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A Hungry Demon

“What’s happening to me?” At this point, Daphne began to moan. The ache concentrated on her back as if someone was poking holes in her skin.

“My back!” She repeated, bending over. Bossurk, who had been puzzled by his sudden revelation, reached out to her, grabbing the hem of her blouse with his fingers and lifting it carefully. His eyes widened. It is her.

Bossurk covered her back again. It was impossible, inconceivable, he thought. A mortal? Loud thunder coming from the outside vibrated inside, and Bossurk knew very well why. He had to protect her at all costs. After all, she was the only one who could save them all. The thunderous sounds followed like fierce lightning in a storm, the Realm had found her and was alerting everyone, and the traitor would soon come for her.

“Listen to me, you must leave right now. Go to Lorcan. The Kingdom of the Vampires is the first place you should look at.”

Daphne shook her head, trying to shake off the dizzying feeling that overtook her. The pain was still there in that spot on her back that Bossurk saw with hope.

“What’s happening to me, Bossurk?”

Bossurk grabbed her face. “Listen to me well. Don’t let anyone, absolutely no one, especially Rothvaln, see your mark. The only one you can trust now is Lorcan”.

“Impossible,” said Daphne between groans. “He killed my brother!” she shouted. “Although he brought him back-” she ended in a whisper.

“Child,” Bossurk smiled at her. “He’s not as bad as he looks. You must go now.”

“I don’t know how to return.”

“Think of your home,” Borssuk requested.

And it was like the blink of an eye when Daphne found herself in her living room. Still hissing at the painful sensation she had a few seconds earlier, she managed to go to a mirror. Lifting up her blouse, her eyes scanned the red mark on her back. A circle, a dagger, a rhombus, and wings were the symbol of the Realm of the Demons. And it was embodied in her skin.

“What the hell is this now? What’s going on?” she spoke only to her reflection. Don’t let anyone, absolutely no one, especially Rothvaln, see your mark. Bossurk’s words echoed in her memory. “Trust Lorcan? What a ridiculous idea.”

In another Realm

“You felt it, didn’t you?” Teias asked as he watched Lorcan from the door of the private library.

“Yes, I felt her for a moment” Lorcan looked at the luminous landscape of gigantic waterfalls and hundreds of flowers through the Gothic-style window. His hands were kept in both pockets of his trousers.

“You need to find her, Lorcan,” Teias joined him.

“I know. But I am not sure if this is the right time. I might put her in danger.”

“Certainly, he must have felt her too. Shit, we all did.” Teias observed Lorcan, who sighed and lowered his head, caressing his forehead with his long fingertips. “Why do I think you’re not happy with the idea that you’ve finally found her?”

“Technically, I haven’t found her. I don’t know who she is yet. We only know that she exists. You know very well that the fact that she finally appeared does not mean that she is my demoness”.

“If the Realm granted you this demoness, it is because she is yours. I am more than confident that the marks of the bond will appear on your body once you find her.”

“For that, she must give me her heart,” Lorcan said with a dull tone.

“You will have to do it too.” Teias patted him on the shoulder.

“And that’s the point. I’m not sure if that will ever happen” Lorcan turned away from the window and headed for the table where the brandy was. In one sip, he drank the liquor, then poured himself some more.

“I’m sure it will. I’ll try to find her. Someone must know who that demoness is” Teias sat on the sofa by the fireplace.

Someone knocked on the door. “Sir, Queen Avina wishes to see you at this time.” One of the guards said.

“I will be there,” Lorcan replied. Again alone, Teias could not help but laugh. “Shut up.”

“I didn’t say anything” Teias burst out laughing loudly now.

Lorcan was irritated by such an insinuation. The Queen of Dragons, Avina, had offered Lorcan and the Lords a temporary refuge. But Avina was looking for something in return, something that came up from the first moment her eyes first saw Lorcan.

Everyone knew it, which was the subject of laughter every night among the Demons Lords, even the mortal brother, James.

“If your demoness knew she had competition, she’d surely scratch your eyes out or hers.” Teias continued to laugh.

“No one could compete with my demoness. She will always be the only one for me.” Lorcan spoke bitterly.

“After all, you have a heart inside. It seems that so many years forgotten in that prison softened you up”, The General of Legions continued to mock.

“Shut up, Teias!” Instinctively Teias stopped when he saw Lorcan, and his black pupils had turned red.

“I am sorry, Lorcan,” Teias stood up. “I’m leaving now,” and he disappeared from there.

Lorcan’s eyes returned to the grey color. Approaching the fireplace, he put one arm on the mantelpiece and threw the brandy glass into the fire, exhaling hard.

Now he had one more problem. Whoever that demoness was, he had to find her before someone else did. Deep down, he didn’t want to do it. He didn’t want to know who she was because he wouldn’t know what to do once he found her. After all, he had nothing to offer her.

Meanwhile, after a bath to soothe her irritated skin, Daphne hid under her quilt in the Mortal Realm. Tossing and turning, looking for the most comfortable way to sleep, she finally fell asleep on her stomach.

Her fingers brushed and grabbed the black satin of the sheets. A moan escaped from her throat, plunged into the mutinous pleasure between her legs.

“Yes, more, don’t stop,” she said between moans. Her legs opened, even more, inviting that violently sexy tongue that ran through her most sensitive flesh. She grabbed the hairs of that wild and terrible shameless man who had now pulled her hands apart with strength and held them on the bed.

“What did I tell you before?” His raspy, masculine voice was like a balm to her ears. Strangely familiar.

The hands of the hungry savage grabbed her buttocks, squeezing and massaging them. Another moan of pleasure came from her. His lips began to move from her mons pubis to her breasts, trapping her nipple with his mouth, leaving wet traces on it. It was disconcertingly exciting. She wanted more from him, to give him everything, to surrender to his body. Daphne wanted to touch him, his exquisitely defined muscles, his mischievous, witty face... his face. He? Why him?

“Mine, you belong to me.”

Lorcan’s words reached her heart, eternally damned. She wanted to stop. Of all people, it had to be him? But she couldn’t, not when her enemy’s lips caressed her neck like the sweetest of gestures until they reached the corner of her lips. Her body needed to be merged with his. Daphne closed her eyes and let herself be carried away by the pleasure that Lorcan’s fingers now sought again.

“Kiss me,” the word went out like a whisper from her mouth. She waited and waited, but that kiss did not come. Daphne opened her eyes and found a powerful, carnal, witty smile. Lorcan’s eyes were black and ardent. She seized his face with violence and led him to her -”

Daphne woke up suddenly. Her heart was pounding, her body still excited. How could she possibly dream of Lorcan? Above all, an erotic dream and so vivid. Her irrational thirst for him made her feel confused. She did not know how to explain the resentment she felt towards him, mixed up with the desire to kiss him. She wanted him, in that dream, she wanted him, there was no doubt about it.

Daphne rose from her bed. She left her house searching for the air that was beginning to cool at this time of year.

Massaging her neck, she was still dwelling on the details of that terrible, exquisite dream. Soon the sensation would pass. Now all she was feeling was the effect of her imagination.

The clouds began to clear, announcing the imminent sunrise. Daphne heard noises from the house. And as she entered, she stopped short.

The demons that had always threatened her in the Ancient Land territory were now in front of her. With a macabre smile on their faces.

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