Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 8: A siren's tale

I’ve never been so affected by a man before. The feeling of loneliness hits as soon as he leaves. My body immediately aching for him again. I’ve heard of voodoo pussy, but Max must have a voodoo cock.

I check my phone to see the few missed calls and texts from my dad, and a few texts from Kylee. I flip through her messages on the way to the shower.

Kylee: ”Sky, are you ok?”
Kylee: ”Was that Max Reed you left with?”
Kylee: ”Come on Sky”
Kylee: ”I’m coming over! If you’re not dead or too busy getting your brains fucked by the god of a beast Max Reed, I will kill you myself for not answering me back”
Kylee: ”Sky you lucky bitch. I see his truck outside and by the sounds I hear coming from inside the house! I’m glad you’re ok, call me tomorrow if you aren’t too hoarse, LOL.”

My cheeks hurt from the grin plastered on my face. I never had so many orgasms in my life, let alone in one night. I text her back.
Sky: ”I’m sorry I left without saying anything. Yes, as you know it was Max Reed, and since I’m not dead, LOL, how about lunch, my treat?”

Kylee: ”You dirty skank." I want to hear all the details. Wait I already did, LOL. Meet me at Sea Hag's Diner at noon; it’s on the east side, off Hwy1.

Sky: "I’ll be there”

After a quick shower I feed Luna an early lunch and head out to meet Kylee when there’s a ringtone I don’t remember setting, but when I hear the lyrics I know exactly who put it there. “Little Red Riding Hood, You sure are looking good, You're everything a big bad wolf could want.” The sound causes me to shiver with desire as I answer.

Sky: Hey there big bad wolf.

He chuckles at the amusement of knowing my reaction to his ringtone.

Max: I might not get back in town till late tonight so I’ll text when I get in.

Sky: What is it that you do?

Max: I’m a beast hunter.

Sky: A bounty hunter for the mystical beasts?

Max: Yeah. Hey, do me a favor; please don’t go to the Eclipse or anywhere alone after dark.

Sky: Why?

Max: You’re mine now Sky, I don’t want that blood sucker thinking he can have you.

Sky: I like being yours Max, but you have nothing to worry about, I’m not that kind of girl.

Max: I know you’re not, but Sky! Please just be careful, especially around Jason.

Sky: I will.

Max: Bye, babe.

Sky: Bye Max, be safe.

Half an hour later I pull up to the small classic diner trimmed in teal with a big mermaid tail shaped sign above that reads “Sea Hag's.”

Kylee is standing in the back kitchen talking to an older heavyset man who looks to be a chef. When she sees me she comes barreling around the counter taking me into a big bubbly hug.

Sky: Interesting name for a place far from the ocean.

Kylee: What can I say, I love seafood.

Once she releases her vise grip on me I pull back.

Sky: This is yours?

Kylee: Yup. Come on.

She drags me to the pearl colored booth in the far corner.

Kylee: Sky I really am sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have left you alone with Jason, but I hadn’t seen Dante in a week, and well, this girl needed to get laid.

Sky: It’s fine Kylee, really. I had already met Jason earlier that day at the market, and I mean if I’m being honest, he’s pretty damn good looking and charming. Or should I say compelling.

She wagged an eyebrow at me.

Kylee: I should have warned you though. He’s a vampire, when he wants something he takes it and once he’s had his fill he tosses it aside like yesterday’s news.

Sky: Well I’m not his to be had so....

A young perky curly haired blond with almost violet eyes comes up to our booth with as bubbly of a welcome as Kylee.

Waitress: You want the usual Kylee?

Kylee: Yes Violet.

Violet: And how about you?

I look to Kylee

Sky: What do you recommend?

Kylee: Crab legs or lobster, and to be honest, we do have the best seafood of anywhere.

Sky: Alright! I’ll have the 1/2 lb Alaskan crab and an ice tea please.

Violet: You got it.

Kylee: So tell me, how did you and the almighty Max Reed become a thing!

My smile reaches ear to ear as my body reacts to the memory of him. I hear the snap of fingers.

Kylee: Do we need a bucket of ice water. God damn woman, you have it bad.

Sky: You have no idea.

I look away feeling my heart ache at the thought of leaving in two months.

Kylee: What is it?

Sky: I know we’ve only spent one night together, but I feel like there’s some kind of bond between us that’s going to shatter both of us when I have to go back home in two months.

She lets out a big sigh and rolls her eyes.

Kylee: You know what Max is?

Sky: Yes, I say without question.

Kylee: Relax Sky, I know who’s who and what’s what around here remember. So let me ask you. Why do you have to go back?

Sky: My dad.

Kylee: You’re 26 years old Sky. Don’t you think it’s time to cut the strings and leave the nest.

I go to protest when our food arrives. Halfway through the best Alaskan crab I’ve ever tasted I continue our conversation.

Sky: My dad has waited a long time for me to become a psychologist and join his practice. He wanted me to start right after graduation last month, but when I found out about my grandmother I told him to give me the summer, and believe me that was not easy.

Kylee shakes her head and huffs with disapproval, pointing a crab leg at me like a teacher scolding a student with a ruler.

Kylee: Max has only been here for 4 years and in that time he hasn’t been with anyone. Your dad has controlled your life since you left here nearly 18 years ago. Has he once ever thought about what you might want?

Sky: He’s just doing what he thinks is best, trying to keep me from ending up like my mother.

She reaches over grabbing my hand.

Kylee: What he’s been doing is keeping you from being who you’re meant to be. You’re a witch Sky! And I am going to help bring out your inner witch starting now.

She grabs my hand yanking me out of the booth.

Sky: Wait I said I’d buy lunch. I open my bag to take out money.

Kylee: Uh... I own the joint!

Sky: Ok, well at least let me leave a tip.

I drop two 20s on the table for Violet before heading outside with Kylee taking my hand again and leading me out back behind the diner.

Sky: Where are we going?

Kylee: You’ll see.

She takes off in a sprint through the woods laughing. Her energy flows through me and I can’t help but join her. She comes to a stop at what seems like a dead end. A wall of trees and over grown vines and brush so thick and solid only an insect could get through. But, then in a blink of an eye Kylee disappears, laughing from the other side.

Sky: Kylee! How did you get through?

Kylee: Use your magic witch.

I place a hand on a vine and try to summons some form of magic, but nothing.

Sky: Kylee!

Kylee: Sky if you want to come in here you’ll have to do better than that.

I close my eyes and try again, still nothing and my frustration grows. I turn around crossing my arms over my chest and lean back on the thicket when oof! I fall through tumbling at Kylee's feet. She’s glowing with flowing sea green hair like at the club. She helps me up and I am in awe when I look around. It looks to be nighttime, but the entire place is lit by thousands of tiny little specs of blue light.

Sky: What is this place?

Kylee: My little enchanted forest. A gateway that connects me to my mother and her people.

I look at her with great wonder.

Sky: You’re a siren?

She nods her head and throws a hand up in the air.

Kylee: Siren, sea hag, sea witch, mermaid....

Sky: How come I didn’t know, I think I would have remembered if my best friend was a siren.

She takes a seat on a small wooden bench near the water's edge patting a spot next to her.

Kylee's perspective:
I didn’t know until I turned 16. My mom kept it from me for as long as she could. She blamed herself for my dad's death because she wasn’t there to guide his ship like she was the day they met. Funny thing about the human world, they twisted the stories of us beyond what we were. We were children of Poseidon, protectors of the sea. Though it is true we did attack many ships, the reasons were unknown to mankind. We went after ships that hunted ocean life, that killed the innocent. We protected those who were good simple fisherman, explorers. refugees and sailors. We would use song to enchant the men who controlled the ships to guide them to safety or to their doom whichever was meant to be.

My mother, one of the most beautiful, most powerful sirens of all time, was set to be married to someone she didn’t love so she ran away. One night there was a horrific storm threatening to claim a small naval ship. The nearest lighthouse was burnt out, so my mother used song to guide the boat up onto the beach, away from the deadly cliffs. One young sailor had seen her and they fell instantly in love. This was his home town so he brought her here and married her almost immediately.

Every time my dad had to go out to sea my mom would go with him and follow closely. But when she became pregnant with me my dad wanted her to stay home. At first she refused, but later in the pregnancy she started having complications and was put on bed rest. The first time she could not go with him, his ship was attacked. She never forgave herself.

So she vowed to keep me here and raise me as humanly as possible, but near my 16th birthday I started feeling different, looking different. My skin would glow and my hair would change color. Then there was an incident here at the lake. A friend of mine dove off the top of the cliffs over there and didn’t surface. I dove to find him and saw him being dragged down by a shadow. On instinct I screamed as if I was on land. My voice carried through the water like a sonar blast knocking the shadow creature away from my friend. My skin began glowing, my hair changed color and I could breath under freaking water. Without another moment to lose I grabbed my friend and got him to the surface.

My legs did not turn into fins that day, but that was just the beginning. My mom hadn’t stopped me from becoming what I was meant to, she just prolonged it. When she came to terms with it she began teaching me. When I was strong enough she took me to visit her home in the sea. When I was of age she made the decision to go back permanently. Together we created this place. I can call on her whenever I need her. I can go to her whenever I want to. Now here is where I will help you.
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