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I wanna start writing a book named 'Memories' . hope you enjoy reading the furious and heart shaking Fantasy based story in the edge ended land .

Fantasy / Romance
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Knock ! Knock ! and the door opened by an old man ,his beard was sweeping the floor filled with dust and gold . He had some strange wrinkles around his eyes , they looked like cuts taken from a master swords man. He had a black eye patch on his left eye and the other eye was violet purple . “Get up you fool brat ” said the old man .

At the end of the room a young boy at his twenties with reddish hair got up with sleepy eyes and said ” I’m coming master “. He dressed up and went to the hall of the house and told the master that he was ready for his task.“Water the plants in the yard and then bring some potatos for the breakfast. “Yes sir!” said the young man . He picked up a knife with decorated handle and a pretty sharp blade . He went to garden and then cut his palm . Water came out of his cut and watered the plants .

He saw a pretty young girl coming out of the neighbor’s house. He approched her and said “What a lovely day it is.“. She was a teenage girl and she had green eyes with a tatoo of a word of an unknown language under her right eye . She had a pretty face and her hair was purple and braided in behind .“Do I know you sir?” She said . “I don’t think so ,cause I don’t know you too . I just wanted to say hello.“He said. She was looking at him with a confused face but she was still pretty. ” What are you doing you fool?” shouted the old man from the house . “Sorry Master I’m coming .” said the boy and said farewell to the girl and went back to the house.

He boiled the water and placed the potatos inside it and while he was making them ready he asked the old man “why we don’t have any specific things to call others , we just keep calling each other ‘you’ “.”Because there’s no use for it.“said the old man . “Why? I wanted to have something specefic for myself , to be different from others .” said the boy. ” Eat your breakfast and go get some water from the lake “said the old man . He nodded and picked up two potatoes and went on bringing water .

He reached the lake . It was a beautiful landscape . seven trees were surronding the lake and each one’s leaves were one color of the rainbow . Each tree was house of one bird . Eagle on the red tree, Sparrow on the orange , Dove on the yellow , Swan on the green, Falcon on the blue , Parrot on the Indigo and Owl on the violet . He filled his gallon with water and then he raised to return to home but suddenly the owl attack the sparrow and injured it . The sparrow fell down to the ground and he was shocked by the scene . A red liquid came out of the sparrow’s wound .

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