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He tried to treat the sparrow’s wound . The red liquid got spread on his hand.It’s smell was sweet .It was so famalier like the taste of something delicious in the very past like the cooking of his mother though he never remembered having one. he tried to taste it and It’s taste was so strange like the first cuddle of the true love despite it was real. He wanted to stop himself from drinking that red liquid but he couldn’t because it was the most delicious thing that he had drank. He drank it till the sparrow’s body got dried up and he put it on the ground. He picked up his gallon and when he wanted to get back the eagle striked at him and made a deep cut on his throat and water came out of his veins and made all of his body wet.

He passed out but he could hear the sounds around him . The sound of the truth that was like the true identity of an old dusted book.

“Raise up the slave of water, we gave you immortality and got the bitterness of memories from you. Today the truth will be told . sweetness of life will face the bitterness of written life . ”

He got up . The wound on his throat was gone . He could only see the owl , the other birds were gone.

“You got the strengh of one lord but it was the weakest one.” said the owl and disappeared

He went back to his home and he saw the old man sitting in the yard . He approached the old man and told him about what happened before.

“I will tell you the story of truth since you will forget it tomorrow.“said the old man

“What do you mean ?”

“Not a word , just listen.”

“My name is Chevalier and I was an honourable hunter before that dreadful incident in the village.”

“What is a name and what incident?“interrupted the boy

“Shut your mouth you fool,I’m the one talking.”

“One day a group of ten attacked the village and tied up everyone and dried up people out of last drop of that red liquid that you drank earlier . They called themselves ‘The ten leaves of the branch’ , the one you drank it’s liquid was the weakest, it was just a pawn, now nine others are left. Then they gave us water and made water flow inside our veins. The water gave us immortality but it reduced the speed of our reactions.Then they spread a gas on the village and you ran at that time but the gas got you too. The gas’s efficiency got split in two.The one’s inside the village will forget everything in 12 hours and you will forget in 24 hours since you were the only one in the second zone.That gas will get all our memories except the way to live and our guardians ” continued the old man

“What about you? What were you doing at that time? Who’s my guardian?” said the boy

“I’m your guardian and the other questions are none of your bussiness , go sleep ,you have lots of work to do tomorrow.“said the old man

“Yes sir” and he went to his room and lied down . He thought about that girl that he saw in the morning. How he was lost in her braided purple hair. How he was softened by her face ,by her long eyelashes and by the sea of her green eyes , they were like an unopened book ,like the story of god and devil , the never ending battle of truth and mystery.His thoughs slowly closed his eyes and the night became day and the page of yesterday got missed in the fog of today.

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