Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 6: Max’s claim

His eyes burning gold with an intensity that has me completely frozen. He walks like an animal stalking its prey coming to a halt near the booth, breathing so heavily I can almost see smoke forming with each breath, as his massive chest rises and falls.

Jason stands tall unafraid of the challenge. Yet Max towers over Jason a good couple of inches and his muscles make Jason look human.

Jason: You appear to be lost my friend.

Max ignores Jason holding a hand out in my direction.

Max: Come!

Jason is taken aback, in complete shock as I stand from the booth placing my hand in Max’s, allowing him to pull me tightly into his backside as if shielding me from all the prying eyes. I steal a glance back at Jason standing there with a sad look on his face like a kid that just dropped his ice cream. I cannot deny the feeling of belonging in Max’s tight grip.

Kylee: Sky!

I hear her hollering from across the club, but I remain in Max’s hold. Once outside the club he pulls me across the street to his black Ford pickup. Without a word he opens the passenger door. He lets go of my hand lifting me by my waist up into the truck without looking at me and slams the door. The force of it causes me to jump. I am not afraid of Max. My desire for him rages through my body like a wildfire. It takes everything I have not to cave into the ecstasy.

He jumps in and peels out.

We arrive back at my house with not a single word spoken. He jumps out walking around the front of the truck. Every muscle flexing, his jaw clicking, still seething with anger, testosterone, jealousy? He opens the door so fast for a second I think it’s going to come off the hinges. I turn towards him swinging my legs over the side of the seat, possibly giving him a little more of a view than he expected. He growls, gripping my waist with his large rough fingers lifting me out of the truck as he slides me down the front of his body. His tight white button shirt pops a button against my chest.

His hot breath inches from my neck. The bulge in his fitted dark blue jeans is so hard and massive it presses between my thighs and slowly drags across my center coming to a rest at my belly as he gently sets me down. My face stares at his still heaving chest which begins to slow as I lift my eyes looking up at him through my lashes.

Sky: I thought you were afraid of me.

His nostrils flare, his erection pulsates. He slowly slides one hand up my side around my back to the nape of my neck with fingers tangled in my hair.

Max: That was before.

He gives my hair a gentle pull exposing my parted lips and sinks his tongue inside my mouth, swirling slowly around mine. Oddly, as his tongue drags across my bottom lip I feel the cut heal. I lean back looking up at him while touching the spot. He simply smiles and lets out a breath.

Max: I will take the next life and any other after, that tries to harm you.

Sky: What about you?

There’s a flash of hurt and anger in his glare.

Max: I won’t.

Sky: But you said?

He looks away and swallows the guilt of our conversation from earlier tonight.

Max: When I’m in my in between, more beast than man, I can’t always control the beast. My lust for you made me afraid. You were standing so close, practically naked and I could smell your arousal. It took everything I had to keep the beast from taking you right then and there. That’s not how I wanted our first time to be.

Sky: So what changed? How do you know your beast won’t come out and take me at his will.

His nostrils flare more as his chest expands and deflates rapidly.

Max: For the same reason I didn’t rip that blood sucking leech's throat out. You!
When your eyes met mine they took hold of me, enchanted me much in the way Kylee's song’s do most men. All I could think about in that moment was claiming you for myself.

My heart was pounding so hard it echoed in my ears. My center thrives for him, my body aches for him. No one has ever wanted me in such a way. I gripped one of his forearms while running my other hand down each hill of bulging muscle in his bicep. I could feel his shiver through my flesh. I stood on my toes hovering my lips over his in a tease. Purposely running my body against his as I came down feeling his still very hard member.

Max: Do not tempt me woman.

I pull away from him heading up the steps with a little extra swing in my hips; looking back over my shoulder.

Sky: I maybe a lot of things but a temptress, I am not.

I pull my keys out of my pocketbook and unlock the door. In a split second he has me spun with my back up against the door, feet off the ground as his hands hold my meaty ass tilting it just at the right angle so that his enormous erection is rubbing along my wet center. My legs instinctively wrap around the narrow of his hips while my arms brace myself over his shoulders. He bucks into me once shooting a wave of pleasure through me by the friction of his pants against my panties. His lips smother mine staking claim, parting only long enough to make a demand.

Max: Once I have you, I will never let you go.

I reach one hand behind me turning the knob. Without hesitation he grabs me tighter and strides through the door kicking it closed with a foot, descending down the hall to my bedroom. I kick off my heels and toss my pocketbook. He kicks the bedroom door closed, setting me down just at the foot of the bed while slipping my dress over my head.

He slips my bra straps down, kissing my shoulder with the lightest of kisses that lingers long after he moves to my breasts, as the bra drops to the floor. My fingers find the hem of his shirt and tug. He takes a step back looking me over like an obsessed man claiming his prized possession. He tears off his shirt and nearly rips the zipper off his pants discarding them to the floor. His black boxer briefs follow, leaving a full display of his massive cock glistening at the tip.

My eyes widen in disbelief at the sheer size, larger than I imagined. My breath quickens with a slight fear, but my erect clit throbs with need.

He points at my black lace thongs.

Max: Off.

I shimmy slowly out of them tossing them at his chest. He grips them holding them up to his nose and inhales deeply, then drops them and lifts me before easing me down onto the bed. His weight sinks into the mattress while he slides one knee between my thighs parting my legs. He lifts my hands above my head gripping my wrists with just one hand. He ravishes my lips before taking turns nipping, licking and sucking each hardened nipple. Both of his knees now between my legs spreading my legs further. His cock resting heavily along one of my thighs as his fingers travel down circling my clit. I let out a soft moan.

He slips one of his large rough fingers past my entrance feeling it’s way along my inner walls till I let a louder moan alerting him to the spot he was seeking. He slides a second finger in stretching, teasing, pleasuring.

Sky: Oh fuck!

I curse out as thousands of tiny electrical currents course through my body when the first orgasm comes. Max releases a nipple looking me in the eyes with curiosity.

Max: Sky! Are you a virgin?

He speaks in a low gruffly voice. My eyes widen at the assumption. I let out a snort of laughter and blush with embarrassment.

Sky: No. but it has been a very long time.

He keeps looking me in the eyes with a widening smile while still circling his fingers deep inside, teasingly pulling them out slowly and sliding them back in, recharging my senses.

He finally breaks away pulling out his fingers and disappears over the end of the bed fumbling with his pants. There’s a thud followed by the sound of foil ripping and then the snap of a rubber. He slides back over top of me spreading my legs wider with his.

He runs a finger along the side of my face before resting both arms along side of my head as he effortlessly, yet slowly, pushes the tip past my entrance. My body trembles beneath him as the climax builds with every inch of him pushing deeper. He forces my legs wider until there’s almost no more space left between us. I hook my heels behind his hips and dig my nails into his back as he begins to rock back and forth, slowly at first.

His grunts and growls fall into rhythm with my moans of pleasure feeding off each other like flames to kindling. Sparks ignite as he quickens and I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out, overwhelmed by sensations and emotions I’ve never felt before.

Max: Sky....Sky......look at me.

He speaks with jaded breath.

I open my eyes to see the bright green of his with those gold flakes flickering like dancing ambers. His body goes rigid, as his member pulses. He lets out a long gruffly moan that vibrates through me like the rumbling of a race car engine as a second orgasm crashes through my body; like a comet imploding into the earth's atmosphere, creating a multitude of rolling aftershocks. As his breathing slows he kisses my lips with such warmth and caress.

Max: Are you alright?.

With the biggest, and I’m sure goofiest smile plastered on my face, I let out a little giggle.

Sky: Better than alright.

He chuckles while deepening the kiss before resting his forehead to mine. When I close my eyes I feel a warmth come over me. I'm pulled into a vision where there’s a tall man the same build as Max, who looks like an older version of Max only he has short hair on the sides blending up to brown waves on top with eyes of gold and a scar across his left brow. His chuckle even sounds as deep and vibrating as Max’s. He leans down and calls out for “Max”. The sound of children’s laughter fills the air with joy as a small boy with wild dark brown hair runs into his father's arms giggling as he gets tossed in the air. A young beautiful woman with long black hair wraps her arms around the man.

The woman looks in my direction and I feel as though she’s staring directly into my soul, as if I were actually there, and then she smiles and butterflies begin fluttering through me. I squeeze my eyes shut and when I slowly lift my lids Max is staring down at me. A look of confusion and curiosity flashes across his handsome face.

Max: Where did you go.

I smiled running a finger along the side of his face studying the similar features to the man in the memory. Though Max is younger, and stronger with green eyes, they are the same in so many ways.

Sky: I think I was in one of your memories?

His look of curiosity grew.

Max: You can do that.

I shrug my shoulders.

Sky: Only one other time that I know of, but it was dark and filled with death. This one was happy, it was of you and your parents.

His smile reaches his eyes as if he knows exactly what memory it is, and kisses me before sliding out of me. The mattress springs back to life as he lifts himself off the bed and strides into the bathroom. I suddenly feel empty, alone and cold. My fingers graze down my breast across my side hovering just above my clit as if trying to hold on to the feeling of his cock, his touch, his body on me and in me.

Max: Needing more of me so soon.

His deep voice startled me, but I continue with small slow circles around my naval.

Sky: Mmhmm.

I mumble as I raise a brow, lifting the corner of my mouth into a seductive half smile calling him back to the bed. A shadowing image of his beast flashes as he crosses the moon's light peering through the window. His nostrils flare, his lips turn up to a devious grin as he slinks back down onto the mattress blanketing me with his heat.
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