Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 24: Sliver of hope

Max’s Perspective:

A week passed and still I wait. Each day I sit for hours in the mystic room waiting for her return.
Everyone else had returned to their daily lives. Even Alexander returned to LA after telling me to not give up, but to keep living. How can I without her. I even call for Luna in the evenings by the off chance she would just appear.

Alone and full of self-pity I throw myself on the bed hugging her pillow that still smells of her jasmine scent. Imagining her laying there in my arms arouses me for the first time in days. Needing to feel her touch I reach down unzipping my pants releasing my cock and begin stroking. Imagining it’s her hands wrapped around my shaft. Tears escape my eyes as the pain becomes unbearable. I start pumping faster needing the release when there’s a sudden knock on the door.

I think to ignore it and finish what I started, but a familiar scent throws me off guard. Quickly I adjust myself back in my pants and run for the door.

Max: Mom! Dad!

My mom who stands as tall to me as Sky, instantly wraps her petit self around me. I wrap my arms around her back through her long black hair, resting my cheek on the top of her head. My dad steps up behind her and wraps one of his massive arms around us both, patting me on the back.

I pull back inviting them in.

Max: What are you guys doing here?

Liam: After you confirmed your mother's vision I insisted we come home to see you. I know all too well what you’re going through. I just...

He scratches the back of his neck and huffs.

Liam: We just wanted to make sure you were all right.

I blink away the tears and walk away to the kitchen to make some coffee. My dad does know what I’m going through, and yet in my selfishness it makes no difference to me. He follows me into the kitchen placing a hand on my shoulder.

Liam: I locked myself up in the house and tried to drink away my pain. Refusing to listen to anyone. Not even your uncle Luke could talk me out of my own self-pity. He did say something that caused me to remember her paintings which gave me hope.

Max: I’m lost without her dad.

Liam: I know son.

I turn around crossing my arms leaning back against the counter.

Max: What would you have done had mom not come back?

He shoves his hands in his pockets and looks down.

Liam: I don’t know. I honestly can’t imagine it. Your grandfather William found a way when he lost my mother. It won’t be easy, but eventually you will find a way, too.

Max: I just don’t understand. I constantly replay everything in my head and it just doesn’t make sense how she was taken down after I beheaded the damn thing, and Luna. What do I tell Sky if she does return that I not only let her slip my grasp, but I also lost her cat.

Liam: It’s not your fault son.

Max: But it is, I promised her I would protect her no matter what and I failed.

I hand him a cup of coffee and take another cup to my mother who was looking at the pictures over the fireplace. I never told them about Sky being the niece of Daniel. For some reason I assumed my mom would have just known by the pictures I sent her of us due to a slight resemblance; the sky blue eyes mostly, but she never said anything.

I stand there watching her, waiting, hoping my mother would pull out one of her paintings or say one of her movie quotes that would bring some sliver of hope that Sky would be returning.

Willow: So it was true...Daniel had a twin.

She was looking at the photo of Sky’s parents and of Sky.

Max: She’s not like him.

Willow: I know.

She picks up a picture of Celia, touching the glass as a tear fell.

Willow: They all have the same beautiful sky blue almond-shaped eyes. But none of them shined brighter or happier than the last one you sent of you and Sky.

She sets the picture down gripping the mantel and freezes.

Willow: In my vision of that night there was a vampire by the name of Jason. Is he...

Max: He was killed trying to help Sky.

I look in my mom's blue eyes and see a sadness.

Max: He said he knew you.

She tried smiling faintly.

Willow: I didn’t know it at the time, but he had secretly helped me to escape Victor.

My dad walks up behind my mom placing his hand around her shoulder kissing the top of her head.

Max: Sky said he had a soft spot for you because you reminded him of his wife.

My dad growls and squeezes my mom tighter. My mom giggles and melts into him. Watching the two of them made me miss Sky even more.

She smiles with great thought.

Willow: I didn’t remember meeting him when I was with Victor, but I could sense his presence when I was on the run. It seemed he was helping me. The Reed pack captured him near Spokane after Daniel's reveal, but I knew he had nothing to do with any of it. It wasn’t until my return after defeating Daniel that I finally met him and learned of who he was and his past. He was proof that any man or demon consumed of darkness and vengeance can make their own path and choose to be good. Daniel had it in him but.. he chose the darkness. We all have it in us; a light side and a dark side. It’s up to us which path we choose.

Her acceptance and understanding means more to me than she’ll ever know. If only Sky was here to hear it.

Liam: We should go.

Max: You just got here.

My dad possessively pulls my mother into him further with a growl, as she laughs.

Liam: We haven’t been home in over a month and I need to be alone with your mother in our own bed, our own shower, our own kitchen.

He grunts and growls and smothers her with kisses.

I try to muster a half-hearted laugh as he’s pulling her out the door. Lowering my head I begin sulking like a child when my mother stops and places a hand on my cheek, looking up into my eyes with the biggest smile.

Willow: Hope is like the sun, if you only believe it when you see it, you’ll never make it through the night.

I can’t help but chuckle to her Star Wars quote.

Max: Did I tell you Sky loves using movie quotes, too.

She knowingly smiles and hugs me goodbye.

Willow: I love you son.

Max: Love you, too.

I wanted to hold on to that little bit of hope, but the second the door closed I felt my heart sink in defeat. I was angry at myself for the jealousy I was feeling watching my parents. Angry at myself for not reaching Sky in time. Angry that I didn’t know where Luna went. My chest was rising and falling as my breaths quickened. My heart was beating faster as more images of them that night flash in my head like a strobe light. Allowing the anger to consume me I bolt out the backdoor shifting to my wolf and run.

I had no plan, no destination, no thoughts. I saw only red. The angrier I felt the harder I pushed myself, the faster I ran, but I can’t escape it. The roller coaster of emotions, the images of her own father choking her like god damn Darth fucking Vader. Luna laying beside Alexander, and Jason’s lifeless body. As much as I wanted to hate him I know he was trying to help. The image of fear in Sky’s face as I dove for her, missing her fingers by a second.

I didn’t even see the wall of brush before me as I hit it like a fucking freight train crushing my body like an accordion. I lay there as my body slowly healed and transformed to my human. The night sky was clear. The stars seemed endless, like my agony.

When her image appeared over me I thought for a second perhaps I had died. Then her sea green hair came into view with her bubbly laughter and bright smile.

Kylee: If you wanted to visit all you had to do was ask and I would have opened the entrance for you.

Kylee reaches down taking my hand to help me up. Without a word she drags me through the wall I had just smashed into. Not a single leaf or branch was out of place. I rub the back of my head as she guides me into her enchanted forest. I'm taken aback by the serenity of it.

Thousands of little specks of blue light fill the atmosphere giving off the glow of a full moon. It’s no wonder Sky spent so much time here. Kylee leads me to a small wooden bench near the edge of a lake, forcing me to take a seat.

Kylee: I would ask if you’re ok, but I already know the answer. You wanna talk about it?

She pats my hand before waving it towards the water making little subtle waves that rise and fall with the sound of the ocean. I find my breaths fall in with the calming rhythm. I open my mouth to speak and yet I find no words.

Kylee: You do know that time stands still in here, right?

I don’t look at her. I just keep watching, mesmerized by the water and the sound of it.

Kylee: I’ve been told the in between is the same.

That got my attention. I turn to look at her.

Kylee: You remember the first time I brought Sky here.

I nod.

Kylee: For us it had been all but an hour, if that. To the outside world almost an entire day had passed.

I wasn’t sure of her point and she could read the confusion on my face.

Kylee: Point is, even though for you a week has passed, for Sky it’s been all but a day.

Max: Even if that were true why hasn’t she come back yet? The last time she went she was only gone for an hour. What if she’s hurt or trapped?

Kylee looks at me with a raised brow.

Kylee: If she was hurt Hades or Daniel would have already resurrected.

She goes silent contemplating something in her head. I grow restless knowing it was at the mention of trapped.

Max: Kylee!.....Kylee!

She snaps out of it and looks at me bewildered.

Kylee: Dante and I went over the book Jason had found a dozen times. The spell Jason found where the blood of a vampire drawn in a circle to summon a demon back to the underworld also traps them there. When Sky was summonsing the demon it was for the in between.

Max: I thought everything went to the in between first.

Kylee: Normally I think, but that spell was supposed to be a direct portal to the underworld.

Max: What are you trying to say Kylee! You think Sky is in the underworld trapped with god damn fucking Hades?

She rolled her eyes at me as the water rises and falls still.

Kylee: I don’t know enough about this in between, underworld, and death shit. But, what I do know is that according to Sky, Daniel and Celia were trying to summon Elizabeth’s demon to the in between so Daniel could reverse her curse and set her free. This would also set the souls of all the white witches free.

I think I was finally grasping what Kylee was trying to say. From my own interpretation Sky was being Sky. Always seeing the good in the darkest of souls. I know her and I know that’s exactly what she would do. She would stay until she could help Daniel reverse that spell. But god if a day for her was a week for me how could I go on like this. As if reading my thoughts Kylee stood holding out her hand.

Kylee: Hope is not lost today.... it is found.

A shake my head and chuckle. It’s funny to know how addictive both Sky and my mother are to people with their damn movie quotes.
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