Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 4: Meeting the neighbor

I peer out the window to see the coffee cup I left out this morning is gone. For some reason that brings a little warmth to my insides. I ponder the idea of baking something and taking it to his house which must be just through my back yard. Surely a measly cup of coffee is no real thanks for the amount of work he put into chopping and stacking all that wood. It would probably get me through two winters easily. Winters that I won’t be here to enjoy.

Just then I get a sense of someone approaching the door. I take in a deep breath letting it out slowly and focus on the presence. There’s a happy, casual flow about the female skipping steps up my porch. There’s an upbeat knocking and a calm sweet voice.

Girl: Hello!

She’s human I think, but definitely not a ghost.

I answer the door welcomed by the 5’8 goddess with light sea green eyes. Her golden brown hair is pulled back tight into a pony tail. She has on black and pink running shoes, grey and pink yoga capris with a matching grey and pink tank top, leaving nothing for the imagination. She has tanner than expected skin for such a dark rainy town.

Girl: Sky?

Sky: yes.

Girl: You probably don’t remember me, but we went to school together.

A flash back to first grade hits me. On the playground at school, a young girl with brown hair is getting bullied and then gets pushed down by a boy. I remember getting angry and running towards the boy. When I pushed him he flew back over a nearby trash can and started to cry. The girl gets up and is taller than me, probably the tallest girl in the whole school.

Girl: I’m Kylee.

I look at the now grown Kylee before me and smile before taking her into a massive hug. The idea of knowing someone is overwhelming.

Sky: How could I forget my best friend of first and second grade?

Her smile widens as she embraces the hug.

Sky: Please come in.

She bounces in with excitement, following me to the kitchen.

Kylee: It’s surprisingly cute and modern in here.

Sky: It is. Would you like some tea or coffee?

Kylee: Tea would be great.

She takes a seat at the kitchen counter that acts as the only dining table between the kitchen and living room. It has room for four so it works. Not that I’m planning on having a party or family anytime soon. I get tea and join her at the counter.

Kylee: I was so sad when you left. You where my only friend. The only person that didn’t seem to care about my height, and you made sure no one ever teased me about it again. At first a few people tried to push me around thinking I was nothing without you. But you had given me such confidence that I was finally able to stand up for myself. Eventually, most of the guys all grew taller than me and, well I filled out..... Oh my god Sky you have no idea how thrilled I was to hear you were coming back. My best friend.

Sky: You were my only human friend.

Her brows lifted and I realized I had just said that out loud. We both burst out in a fit of laughter.

Sky: Kylee, I only came up for the summer to sort a few things out and decide what to do with this place.

Kylee: Well then I have all summer to get you to stay.

Sky: My dad would never allow that.

She cocked her head looking at me sideways, with a stern mother hen look.

Kylee: You’re a grown ass woman Sky, maybe it’s time for daddy to let you go.

I gave her a faint smile and looked away as she put a hand over mine.

Kylee: I’m sorry, I know how hard it must have been for him to lose his wife, and you, your mom. My dad died before I was born. It took my mom years to move on, but when she finally opened herself to the possibilities of loving another person she found happiness again.

Sky: My dad immediately drowned himself in his work and practice. He’s gone on dates, but he’s too much of a workaholic to commit to anything else.

Kylee: He seems to be drowning you with him. I’m surprised you’re even here.

Sky: Oh you have no idea.

Kylee: Hey come out with me tonight. There’s a fancy club on the other side of town and I happen to have an in.

Sky: I’m not real big on crowds and drinking.

Kylee: Oh come on Sky please. Let’s make up for lost time and celebrate life.

Sky: Alright, but I don’t have any club clothes.

Kylee: You don’t worry about a thing. I’ll be back at 6 to get ready.

She finished her tea and bounced out of the house, but not before giving me another hug.

Kylee: I’m so glad your back.

I watch her leap off the porch and go into a sprint down the road. My body begins buzzing with excitement. With everything going on this will be a nice distraction. I clean the mugs and head for the shower when I hear scratching at the back door.

Luna: Meow

I open the door and Luna darts in past me.

Sky: How on earth did you get out here?

Just then a gust of wind blew past me bringing with it his scent. I look down to see my mug from this morning with a small blue wild flower underneath. The smile on my face reaches ear to ear. I can feel him, smell him. Why does he not show himself? My shadow lurker.

I gaze out through the trees stretching as far as I can see, hoping for a glimpse. He doesn’t seem like the shy type especially not the way he was staring at me at the market today. Is he afraid of me? It seems like he knew my grandmother, does he know what I am? I let out a sigh and turn back inside.

After a bite to eat and a quick shower I find myself staring out my bedroom window when I feel a sudden chill. It’s dark out but I catch movement beneath the slivers of moon light peering through the clouds. I focus my eyes and spot what looks like two bright green eyes with a golden glow staring back at me.

I swallow down the lump in my throat, frozen in place. I study the area trying to see an image of something but the trees and brush block the view making it look like the eyes are just floating.
The color is almost like his, the height of where they are next to the tree looks about his height. I take a deep breath and decide it is time to meet my neighbor. At least I hope that’s him.

I throw on my black silk robe and head out the back door. Something wrestles in the bushes. I get a strong whiff of oak and maple.

There’s a groan followed by a growl, a deep gruffly growl.

Stopping just a few feet from the bush, I can see the edge of his broad shoulder peeking out from behind the tree. At first I thought he was wearing a jacket. A closer look and another sliver of moon light and I can see it’s fur. His whole shoulder and what bit of his pulsing bicep and muscular back I can see is covered in greyish white fur with streaks of brown, much like a timber wolf. He is a werewolf. I should be afraid, but instead I am drawn to him by an arousal that makes me blush and bite my lip. I take a step closer.

Man's voice: Don’t.

His deep, core thrilling, sexy voice causes my clit to twitch.

Sky: Why do you hide from me.

Man's voice: I’m not hiding.

I laugh crossing my arms.

Sky: You are standing in the bushes behind a tree in my back yard, and even though I’m standing right here, you are making every effort to keep me from seeing you. That’s hiding.

Man's voice: I can’t look at you.

Shocked at those words I let out a little huff.

Sky: If I’m so grotesque why do you keep watching me. You didn’t seem to mind the view while I was standing in my bedroom window a minute ago.

Man's voice: That was different. You were in the safety of your home. Out here you are exposed and I can’t be near you right now.

Sky: Why? What are you afraid of?

Man's voice: Hurting you.

Sky: Do you want to hurt me Max.

I can see his body tense at the name. My body is humming with sexual desire. I should be afraid, but god his voice alone could make me cum.

Max: No!

His voice vibrates through me causing me to take another step closer to get a better view.

Max: Sky don’t.

His demand causes me to freeze.

Sky: I don’t understand. If you don’t want to hurt me then what’s the big deal. I know what you are and I’m not afraid.

Max: I am.

Before I can say another word he’s gone.

Max’s Perspective:

Since the first day she arrived I’ve been drawn to her. The sweet scent of jasmine, her sky blue eyes and long burgundy hair that tends to flow to one side exposing her long delicate neck. Tonight there was something more. I could smell her arousal when she stepped outside earlier this morning after I caught her staring at me through the kitchen window.

But tonight as I watched her standing at her bedroom window in nothing but a black bra with the moon's light gleaming off her perfectly round tits peeking out of the top on full display, my inner beast shifted. I began stroking my swollen cock imagining her tight wet pussy wrapped around it.

Lost in my pleasure I closed my eyes for a second and suddenly she was there. Standing on the other side of the tree watching me.

Her sweet voice carried like a summer breeze through my fur sending a chill that made me want to keep stroking. The smell of how aroused she was and how near to me she was, triggered my release. Had she come any closer I’m not sure I would have been able to hold myself back from taking her, claiming her for myself, but the thought of possibly hurting her forced me to retreat.
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