Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 5: Eclipse

Thankfully Kylee has arrived with her positively radiant energy taking me out of my bitter feeling of rejection and confusion. Even though she is 2-1/2 inches taller than me, we have about the same build so she brought as she said, "her shortest dresses." Thankfully the black spaghetti strap one sat only a few inches above my knees, making it a little more comfortable for me.

Kylee: My god woman! The way that hugs your every curve. If I wasn’t straight I’d be trying to take you home tonight.

She laughs kissing my cheeks and hands me a pair of black velvet high heels, thankfully only about 2 inches making them a little more tolerable to wear. Yeah, I might have lived my last 18 years in LA, but I was not at all the Hollywood type. The mountains never left my heart.

She teased my hair a little, dabbed a little blood red lip gloss on my lips and finished me with some mascara. This was obviously her thing and I admit I kind of liked it. We stared at each other in my antique standing mirror in the corner; her with her shoulder length flowing gold hair and bright red strapless dress and matching heels.

Kylee: Let's go paint this town red.

Our cab pulls up to the Eclipse Club on the far side of town where there’s a long line of people. Kylee grabs my hand and walks straight up to the enormous 6 foot tall body building, "Mr. Clean" looking bouncer at the rope entrance flashing a huge flirtatious smile. He returns the smile opening the rope for us.

Bouncer: Miss Salmon

He nods as we walk past.

Kylee: Blake

A smaller guy in a black suit with blond wavy hair smiles and opens the big red door that stands out against the dark grey building.

Doorman: Miss Salmon

Kylee: Kyle

Music blasts us like a gust of wind as we enter. The place is dark yet with fog machines and blue lights; it’s almost like walking under a moonlit sky through a forest, surrounded by bodies instead of trees. Kylee drags me to the bar for a drink. The slick blond bartender with grey eyes flashes longer than normal K9s like something out of a vampire movie. I suddenly feel it. The difference in the presence.

Kylee: Two sea breezes, Henry.

Henry: You got it Miss Salmon.

Sky: Kylee I don’t drink.

Kylee: Live a little Sky. Besides there’s only a splash of rum in it for flavor. I don’t really drink either especially on nights I’m performing.

I grab her arm with a look of all seriousness.

Sky: Kylee, really I can’t drink!

Her eyes soften with understanding.

Kylee: Make hers a virgin will you Henry.

There’s a red mark where I had just grabbed her but it quickly vanishes.

Sky: I’m so sorry Kylee I didn’t mean to.

She looks down at her arm and laughs, before grabbing both of my hands in hers. Now giving me a look of seriousness.

Kylee: Who hurt you Sky?

I turn my head to fight the tears.

Kylee: You don’t have to worry about me. I’m well aware of who’s what around here. I want you to know you can talk to me.

Henry: Your drinks ladies.

We grab our drinks and Kylee leads us to one of the many big red booths outlining the dance floor in front of a small stage.

Sky: You said you perform I ask, scooting into the booth.

Kylee: I sing a few times a week.

She slides in next to me, downing her drink like a dehydrated fish. She looks over to me with a raised brow as she lifts her empty glass signaling a waitress for another.

Kylee: Sky.

She’s not going to let this go. I take a sip of my drink and immediately spit it back into the cup.
It was not a virgin. Kylee grabs the drink and knocks it back.

Kylee: I’ll be right back.

She sways her hips gracefully through the crowded dance floor, and I watch as if by magic they all move making a path. She exchanges a few words with the bartender before suddenly slamming his face down on the counter. The result of being bullied for years I assume, but to do that to a vampire, she must really have an in at this place, and a strong in. She makes her way back after taking a bottled water from the bartender and fixing his dress shirt.

Sky: Remind me to never get on your bad side.

Kylee: He deserved it.

She hands me the water as she slides back in. Just then a waitress in a skimpy black pleated skirt, black suspenders, small red crop top cut into a deep V giving a mountainous view; with black hair pulled back into a tight tail with lavender tips that matched her lavender eyes, walks up with a big smile. She winks as she is setting down Kylee's drink and walks away showing off a curvy ass leading to black thigh highs and red Doc Martins.

Kylee: Don’t think I’m letting this go. Tell me what happened.

Sky: I was dating a guy in college who one night took me to a party in Beverly Hills. There were a lot of drugs and alcohol. My boyfriend Tyler talked me into having a drink. It was god awful. I think there was some soda in it but mostly whiskey. Never having drank before it went to my head quick, too quick! Next thing I know we were in a room making out on someone’s bed.

Something didn’t feel right. I felt weighed down and could hardly breath as he started undressing me. I told him to stop, but he didn’t listen. I tried to fight him and raised my voice demanding he stop. He got angry and put a hand on my throat and started unzipping his pants with his free hand, telling me I was a tease and it was time for me to put out.

My body started humming like I was touching an electrical wire and then there was a flash. My fingertips were glowing, and Tyler was across the room out cold on the floor. I woke up the next day at home in my bed. No idea how I got there, and if my dad knew anything he didn’t say.

Kylee: I’m sorry that happened to you, and I’m sorry I was trying to get you to drink.

I nod and crack open my water for a sip when the smell of French cologne hits me and I realize Jason is standing at the booth. His grey eyes staring into mine with a smile like a Cheshire Cat. Mischievous and dangerous, and pretty sexy if I were to be honest. Kylee jumps out of the booth and into the arms of a very tall well built man in a black suit with short black hair cut into a perfect fauxhawk.

Kylee: Dante, I’ve missed you.

He claims her lips seductively before glancing my way with dark blue eyes and a smirk.

Dante: Who’s your friend

Kylee: This is Sky, my friend from elementary school I told you about.

He stretches his long arm across the table.

Dante: Nice to meet you. Any friend of Kylee's is a friend of ours.

He looks over to Jason to introduce him, but Jason has already taken a seat with my hand to his lips.

Jason: Hello again.

I blush and find myself speechless at his closeness. Kylee with a sudden worried look calls out to him.

Kylee: Jason don....

Dante cuts her off

Dante: Babe, she’ll be fine, why don’t we go to the back room for a proper hello.

Kylee looks my way seeking approval, but wanting to make sure I was ok. I smile and wave at her to go before returning my attention to the man beside me. Dante and Kylee disappear through the crowd.

Jason releases my hand and stretches his arm over the back of the booth behind me, bringing himself in closer. He twirls a piece of my hair in his fingers with his other hand.

Jason: Did he live?

Sky: I’m sorry.

Jason: The boyfriend, did he survive?

Sky: You heard all that?

He smiles flashing his pointed K9s as if to say, dare I say more, confirming my suspicion of him being a vampire, I am a little turned on by his mere presence. Perhaps it’s my body playing tricks on me after being rejected earlier. Lonely and horny is a dangerous feeling to have at this moment with the pull he has on me when he stares into my eyes. Like he’s doing now.

Sky: Are you trying to compel me.

Jason: Would that be such a bad thing.

Sky: From my perspective it kind of is. There’s no real difference between that and getting a girl drunk with the intent to take advantage of her.

Jason: The difference is you’re not drunk and I think you do want me to take advantage of you.

His hand reaches through my hair pulling me into him. For a moment I am lost in the gentleness of his kiss. Till suddenly I find myself in darkness, screams of women echoing. A light flickers on an image of a man holding the limp body of a woman in his arms under an old street lamp on a cobble road in what looks like 1800’s England.

The man looks up quickly in my direction with blood dripping from his mouth. My heart is pounding hard against my chest as he lays the woman down and steps towards me.

Sky: Jason!

I whisper.

Jason: Sky!

I shoot my arms out shoving in his direction. His laughter is subtle and creepy.

Jason: So you like it rough.

I open my eyes to see Jason still sitting before me with a cocky smirk and a drop of blood on his lip. We’re still in the club. I try to calm my breathing when I feel the small cut on my lip. When I pull my finger away and see a smidge of blood I look back up at Jason who’s licking the blood from his lip.

Sky: You bit me.

He throws his hands up in defense.

Jason: I assure you it was an accident when you shoved me away from you! Why did you do that.

Sky: I heard screams and saw you killing a woman.

He tilts his head glaring at me with devilish eyes.

Jason: I am a vampire love, but I do not kill if I do not have to.

Stumped by his honesty I open my mouth to ask more questions when the entire club goes completely silent and the lights turn off for a split second. One soft blue light shines on stage; on Kylee now in a tight shiny teal dress and flowing sea green hair as she begins to move her hips like an enchantress. Her voice drifts through the air like an angel from heaven. I take notice that nearly every man in the place watches her motionless like in some kind of trance. Even my body reacts to the beauty of her voice.

When her song was over the lights went out again. When they turned back on she was gone, and the club filled back up with the loud alternative music. The crowd seemed to return to normal. At some point Jason’s hand had found its way to my thigh. His thumb making small circles on the inner part just past the hem of my dress. My being lonely and filled with sexual desire was causing me to lose myself in ways I normally wouldn’t. In my heart he is not what I desire, but would it be so wrong to give into the physicality of meaningless sex to put out the fire within.

My thoughts turn to images of Max’s bare back in the morning sun. The subtle turn of his head when he caught me watching him makes me suck in a sharp breath. The image from tonight of his strong fur covered muscles flexing as he stroked himself behind the bush. The feeling of embarrassment when he rejected me hits. I feel a tight squeeze higher up on my thigh realizing my body is reacting to his touches while it’s Max I’m imagining.

The scent of oak and maple hits me as cold chills run down my spine from the icy stare Max is giving me.
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