Amongst The Water-The Beginning

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After 15-year-old Kylie moves over 9,000 miles away from her hometown in West Virginia. She struggles to adjust to the new town she and her family settles into. Kylie notices odd fluctuations in temperature and strange behaviors by a few residents. Whom some don't look like normal humans. To her surprise; her new home is known for Mermaid Myths. One day she goes to a mysterious island, locales talk about and she finds out herself that some of the strange myths(along with other strange events) are in fact true! Moanie Island isn't a normal island and isn't the only odd thing in Australia. Her new friends experience odd events happening at a few popular tourist spots and on Moanie Island itself. After some time; Kylie gets discovered by a banished Mermaid turned Siren who puts a curse on Kylie. Kylie has a time limit to reverse the curse. If she doesn't succeed, Kylie will suffer consequences that will change her life forever.

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Bon Voyage! Part 1

In the chilly winter air of the outskirts of Clarksburg, West Virginia; Kevin Couture and his kids are packing for their long move to Australia. Kevin and his 12-year-old son are inside in the warmth packing the rest of what they need for a few months before they can come back to their house and get the remainder of their belongings. While his daughter Kylie is outside watching his truck in the January winter cold. Kylie’s mind is spinning in circles of how much her life is going to change, while the wind is attempting to loosen her blonde hair out of her braid. Kylie smooths her hair down and adjusts her braid. Her phone beeps and she takes it out of her dress pocket. She looks at her childhood home in front of her and mumbles. “I wish I didn’t have to leave everything.” She looks down at her iPhone. “Especially you Jacob. I wish you could say bye.” Kylie starts texting her boyfriend. Her body shakes, shivering from the cold. She looks down at her shimmery nude tights, thankful she has something protecting her legs from the harsh winds.

A dark-haired woman nudges Kylie, distracting her from her consistent typing on her iPhone. “Darla!” Kylie exclaims putting her phone into the pocket of her lacey pink dress. She pushes her black frame glasses up slightly to keep them from falling off and hugs the slender woman. “I’m so glad you were able to come. At least I get to say bye to you.” The teen leans up against the pickup truck looking disappointed, but somewhat relieved. Darla adjusts the zipper to her red leather jacket. “Me too. Jacob said he’ll Face Chat with you when he gets out of counseling. Kylie it’s killing him not being able to say goodbye before you head to the airport.” The attractive brunette tells the teen. Kylie plays with the end of her braid desperately wishing her boyfriend could be here. She understands his recovery is very important, but she’s not having an easy time leaving everything behind. And being in his arms would help her anxiety. Sometimes she wonders if he hides stuff from her. Times like today when he didn’t even tell her when he’d be done. There have been a few other times, but maybe she’s just being paranoid and overemotional. She shakes the feeling off. “I just wish he could be here. I’m just happy he’s sticking with the counseling and rehab. I’m really proud of him. And I’m glad he has a supportive cousin on his side while I’ll be living in a different country.” Kylie plays with a loose thread on her long bell sleeve. Darla smiles sweetly. “He needs me. His family is great, but they won’t help much with his recovery. And I’m glad he has a girlfriend who is still standing by his side through everything.” She says putting her arm on Kylie. Kylie shivers as a cold breeze flows through wishing she’d put a jacket over her dress. “I love him. I’d do anything for him.” She looks around and swats away a stray strand of hair away from her face. “I wish my dad and brother would come out soon. It’s cold out here.” Kylie’s friend looks around the empty afternoon street. “Why are you out here by yourself? Especially after those break-ins last week?” Kylie pats the red truck. “To watch dads’ baby. He’s having trouble with the locks.” Kylie says as she pats the red truck. Darla looks at her and nods. “Your dad should have stayed out here. It’s his truck. And he could fight off someone if they tried anything.” She motions toward Kylie’s short and small frame. “You couldn’t. Your too small.” Kylie lets out a snort as Darla chuckles. “Maybe I could. Do you remember that time we wrestled with Jacob, Nicholas, and Jacob’s weird friend from Football camp?” Darla rolls her eyes. “You were stronger than I thought. But you’re still small. And not strong enough to fight off burglars.” Kylie laughs. “I guess not.”

“Hey, Darla! Good to see you! I’ll be out soon. So one of you guys can come in now.” An older gentleman yells, peeking from the door of the Victorian house. Darla looks at the blonde male. Then her phone buzzes and she looks at the text. Darla walks toward the house leaving Kylie alone once again. “Darla! I don’t want to be alone again!” Darla points behind Kylie. “You’re not alone.” And she shuts the door. Kylie starts to feel uneasy. “I am alone.” She mumbles. An arm rests on her shoulder, and Kylie jumps. She screams, turns around, and starts to kick the attacker. The guy quickly catches her leg and gently puts it down. Kylie smacks his chest. “You scared the crap out of me!” She yells. But her lips form a small smile. “Why aren’t you in counseling?” Kylie reaches for the guys’ hands. His green eyes look into her deep brown eyes. He smiles, showing perfect straight teeth. The handsome male stops smiling and looks at her lips. He leans down and kisses her. His hands wrap around her small body. Kylie relaxes in his arms. This is what she’s been wanting all day. To see him one last time. She puts her hands in his back pockets and he pulls her closer sighing. Kylie pulls back slowly. Looking up at him, she smiles. “So why are you here Jacob?” He flinches. She shakes her head not meaning it to come out that way. “I mean.” He lets go of Kylie and steps back finishing her non-verbal question. “I rescheduled my appointment. I wasn’t going to miss sending my girlfriend and her family off to Australia. I had to see you one last time Kylie.” Jacob says, his eyes tearing up a little. His pale skin glimmers a little as the little sunlight that’s left shines on his face. Kylie stands there and wonders what their children would look like. Would they take after her and have a slightly deeper complexion or take after Jacob and have a light complexion? Would they have his red hair or her light blond hair? Or maybe take her mom’s genetics and have her lustrous dark Puerto-Rican hair. “I didn’t come here just to see everyone again. I have something for you.” He says pulling Kylie out of her mind that never stops thinking. Kylie smiles and looks down at a small black box and her heart starts racing. Jacob looks at her expression. “It’s not what you think. But would it be so bad if it was? I’d like it.” Kylie looks at him her eyes wide with shock. “We’re too young Jacob. Maybe in a few years. Not right now. Especially when I’m moving to another country.” She starts to hyperventilate. Jacob pulls her into a hug and consoles her. Reassuring her she’ll be okay. He looks at the box in his hand as he’s holding her and gets a little bummed out that she just shot down the idea of getting engaged soon. “Can I give you your gift?” Jacob asks her, wanting to get past Kylie’s rejection of engagement soon. She pulls away from him and looks at his square jaw wanting to gently run her hand along it and down his neck and kiss him all over. She snaps out of her emotions once again. Sometimes being 15 and religious is the most difficult thing for a teenager. “Yes please.” She blushes, ignoring her thoughts. He cocks his head. “Okay. I’m not sure why you’re blushing, but okay.” That’s the thing with Jacob, He could read her like an open book sometimes, but other times, he couldn’t think of what was wrong. Sometimes she likes that, but other times she hates it. It’s exhausting explaining your emotions and feelings and thoughts constantly to anyone. He grabs her hand and nervously stutters. “Sooo..ummmm.” He looks up at her bedroom window. “You want to go up to your room. I feel like we are being watched.” He says pointing to her window facing the street. She smiles shyly. “Yes. But nothing is going to happen. Besides, there isn’t a bed up there anyway, so nothing could happen anyway.” She pokes him playfully. His eyes widen. “No! That’s not what I meant. I told you I won’t pressure you anymore. My arms are getting cold.” He rubs his bare arms, exposed to the cold air. “And I want to spend my last moment with you at your house. And I really do feel like we are being watched.” He looks around his eyes flipping left to right. Kylie felt like they were being watched too. But a recovering alcoholic with an emotional girl with Anxiety problems, might not be the best judge of that. Kylie looks at her dads’ truck. “Crap. I can’t leave the truck unattended. And you’re the one who wore a tank top in January.” He laughs and looks behind him. “Oh yeah, the locks.” He says. “I left my flannel in my car. And Why is everyone taking so long anyway? You didn’t have much more to pack.” He shivers. Kylie shrugs. “I have no idea. Maybe they are giving us more time together.” She grins. Kylie looks at Jacob who’s staring at his phone. She tries to look at it, but he presses the button to turn the screen off before she can get a look at it. “Anyone important?” She asks. He shakes his head no. Again it felt like he was hiding something, she really doesn’t want to ruin their last day together, but she knows he’s not telling her something and she can’t take the uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach.

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