be a trick?

Max: I don’t know, but something doesn’t sit right with me about Daniel. He could still be planning something, to use you somehow for his benefit.

I latch onto his lips distracting him from his thoughts. My body is riddled with desire. Hungry for more of his beast.

Sky: A few more days.

I turn in his lap straddling his muscular thighs as I rub myself along his growing erection through our jeans. Pulling off my top I give him a taste of my ample breasts before lowering myself on the floor taking his jeans with me. When I rise to my knees I am met with his swollen cock. With my fingers I wrap his shaft and balls, stroking him as my mouth takes in his glistening tip.

Max: God I love your mouth.

He runs a hand behind my head grabbing a fistful of hair guiding me further down around him. I take in as much of him as I can, allowing my hands to accommodate the rest of his enormous size.

Max: The things you do to me woman.

His grip tightens as he forces himself not to buck his hips wildly.

Max: Jesus I’m gonna cum.

My pussy convulses with need, throbbing with his every moan. His body goes rigid as he releases himself moaning my name. I grab my top and make my way to the kitchen to feed Luna, and make some food.

Max: Sky what are you doing?

Sky: Need food.

I rummage through the fridge and find some steaks, barely getting them in a pan before Max comes up from behind sliding a hand down my pants and starts fingerbanging me.
He pulls one finger back spreading my wetness over my clit before plunging two fingers back inside thrusting into that spot that makes my knees weak and my everything tremble.

He pulls both fingers out, yanking my pants down and lifting me onto the counter, while tearing them off the rest of the way. His rehardened member plummets through my wetness with force. My ass slaps the cold tile counter while I grip for the cupboard doors for something to hold onto as my every muscle clenches, holding onto the climax until he is ready to release himself again. He locks his arms around me holding me still as he fucks me faster and harder. He moans in my mouth claiming my tongue as our bodies give way to the orgasm.

The smell of burnt meat causes us to part quickly in an attempt to salvage some of the steak. It doesn’t really matter. My main appetite is for Max. My lust for him since my turn has been in overdrive. Not caring about anything else in the world I only want him here and now, and he more than happily obliges as his own sexual appetite has also doubled.

We love and pleasure each other throughout the day and long into the night until a gut sinking feeling of dread sucker punches my stomach. I reach for my phone to see missed calls from Kylee. Just as I’m about to call her back there’s a frantic knocking on the door.

Max jumps out of bed throwing his jeans on and cautiously opens the door as I come up from behind in just his T-shirt.

Kylee: Sky.

She calls out my name trying to see past the giant protective man standing between us. I nudge Max to the side and Kylee comes rushing in grabbing me into a hug. She pulls back, looking me over. Through her obvious slightly panicked state she still takes a minute to draw in the change. With a raised brow and a half hearted smile, she hugs me again.

Sky: What’s the matter Kylee?

Max shuts the door a little hard and she jumps.

Kylee: After you left the Eclipse Jason went crazy tearing apart the library trying to find a book on demon possession and demon mind control. He spent all night and day reading it and then just walked out. When Dante confronted him, he said he was going to try and fix this.

Sky: Where did he go?

Kylee: Dante followed him to your old house.

Sky: But my house isn’t there anymore. It’s the Maple Falls Inn.

My eyes widen and another sucker punch hits me in the gut.

Sky: My dad's there.

Max and I make a mad dash to the room to get dressed and meet Kylee outside. We all pile into the truck while Max hauls ass to the inn. When we arrive it seems deserted. From the outside it still looked like my old house, a huge Victorian style mansion. The inside though has been transformed into what it is, an inn. The living room is now the front desk and lounge which is very dark. I instinctively head for the stairs in search of my old room. The halls and rooms have all been completely remodeled but I find my way and reach for the door.

Max: What are you doing?

Sky: Oh Jesus Max.

My heart nearly leaps out of my chest from Max sneaking up on me.

Max: Don’t disappear on me like that.

Sky: Well I’m sorry, I just had to see it.

Max: Your old room?

I nod entering the room and in my mind I see it the way it was. Then I hear it. “She’s coming!” My every hair raises, my heart palpates, and my stomach flip-flops. The demon's scream echoes through the corridors. Max and I both run toward the sound leading us to the garden out back.

Kylee is using water from a broken fountain to trap my father?

Sky: Kylee what are you doing?

She’s using everything she has to keep him contained.

Kylee: The demon is in him Sky. He killed Jason and....

She lets out a slight gasp.

Kylee: Dante? I don’t know where he is.

I look over the other side of the broken fountain to find Jason impaled through the heart by what looked like a stone sword. I rush to him in some hopes he’s still alive, trying uselessly to pull the sword from his lifeless body. Max runs to my side and together we pull the sword. Dante is trapped behind the hedges with the remainders of the statue from the fountain crushing him.

Sky: Max help Dante.

Max easily removes the stones off of Dante and helps him heal faster. I turn my attention back to Jason who’s wound in his chest has not healed. His skin is cold and grey. Tears flood my eyes as I rest my forehead on his.

Familiar whispers draw my attention to my dad who’s eyes are black. He looks in my direction as black magic swirls around him breaking through Kylee's wall. I shock him back with a blast of light, feeling conflicted.

Sky: Dad!

I cried out. Searching his vacant glare in hopes he’s still there.

Jason appears next to me whispering in my ear about the book he found and finishing the circle.

Jason: With vampires' blood drawn in a complete circle the demon can be summoned back to the underworld for good.

I look over and he’s gone, but Dante stands fully recovered. I link my mind to Max asking for Dante’s help. Dante sneaks behind Alexander drawing his own blood on the ground completing the circle.

Alexander blasts him through the wall of magic knocking him far out of sight. He turns Kylee's magic on herself trapping her in her own wall of water. Max lunges for him but he catches him by the throat. I strike his arm with a small electric whip forcing him to release Max. With a flick of his hand he sends Max sailing through the air smashing into the garden wall.

With tears blurring my vision I hesitantly raise both my hands blasting him with more force, but in my hesitation he reflected it back at me along with his own magic. I find myself crashing through the backdoor of the house. My body ignites as I rise above the ground drifting back out to the garden facing my father. I feel myself being pulled closer as my throat begins to tighten. I struggle to breath as he draws me in closer with his hand raised in a chokehold. My light begins to dim.

Sky: Daddy!

I muster a whisper as tears leak down my cheeks.

Sky: I know you’re in there. You need to fight her. Please dad.

My ears ring as my airway constricts and black spots replace the tears when out of nowhere Luna, in her massive panther form, lunges for my dad, tackling him to the ground. Luna lets out her mightiest roar before stumbling off of my dad's still body and falling to her side. I run to them to find Luna is still breathing though with shallow breaths. My father is bleeding from the puncture wounds to his neck where Luna clamped down on him. I press my hands over the wounds and my light sparks. My magic isn’t healing him.

Sky: Dad!

I cry out as Max runs to me sliding his hands under mine and the bleeding finally stops. The wounds begin to slowly heal. Kylee and Dante surround us as we wait, but nothing.

Sky: He’s still not breathing....Why isn’t he breathing!!!

Just then his eyes fly open as he sucks in much needed air. My relief is short-lived as
a spine tingling chill shoots through me alerting me to her presence. I walk past everyone to confront her.

Kylee begins summoning the water around the demon, but I wave my hand stopping her as I stand still and wait.

Kylee: What are you doing!

Kylee screams as the demon's hand reaches my chest and begins slowly draining my light.

Kylee: No!

She screams again conjuring the water into a whip, when Dante grabs her from
behind. Max stands hesitant unsure when to make his move.

Dante: Sky the circle.

I use what magic I have left to push us close enough to where the demon stands directly in the middle of the circle. My body grows cold and tired as she begins taking human form. Just as darkness begins to consume me I catch a glimpse of Max’s beast, swiftly moving in and beheading the demon with one bite of his massive jaws. Her screams echo in my ears as a wall of black ash rises around her, dragging her down through the circle and me with it.
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