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The sun came up and the light rays spread through the rooster less village . Chevalier looked up the sky but the taste of begining wasn’t sweet in his purple eye, the eye knew everything ,It kept all the memories inside its world and he just found the way in.

The begining was different for the young boy ,the rays were red for him because he couldn’t open his eyes and his red hair was all on his face. The color of rose or the color of blood bath on an innocent lip . He could hear Chevalier speaking to someone.

“All his body has become red. You should be able to do something. I think he has been cursed ,it looks like the curse of allium” Chevalier said

“I know how to break the curse of allium ,but firstly how did he got cursed ?“said the other

That sound was so famalier for him.It was the poem of liberty for his soul but the song of enslavement for his body.The soft voice of a lady but sad like the movement of a leaf on it’s way to the surface of a stormy sea.

“I need some flavour of Jerda, a cup of the holy tree’s water and some allium itself. hurry up and bring me some.“said the voice

“Here they are.“said Chevalier

She whipped all the ingredients and baked them on a fire. She made a cookie . The petals of allium were visible inside the cookie and the smell was great. She gave the cookie to the young boy and he ate it . A strange power spread through his veins and he passed out.

He woke up to the sound of a woman singing. It was the same sound but he couldn’t find the source at the first sight so he got up and searched for the source of the voice.He went to the hall and found a girl sitting beside Chevalier . The whole world paused for a moment. A smile was on her face and the line of smile was the only walkline for him between the two bloodbaths of her lips. He could find some traces of untold stories in the sight of her green eyes.

“Oh ! You are awake! That’s good news.” said the girl

“Ummm and can I ask who are you?“said the boy

“She is the one who treated you ,you fool.“said Chevalier

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know ,thank you. What happened to me?“said the boy

“You’ve been cursed.It was the curse of allium.“said the girl

“What is this curse?“said the boy

“It’s a killer curse , The only one who can do it is the master Owl at the lake. One day a girl went there to bring some water and she saw the Owl there . He told her to stop searching for the masters because he’s the headmaster and her wish has been granted by him , so he asked her to grant one wish for him and the wish was to become an allium and she agreed with it . He grabed the allium and placed it in the floor and it growed and became a tree with purple leaves. That tree is hidden from the eyes but if anybody get a glance at it , that person will be cursed and in a day will become a flower for the Owl and he will place it in the ground and make a tree with leaves of a color , There are seven of those trees. Don’t worry you are treated now .“said the girl

The name Owl made his mind go round like it was a magical name and he was sure he knew it but no matter how much he digged his mind , it was empty but suddenly an image of a Owl showed up right before his eyes and he passed out by that scene.”

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