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Drip,drip...the sound of a shed of the sea falling in the empire of land and slowly fades away like it never was there. The boy woke up and looked arounds, his healer was sleeping on a chair beside him . He got out of his bed and opened the door and went to the balcony which was beside his room. It was midnight , the army of stars made the sky more beautiful but it was like he wanted to look at an empty sky , a sky all dark and pleasing where moon was struggling not to fall into the land of lonliness but the spear of illusions tear her heart apart.

“Are you feeling well now?” said a voice behind him from the dark.

He turned and saw the girl who had healed him . “Yes I’m better now . Thank you for saving me” said the boy.

She nodded and said ” Call me Lilashi. It’s my name .”

“What is a name?“said the boy.

“It’s a tool to prove that you are you but only if you prove that you are worthy enough of having it.“said Lilashi.

“It seems cool.“said the boy.

“Let me give one to you. Let’s say...ummm...Feu...Feuwelt”said Lilashi.

“what is the meaning of it?“said Feuwelt.

“It means a world of fire . I named you Feuwelt because I can see chaos in the depth of your heart thou you don’t know the cause of it.“said Lilashi

Her violet hair was so charming that the stars were turning in it’s color . “Do you like that name?”

“I don’t know . maybe.“said Feuwelt

She got his hand in her left and with her right made some symbols in the air that were burning in were all red .It was like the form of infinity but one circle was bigger.Then she grabbed the symbol and placed the symbol on his right hand .The name Feuwelt craved on his hand .

The sun came up . Lilashi said “You will always carry it with yourself.”

“Who are you?“asked Feuwelt

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