Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 7: Max Reed

The morning sun fills the room with its golden glow and I breath in his addictive scent with a feeling of contentment. I could stay anchored here under his massive arm for eternity.

My moment is soon interrupted by familiar laughter. I kiss his cheek before sliding out from under him, stumbling to grab my robe from the weakness in my legs. I giggle, bracing myself against the door frame trying to find some sort of stability and composure before facing my grandmother and aunt.

I pull the robe tight and make my way through the black beads. The ball on the table glows brighter as I enter. Cynthia and Celia stop laughing abruptly as they look my way with jaws dropped and eyebrows raised. I cannot keep the blushing heat in my cheeks from giving me away. I lean my back against the door frame resting a hand on my hip and rolling my shoulders back keeping my head up with dignity. Yeah, I am proud of what I just did last night.

They both erupt into laughter causing me to join them with a slight giggle of my own.

Cynthia: I told you it was your destiny to come back. Aren’t you glad you did?

Sky: Glad doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Celia: Who’s the lucky fella?

Sky: Like you don’t already know.

Her look was of shock, while Cynthia was snickering to herself. The ball flickers with her laughter. Just then a large warm arm grabs me by the waist, as two hard lips find my ear.

Max: Who you talking to babe?

His voice is groggy and yet still sexy as hell and I have to cross my legs to hold back the moisture. Celia's eyes widened as she took a step closer.

Celia: Liam?

Max lifts his head looking around still wondering who I was talking to. I furrow my brows.

Sky: This is Max! Who’s Liam?
Confusing Max more he looks at me and back at the air in front of me where my eyes are staring at Celia's. She comes closer raising her hands to his face. The hairs on the back of his neck and arms stand on end.

Max: Sky, what’s going on?

Celia: Well I’ll be.

Tears begin to fall as she looks at me with a bigger smile. She simply nods and begins to fade.

Sky: Wait Celia, what’s going on? Who’s Liam?

Cynthia stands up with a gleam of happiness in her eyes as she too fades. I let out a growl of frustration. Almost forgetting Max is there till he stands in front of me holding my shoulders, with his eyes on mine.

Max: Sky!

His voice is deep and commanding. I look up with apologetic eyes. Even for a werewolf this must seem crazy.

Sky: Do you know what I am?

Max: Besides the most beautiful woman on this earth?

I shake my head in laughter.

Sky: Seriously.

Max: Yeah, I know you’re a witch like your grandmother, Cynthia.

Sky: Well one of my special gifts is seeing and talking to ghosts.

Max: So then who’s Celia and why did you say the name.

He freezes mid sentence. Eyes wide open.

Max: You were just talking to a woman named Celia?

Sky: Yes, she’s my great aunt.

Now I’m the one with wide eyes as I start putting the puzzle pieces together. But how is this possible.

Sky: Liam’s your father.

He nods.

Sky: Your last name is Reed.

Max: Yeah, you know that. Why did she mention my father?

Sky: She thought you were him.

Max: What did she say? And why do I feel like someone was touching my face.

Sky: She ghosted you.

Max: What is that?

Sky: It’s when you can feel a ghost's touch or when they make their presence known to you.
When she saw you she thought you were your dad. So it’s true.

Max: What’s true.

Sky: My aunt told me a story about the goddess of the moon. It was before I knew what I was. I mean, I could always see and talk to spirits, but the idea of mystical beasts being a real thing? I sometimes thought she was just telling a made up story. One that I later found a book of and was totally beside myself at the details to Celia's story as if she wrote it herself. So you’re.....

Max: Max Reed. second born of Liam and Willow Reed.

My mind starts racing back linking all the pieces, recollecting the story I’ve read a dozen times. Oh my god the story I’ve read a dozen times. I gasp out loud and slip away from Max to the kitchen. Trying to hold back the countless images formed in my brain from the very erotic scenes in the book.

Max: Is something the matter.

Sky: No, no. I just need some coffee and I’m sure you must be starving.

I start the coffee, looking for anything to occupy my mind. Max follows me leaning against the counter making my kitchen feel suddenly small.

Max: Sky!

I stop for a second to look over at him, really seeing him for the first time this morning. His pecs flex, and my eyes wander further down his very finely tuned ab muscles to the sharp V leading to the thin dark hairs below his tight black boxer briefs.

Max: Sky!

My eyes revert back up to his and I blush with embarrassment.

Sky: I’m sorry it’s just, I know way more about your parents then any girlfriend should. That is if the story is accurate.

He belts out a deep laughter.

Max: That’s what has you all flustered. Not who my parents, are but their sex life? Oh babe, you should know we weres are very open and unashamed of our sex lives.

I raise both my brows before turning away from him, still riddled with embarrassment. I start pulling things out of the fridge ham, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, chilies. You name it, I was grabbing it. Max comes up from behind me as I’m bent over. His hard morning wood nuzzled between my ass cheeks through his boxer briefs making me realize I was without panties, and with my bare ass hanging out of my robe. I cave to the rising arousal as his tip collides with my ass flower, restricted by only a thin layer of cotton.

Max: Don’t move.

He leaves the kitchen, leaving me wet and achy. I try to keep focused and continue with breakfast, but as I close the fridge setting the last of whatever I grabbed on the counter, Max is behind me again. He pulls away my robe letting it drop at our feet, and grabs my throat gently with one massive hand. His other arm pulls my waist into him as his cock now covered by a thin rubber finds its way effortlessly through my wet center.

His hand slides from my throat to my back as he gently presses my chest into the cool tile. He grips my hair in a fist and pumps into me with hard quick thrusts that have us both cursing each other's names. The climax comes quickly in the heat of the moment, but the sparks from the fireworks linger a little longer. He leans over resting his chest along my back, nibbling at my neck.

No sooner do we collect our breath are we interrupted by a hungry little ball of black fur.

Luna: Meow.

Sky: Oh Luna I’m so sorry. You must be starving.

I slip my robe back on as Max chuckles scratching behind Luna's ears on the counter while I pour her food.

Max: Are you obsessed with my family?

Distracted by his words I over pour one of the coffees burning my hand that was grasping the mug.

Sky: Shit.

I drop the pot and turn to the sink when Max grabs hold of me and begins licking the back side of it that was burning. Immediately my hand stops stinging and when he pulls his mouth away the redness is gone.

Sky: You healed the cut on my lip last night too, didn’t you.

He nodded as he placed a gentle kiss on my hand before cleaning the coffee spill, finishing what I had started.

Sky: I’m sorry I guess I kind of am, I mean my aunt Celia told me so many stories about your mom and Luna, I feel like I know them.

He hands me my coffee kissing me on the head.

Max: I have a feeling my mom will say the same about you. I’ll take you to meet them when they get back from Russia.

Excitement courses through my veins as I start throwing a mixture of eggs, ham and cheese into a bowl. Max leaves briefly, and comes back wearing just his jeans sitting very low on his hips that were just pounding me from behind a moment ago.

Finally I manage to whip up some omelets. I watch as Max wolfs his down, literally, and giggle to myself.

Max: So Celia, the woman who raised my mother, is your great aunt.

Sky: Crazy right. As crazy as my hot neighbor being the son of Liam and Willow Reed.

Max: Hot neighbor? Is that all I am. Did you not just reference yourself as my girlfriend a few minutes ago?

Flabbergasted and tongue tied. I open my mouth to speak and then snap it shut. I try again and fail to find words. How do I tell the man I think I’m in love with that I’ll be leaving at the end of August. I let out a sigh and take the dishes to the sink. Just then I hear my dad's ringtone and run to the front entrance retrieving my phone from my pocketbook still on the floor; not realizing Max is hot on my trail.

Alexander: Sky Levy you better have a good explanation why you haven’t answered any of my calls or texts all morning.

I swallow hard, as Max growls behind me. I can see in his eyes he’s angry at the tone of the man on the line yelling at me. I give him a pleading look hoping he will remain quiet.

Sky: Dad I’m sorry. I went for a jog this morning and forgot my phone.

Alexander: What kind of carelessness is that? What if something happened to you? You know there are wild animals in Washington.

Sky: I know dad. I’m sorry. I won’t let it happen again. Look I just got back and could really use a shower, can I call you back?

Alexander: No, I have back-to-back appointments today. I’ll call you tonight.

Sky: K. Love you dad.

Max’s hand slips around my shoulder pulling my back into him, kissing me on top of my head.

Max: Your dad or not, no one should ever be yelling at you like that, especially around me.

My eyes water at the sweetness of this man that I will have to say goodbye to in two months. Just then his phone buzzed from his front pocket.

Max: Yeah.... Alright keep your eyes on him. I’ll be there as soon as I can.

He turns me to face him kissing my lips with passion.

Max: I gotta go take care of a work thing, but I’ll be back tonight!

I nod as I reach my hand around the back of his neck and take his lips with my own claim. Causing him to growl.
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