Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 25: Home

Sky’s perspective:

The black ash takes me into darkness, but I don’t fear it. My heart flutters with anticipation of seeing Max and being able to look into his bright green eyes as he consumes me with their golden flames. Once the ash has dissipated I find myself standing in the mystic room. The house is dark and eerily quiet.

I creep out into the hall half expecting Luna to appear. I laugh and shake my head, though I will miss her terribly. Had I known she was my mother, I would have told her so much. Oh my god! The thought of Max and I having sex around the house in the open and her being there. I slap a palm to my face before shaking it off as I walk back to the bedroom. The bed is made, but tussled with my pillow laying longways near Max’s side. I puff out my bottom lip saddened at the thought of him sulking in my absence. I know time stands still in the in between, but by the looks of this place it tells me I’ve been gone a while. Though I can still smell his oak maple scent, it’s hours old.

My wolf senses can pick up two other scents unknown to me. Another male wolf very dominant and a female, she’s more than wolf. I shrug it off and step out onto the front porch to find Max’s truck in the drive.

Frustration is taking over. I let out a deep growl. My dire need to see Max, to feel his arms around me, to feel him inside me is driving me mad. The sudden urge to shift into my wolf and run takes over. I shiver as I shake my snow white fur stretching my long legs and dig my giant claws into the ground like an Olympic runner digging his foot into the starting line waiting for the gun to go off giving the go. I lunge forward into a sprint with no destination in site, feeling the coolness of the summer breeze kissing my cold wet snout.

The feeling of freedom is exhilarating, but too soon it comes to a halt when I look up to see my old house. It still seems abandoned, though there are a few scaffolds now scattered around the front and sides. The inn sign has been removed looking like it’s about to be remodeled. Slowly I make my way around back to the garden. There the grass and weeds are already growing over the remnants of the destruction from that night, for me it was just yesterday. All the images of that night come rolling before me like an old movie reel.

Shifting back I kneel down next to the stone sword where Jason’s body lay still. Tears fall from my eyes mixing in old dried blood. My heart aches for his loss as the guilt weighs heavily. The sensation of a hand on my shoulder startles me. I shoot up to my feet twisting around in defense. My arms slump to my side while my heart deflates with remorse. Taking in a shaky breath I mumble.

Sky: I’m so sorry.

Jason’s hand reaches under my chin lifting my eyes to his. He is as beautiful as he was in his painting. Tan with dark blue eyes, filling out his suit like a handsome soldier. His smile is genuine, as his eyes display a sense of freedom and contentment.

Jason: Don’t be, I’ve been around a very long time. I made my decision. Dying for someone you care about is a welcoming death.

I look away at his statement.

Jason: I told you before not to fret. My wife was the only one to ever possess my heart. Though we would have made great lovers you and I.

I raise a brow and give a playful seductive smirk.

Sky: Perhaps had my heart not already belonged to Max. Though I will be forever grateful to you Jason for what you did.

His palm rests along the side of my face as his lips suddenly claim mine. The kiss feels real at first, but as with all ghosts, the feeling becomes phantom as Jason fades with a smile as wide as the Cheshire Cat. The tingling of his kiss lingers as I hold on to his goodbye.

I take one last look at the garden before shifting back into my wolf and run for home.
I’m not sure why or for how long, but I just stand in front of my house staring at the night sky of endless stars till my heart begins to race, my stomach spasms from butterflies making me feel weak in the knees with anticipation. Oak and maple wafts through the air as the front door flies open.

My core tightens as moisture immediately rims my center at the sight of the mountainous man in the doorway. His untamed hair and scruffy beard does wonders for my sexual appetite. He pounces on me like the wild beast he is, pulling me to the ground and ravishing me with kisses of sheer delight. Our hands are all over each other as tears swell in both of our eyes as if we’ve been apart for decades.

Max: God I fucking love you.

Sky: I love you so much Max.

He pulls back for a second to take a breath and look me over as if to make sure I’m really there.

Max: Promise to never leave like that again.

I give him my biggest doe-eyed look I can fathom.

Sky: I promise.

Max: I’ve been so lost without you. Now all I want to do is bury myself in you for days.

Sky: I wouldn’t want to make the pillow jealous!

He’s taken aback for a second looking stumped, then his eyes widen.

Max: You were here earlier?

I nod.

Max: Oh baby you know she doesn’t mean anything to me. You’re the only one I love.

He attacks my neck and I squirm with fits of giggles. Without warning Max has me flung over his shoulder and in the bedroom. He tosses me on the bed next to the pillow and I instantly throw it at him. I guess he wasn’t expecting that because it hits him right in the face. With a devilish grin he tears out of his jeans and rips off my clothes. Like a lusting sex deprived beast, without mercy he takes me. Claiming my every inch for himself and I give it to him willingly.

We both lay spent tangled in each other’s arms while the lack of sleep creeps up on Max.
He pulls me into his side while I rest my head on his chest listening to the soothing sound of his heart now content as he finally drifts into a deep sleep, the first in a week. For me sleep does not come, but instead a recent memory of Max’s plays in my mind.

There’s a beautiful woman with long black hair and bright blue eyes standing at our fire place mantel looking at photos. It’s Max’s mother Willow. She’s talking about Jason and how he was proof that men or demons can change their own paths. That we all have a light side and a dark side. It’s up to us which path we choose.

I have a great understating and appreciation for this particular memory. A reminder that it doesn’t matter where I come from, it’s a matter of who I choose to be.

(Willow: Hope is like the sun, if you only believe it when you see it you’ll never make it through the night.

Max: Did I tell you Sky loves using movie quotes too.)

I especially love the genuine knowing smile she gives him about my love of movie quotes.

This memory brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my insides. For the first time in a long time I feel complete. With this, sleep finally comes.

Max’s perspective:

I felt her presence the second I left the enchanted forest and immediately shifted to my wolf running faster than I ever have. My Sky was home. I barged in the backdoor and could smell her sweet jasmine sent.

Max: Sky

When I realized she wasn’t there my heart deflated. I stood in the middle of the hall in the dark with my head held down. Fists tightening till my knuckles turned white. My temper was getting the better of me. After countless minutes of silence my heart suddenly goes into a rapid beat. Butterflies take over my insides. Everything feels like it goes into slow motion as I reach for the front door swinging it open to reveal an image standing out front looking at the stars.

When her eyes meet mine I am blown away. She looks even more beautiful than I can remember. There’s an extra glow around her, a calming peaceful glow. All the air leaves my lungs as I fly off the porch taking her into my arms pulling her to the ground. She’s back and I can finally breathe again. After taking her, claiming every inch of her I welcome along awaited sleep.

The sound of rain tapping against the window wakes me from my deep slumber. The smile on my face and my morning wood fall quickly at the realization her side of the bed is empty. No god, tell me last night wasn’t a dream. My pulse races as I begin to panic till I hear her tender voice carry down the hall. A sigh of relief brings my smile back, among other things. The smell of coffee lifts me from the bed. I don’t even bother with pants since I would be removing them as soon as I see her any way. Before or after a sip of coffee is the question.

I stride into the kitchen where my demon goddess stands looking out the window in one of my t-shirts with her phone resting between her shoulder and ear as she mixes something in a bowl. Her long bare legs crossed leaning against the counter. My cock swells more as I grab her hips from behind slithering the wet tip between her soft plump cheeks and nip at her exposed neck, tickling her sensitive skin with my scruffy beard.

She giggles as she parts her legs giving me full access.

Sky: Ok dad. I’ll see you then. Love you.

She sets her phone down and reaches a hand behind her, squeezing my cheek pulling me further into her. My cock slides in through her wetness. Before coffee, I grin thinking to myself. I grab both her hands holding them on the counter in front of us as I roll my hips like waves on a beach, slowly receding before crashing forward. With each slow pull back she tightens her walls around my shaft milking my pre cum causing my climax to go into overdrive and my body instinctively guns it. Driving into her fast and hard till I feel her come undone smothering my dick with her moist heat. I follow behind as my entire body folds around hers twitching with every last drop of my sex inside her.

She grabs a kitchen towel cleaning up our sex as I grab my coffee. It’s cold now, but it was worth it. Sky turns around placing her hands around my coffee cup. I look down astonished as it begins to bubble and steam rises from the cold liquid that’s not so cold anymore. She gives a big sideways grin and winks before turning back to her bowl of pancake mix.

Max: That’s new.

She shrugs it off like it’s no big deal. I sip my warm coffee and watch out the window as the rain drops dance in a rhythm to their own sound.

Max: Everything ok with your dad?

Sky: Yeah, I just called to let him know I’m back.

Max: Does he still want you to go back to LA to join the practice.

Sky: Nope.

Max: So then we’re staying.

Sky: Yes we’re staying.

I cross my arm over her chest pulling her in for a kiss on her temple.

Max: We should start looking for a bigger place then.

She pours even amounts of batter along the flat skillet and turns to me.

Sky: Oh are you planning on having a litter soon?

She waves a spoon of batter at me. I pull her into my semi hard on, growling and nipping at her bottom lip.

Max: You bet baby.

Sky’s perspective:

Over the next month as summer turns to fall, Max and I settle on a spacious 4 bedroom, two-story cabin near a creek at the edge of Maple Falls closer to Spokane. It took my dad sometime before he revisited us at our new home. He did what he normally does and buried himself in his work. He had a hard time getting over being possessed by Elizabeth and killing Jason. Dante was a huge help. He never held any grudge against my dad and made sure my dad knew it. They actually became good friends. Turns out they were both born in the same century.

Max’s family accepted me as he said they would, Willow especially. She really did have a big kind heart. Never once did she ever look at me indifferently. She even seemed genuinely happy that Daniel had seemed to find his way out of the darkness. It was in fact a teary and joyous reunion when I summoned them so they could say their peace. Thomas and Gwendolyn welcomed their first born, a baby boy they named Alexander. After some convincing, Max finally allowed me to join the Beast Bounty family business all while planning our wedding for October 13th. At least that had been the plan. Max even wanted me to throw out my birth control before our wedding in hopes to get started on our family sooner than later. Little does he know the sooner is already upon us.

I wish I could say this was one of those fairy tales where we lived happily ever after, but this isn’t a fairy tale, and our story had only just begun. We were living happily for now, but as far as ever after? Well that’ll depend greatly upon the little one growing inside of me.

Shelly Gray
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