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“I’m Lilashi the doctor who healed you”

“Did you ummm heal me ? I don’t recall such a thing .” said Feuwelt

“Yes my dear you won’t recall it but I’ll alight your path as long as it takes.“said Lilashi

“Why are you calling me ‘dear’ ?”

“You don’t know how dear you are to me because you don’t know what you are capable of ‘fire of sparrow’.” said Lilashi with a beautiful expression

“Follow me.” she continued

“Ummm ok .”

She walked through the streets full of darkness but the path was alighted for him since Lilashi was his sun and yet he didn’t know why.

As they were walking ,Lilashi watched her back to see if Feuwelt was with her. Her face in the light of moon shone and his heart raced with each scene as it was the story of heaven being burned infront of him cause he had a better heaven in his own 2 meters scene.They reached the lake which Feuwelt bringed water from it everyday. There were no colorful trees around the lake this time. Lilashi was watching the stars burning in their white light and how she enjoyed it . She moved her hands in vertical circle and moved her lips and whispered something and made a thing blighter than a star and float it just 5 meters above her head.

“Come here next to me.“She said

Feuwelt moved on and stood beside her.

“Take my hands and do look into my eyes”

“ok”he said

She started whispering another words and the star on top of them shone very brightly and then she kissed him very passionately.Their lips touched eachother like they were made for that although Feuwelt didn’t know how to kiss.The moon was brighter that night and the nature were silent for the power of their presence. She ripped her clothes off and started making love to him . Did he wanted to do this? It was not a question for him since the time itself were making him do what he should do.

The star came down on the surface .She grabbed it and placed it on Feuwelt’s forehead and it disappeared.

“You are mine, now and forever . I gave you the power to remember and you give me the goal I seek.The contract is setteled .“said Lilashi while her lips were wet and her body was exposed by the light of the moon.

“I can remember the seven trees . They were here . The owl . He saw something in me.”

“I know ,I can see what you see.”

And then she kissed him again and cuddled him so they fell asleep.

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