Goddess of the moon bk3 “In light of darkness”

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Chapter 9: Inner witch

Without warning Kylee began glowing brighter as she stood above me and threw me out across the water like a skipping stone. I hit the water and slid like I was on ice till my body came to a stop and sank. Water started twisting around me like the arms of an octopus dragging me down away from the surface.

I was in utter shock. How could she betray me like this. Anger grew deep as flashes of our childhood came to play reminding me how close we once were. Flashes of my mother’s death struck hard. My father mourning her death. Images of Max’s smile as he left this morning. My body began buzzing as the water began boiling. My body suddenly engulfed into a white flame and I felt myself shoot up out of the water. I remained suspended in the air looking down at a reflection of myself in the water. I almost looked like Storm from X-Men.

I heard laughter from the edge of the water where Kylee still stood amused by her little prank. I was confused, hurt, and still angry. I threw my hand out in her direction and with a loud crack a shot of light flickered across the water like an electric whip knocking her off her feet.

When she didn’t move, I found myself in a panic. “Oh god what have I done”? I rushed to her side, or rather flew.

Sky: Kylee!

I grabbed her shoulder laying her on her back.

Sky: Kylee, come on. Please wake up. I’m so sorry.

I checked for a pulse, it was faint. I started mouth to mouth resuscitation and went into shock as she started kissing me. I yanked away as quickly as I could and there she was, "Miss Bubbly" laughing hysterically at my expense.

Kylee: Oh my god if you could see your face.

Sky: What the fuck Kylee.

She flinched at my tone, but then quickly flashed an apologetic half smile as she stood and reached for my arm.

Kylee: I’m sorry Sky. Sometimes the best way to learn how to swim is with a little push, sink or swim. It’s something my mom would say to me when she was teaching me how to control my powers.

Sky: You nearly killed me.

Kylee: and you nearly killed me, but you didn’t Sky. You brought out your inner witch and it was fucking awesome. I mean come on, you cannot deny how good that must have felt!

She elbows me in the arm with a big wink and I have to admit to it.

Sky: Yeah it did feel pretty good.

She clapped her hands, rubbing them together as she contemplates her next move.

Kylee: Ok so what was the strongest emotion at the time of your break though.

Sky: Anger.

Kylee: Ok, good. That’s good. Do what you just did to me again, but out of the water.

I replay the moment in my head allowing myself to feel the anger and throw my hand out at the water and whack, another burst of light shoots into the water.

Kylee taps her chin with one finger then snaps them.

Kylee: Let's try a moving target.

She picks up a large stick and tosses it high in the air over the lake. But, I’m too slow. The stick thumps the water and sinks before I can zap it. As punishment I’m suddenly knocked back by a rush of water. My hands glow as the anger sets in. She throws another large stick and immediately I zap it midair, again and again.

Kylee jumps up and down with excitement. She walks out onto the water then turns and lifts a stick above her head. I shook my head no and noticed a line of water slithering toward me like a snake. Without thinking I shot at the water before aiming and zapping the stick out of Kylee's hands. She starts spinning as water rises around her before shooting out in all directions.

When we finally leave the enchanted forest it’s dark out.

Sky: How long were we in there for?

Kylee: Maybe an hour?

Sky: It was barely 1:00 when we left the diner.

She giggles at my expense as I grab my phone to see the time and a missed call from Max.

Sky: 10:00 pm!!

Kylee: Time stand stills in the enchanted forest.

We make our way back to the diner and say our goodbyes.

Sky: Thank you for helping me. As unorthodox as it seemed, I really do appreciate you and what you did for me.

Kylee: I knew what it was like, and even though I know you would eventually get it, I wanted to be the one to give you that push. We still have a lot of work to do like learning to turn off the lights when in public.

Sky: What?

The second the words fall out of my mouth I see my right hand glowing. I close it into a fist and hide it in my pocket. I wouldn’t think much of it if it weren’t for the feeling of eyes on us. Kylee seems to not notice. Just then her phone goes off.

Kylee: My booty call awaits me.

Kylee waves and hops into her light blue VW Bug. I jump in the Caddy locking the doors and pull out my phone to listen to Max’s message.
Max: ”Hey Babe, looks like I should be back in town about 11:00, wait up for me!”
I still can’t believe one night with this man has got me so hooked. I shoot him a quick text.
Sky: ”I’ll be waiting”.
When I start the car my hand is back to normal.

Humming with happiness and anticipation to see Max, I jump out of the car and race up the stairs when my hand faintly lights again. The hairs on my neck rise. This time I cannot ignore it, French cologne. I turn quickly holding my hand up. Jason stands at the bottom of the steps with both hands raised.

Sky: Stay back.

Jason: I’m not going to hurt you Sky.

Sky: That’s not what your memories told me.

He sighs looking down and shaking his head before making eye contact with me.

Jason: Sky, that was me hundreds of years ago when I was first turned. Yes I hurt people, killed them. It was bloodlust for vengeance and anger for a loss so grave, you couldn’t possibly imagine. That’s not me anymore.

I see truth in his eyes and take a calming breath.

Sky: What do you want then?

Jason: I need to know if it’s true, you and wolf boy. I may not have the best record for relationships, but I am a man with boundaries. If you are with him I will respect that and leave you be.

Sky: Yes, Max and I are together.

The glimpse of defeat is quickly replaced by darkness. Jason now standing inches from me reaches a hand out towards me. His eyes go cold and dark. Faint whispers surround him as a swirl of black ash rises behind him, but the second his hand tries gripping my arm the crackling sound of electricity snaps and he flies backwards off the porch. He lands on his feet looking up at me almost in shock. His eyes are grey again, but for only a second as they return again to black. The whispers grow louder. He throws his hands over his ears shaking his head like he’s trying to fight something.

Jason: Get out!

He shouts at the whispers stumbling back.

Sky: Jason?

He looks up with his face contorting from sexy Jason to this evil creature before me.

Jason: Sky.....Get inside!

He struggles to warn me. I step backward reaching for the door knob. He stands starring at me like he’s possessed. His lips rise above his long fangs making him look like a demonic Jay Leto Joker. I push my door open as he runs at me, but in the last second a huge beast tackles him from the side. The blur of fur and flesh crash in the side of the Caddy. Max has Jason by the throat on the top of the car snarling and growling.

Sky: Max wait!

He looks my way with his golden glowing eyes.

Max: Get inside Sky.

Sky: Max it’s not him.

He looks down at Jason who’s eyes have gone back to normal, and back up at me.

Max: Inside, now!

Jason looks my way with apologetic eyes and mouths ”forgive me” as he takes advantage of the distraction. In a split second he kicks Max off of him and vanishes. Max is back on his feet ready to run after him.

Sky: Stop!

Max’s enormous chest heaves as he continues growling. He doesn’t look my way. When I reach where he stands at the end of the drive way, I rest a hand on his strong fur covered forearm. Still looking away from me.

Max: Why did you stop me?

He snapped.

I place my other hand on the side of his face pulling him to look at me. He looked nothing like the grotesque monsters horror movies make werewolves out to be. His grey, brown and white fur is clean, his long muzzle though still in a snarl is exactly that of a timber wolf. He is incredible.

Sky: It wasn’t him Max.

Max: It looked like Jason, it smelled like Jason.

Sky: It was, but it wasn’t. He was being possessed. I heard the voice and saw the darkness controlling him. He tried warning me. It’s the demon Celia warned me about. She’s found me.

His eyes latch on mine. His breathing regulates as he shifts back to human form immediately taking me into his grasp. Without a word he sweeps me into his arms and carries me into the house. I lift a finger over his shoulder and the deadbolt clicks. The buzzing of my powers growing inside me brings a smile to my face that grows wider at the feeling of his hardened member poking my lower back.

Unable to control himself he attacks my lips the moment my back hits the bed. He’s tearing at my clothes like he’s still in beast mode, ripping my black shirt down the front. Nostrils flaring like an animal, he lowers his head grabbing my bra in his teeth and snaps it off. He pulls away only long enough to yank off my shoes and peel off my black jeans taking my panties with them. He’s already naked and swollen as he climbs back on top of me. Fear, anger and confusion still seeded in his head by the look in his eyes. His body reacts as he plunges his thick cock deep inside me hard and fast. Claiming me over and over again.

I dig my nails into his back pulling him even closer. He slows his pace long enough to smother my mouth with his in a possessive passionate kiss. His cock pulses with such force my center hums with the sensation of a vibrator.

Sky: Oh god Max.

He thrusts harder at the sound of his name on my lips. Yet, slowly he pulls back just to the tip. Another hard thrust, another scream of his name.

Max: God you're so fucking wet.

I arch my back opening myself to him more as he thrusts deeper.

Max: Oh fuck Sky.

With his climax peaking his thrusts quicken.

Sky: Oh Max.

The explosion of our orgasms rumble like the finale of an orchestra that leaves strings frayed and torn. Little vibrations of ecstasy linger as his cock continues pumping it’s hot fluids inside my walls and I melt beneath him. He collapses alongside of me while our bodies remain intertwined.
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