Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 3: This town

I find my way to the super market which really wasn’t that hard being that it’s literally one road in, one road out. There are a few friendly faces and hellos, more from the males, while the majority of females give eye rolls and elbows to their men. Wow, I feel like I’m back home in LA.

As I’m standing in the pet aisle looking for some toys I pick up his scent, oak and maple.
Though I don’t see him I sense he’s close. I finish getting Luna some things and head to the front register. There’s an older woman with a pleasant bright aura around her which puts a smile on my face. Her hair is lavender, cut into a bob making her appear younger than 80? She’s about 3 inches shy of my 5’6”, dressed in blue dress pants with a blue and white striped t-shirt and a white sweater, with matching white loafers. When she turns towards me showing her light pink lip gloss and thick pink framed glasses I am struck with a memory of my first grade teacher Mrs. Hemsworth.

Sky: Mrs. Hemsworth?

Her head shakes a little while her hand trembles lifting her glasses further up to get a better view. She squints for a moment then her pale blue eyes widen.

Mrs. Hemsworth: Sky dear, is that really you?

Sky: It is, how are you doing?

Mrs. Hemsworth: Good, good. I’m sorry to hear about Cynthia.

She reaches over to pat my arm.

Sky: Thank you.

Mrs.Hemsworth: You look just like your mother. Such a lovely young woman.

Clerk's voice: Excuse me Miss?

At first I ignore the squeaky voice of the prepubescent teenage clerk until I realize he’s talking to me! Mrs. Hemsworth is no longer there. I roll my eyes and huff looking around to see if anyone noticed me having a conversation with a ghost in a freaking grocery store check out. Thankfully just acne boy behind the register and an older man who’s too busy staring at the magazine with a gorgeous picture of Jennifer Aniston on the cover.

I pay and make my way quickly to my car pissed at myself for being thrown off. It must be him, his scent, his presence. I knew from the aura, that special glow that she was a ghost, but the pat on my arm felt heavier than the normal ghost energy I feel. I slam the trunk of the car and push the cart hard enough to make it into the cart return a few feet away. Maybe with a little use of magic.

Man's voice: Nice shot.

The voice was smooth but not as deep as I imagine shadow lurker's to be, and this guy smelled like expensive French cologne and scotch. There was a sophistication and yet playfulness about him. When I turned to see the face behind the voice I felt a little tingle. Nothing like shadow lurker. He was tall, maybe 6' plus and slender, but firm. He's wearing black dress shoes with a pair of fitted black slacks leaving a wandering mind to the imagination, and a grey button down satin shirt with the top three buttons undone showing a little bit of his toned hairless chest muscles.

He’s clean shaven with a devious smile and almost gray eyes and short slick black hair. Once again I can’t recognize the presence about him. He’s not like shadow lurker and yet it’s not quite human. Is it possible this town is like Snake River, full of mystical creatures?

Man's voice: You ok, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.

I laugh out loud, a little too loud, catching the attention of a few people passing by. The fact that I had was uncanny.

Sky: Sorry, I’m just a little off today. Things are a little weird for me here.

Man's voice: You’re not from around here?

Sky: No. Well, I mean I was but left when I was little.

Man's voice: Oh, so you must be Cynthia's granddaughter ,Sky?

He holds out a hand.

Man's voice: I’m Jason

I take his hand expecting to shake it when he pulls it up to his mouth. The softness of his lips barely hovering over my knuckles felt like butterfly kisses causing a slight shiver. This could be trouble. His smile widens as his eyes take hold of mine. I feel a slight pull like he’s drawing me into him.

Just then oak and maple wafts through the air.

Girls voice: Max!

I look over to where the high shrill voice came from to find a petit fake tanned girl with blond wavy hair, cut off jean shorts way too short, a skimpy white tank top and brown cowgirl boots. She's throwing her arms around my shadow lurker, who’s leaning against the side of the building next to the store. His eyes are glued to mine even though he reaches one arm around the girl's waist looking like he could easily snap her in half if he squeezed a little harder. This breaks the hold Jason had on me as I pull my hand away to unlock the car. Why do I suddenly feel jealous.

Sky: Nice meeting you.

I say to Jason as I get in the car. But when I reach for the ignition I realize I don’t have keys. There’s a tap on the window and a grinning Jason dangling my keys from his hand. I roll down the window laughing with embarrassment as I grab for the keys. He doesn’t let go. Instead he bends down leaning against the door.

Jason: It was very nice to meet you Sky. I hope we run into each other again soon.

I just smile and nod not understanding this effect these men are having on me. I grab the keys and start the car. As I begin to drive away I notice shadow lurker is gone and blonde is now hanging on some other guy.

My magic is out of whack and my years of celibacy is putting me in some kind of sexual frenzy. This is not like me. I finally pull in the driveway back home and take a second to try and clear my head. Then it dawns on me there are other things than ghosts now. I also need to relearn how to tell the difference between the dead and living before I have another Mrs. Hemsworth issue.

I hop out of the car and can sense he’s near, my oak maple shadow lurker. How the hell did he get here so quick and why does it seem like he’s always near. Could it just be coincidental? I mean it is a small town, maybe he needed to go there for something? Plus I didn’t see him when I pulled away so....yeah there’s a logical explanation. I let out a sigh. This is my psych major talking, trying to analyze everything. After all, a witch living amongst mystics is totally logical right.

Luna: “meow”

Sky: You miss me that much huh?

She rubs against my legs eagerly waiting, knowing I have things for her. I drop the cat litter and litter box and reach into the bag for a toy mouse and throw it across the room. She happily runs after it skidding across the wooden floor. After setting up the box near the back door in the laundry room and washing her new dishes, I pour some food and water for her, setting the dishes on an empty space near the kitchen window.

She leaps up and immediately chows down her food like a starving kitten. Giving her a pat on the back and running her tail through my hand, my eyes drift back out the window replaying the images from this morning of him out there chopping wood. It doesn’t stop there. My imagination takes things a little further.

Picturing a "what if" fantasy scenario had he still been out there when I took coffee for him. The subtleness of his big strong hand brushing against mine to take the cup sets my arms ablaze with goose bumps. His deep chuckle causing my stomach muscles to tighten and my center to dampen. His abs I imagine as defined as his back with chest muscles that could act as a brick wall one minute and a pillow for my head the next.

The buzzing through my body right now is almost like having a vibrator so powerful it sends the pleasure throughout every inch of me. The thought of his big hands touching my wet pussy sends me further into a frenzy. I need a release. I start sliding my own hand down my front side only inches from my mound when the sound of Twenty One Pilots “Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days” breaks me from my fantasy alerting me to my dad calling.

I take a deep breath fishing my phone out of my bag to take the call.

Sky: Hi dad

I sounded a little worked up and out of breath.

Alexander: Hi sweetie. Everything ok you sound out of breath.

Sky: Oh I was just exercising. How are you it’s been so long since our last conversation.

Alexander: I know, I know, but I’m your dad I worry.

His laughter is soothing and in some ways as my dad, I wish I could talk to him about everything. As a psychologist, I know I can’t.

Alexander: Sky!

Sky: Sorry, I was thinking of a way to tell you something.

Alexander: What is it.

Luna: Meow

I laugh out loud as the cat is now literally out of the bag.

Alexander: Was that a cat?

Sky: Yes, That’s Luna she came as kind of a surprise gift with the house yesterday.

Alexander: Oh. And you needed to think about how to tell me that?

Sky: Well yeah, since I’ll be staying with you temporarily till I get my own place near the office.

His laughter booms through the phone.

Alexander: Have I been so difficult you were worried to ask about bringing home a kitten?
Oh sweetie, you could bring home a panther for all I care, just as long as you come home.

I giggle at the notion while looking at Luna who at the moment is prowling like a panther ready to pounce on the toy mouse on the kitchen floor.

Alexander: Sky, please know you can talk to me about anything as your father, not a doctor, ok.

Sky: Ok dad.

Alexander: Sweetie....

Just then his office line buzzes, and I can hear his receptionist telling him his next client is in.

Alexander: I have my next client here so I’ll call you tomorrow ok.

Sky: Sure thing. I love you dad.

Alexander: I love you sweetie. Stay safe.
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