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A Waltz with a King

Many faces turned towards her. The natural smell of mortal flesh reached the nose of the night beings like the freshest of scents. The undisputed scent of the woman walking next to a demon was the greatest attraction of all.

The new lady did not belong there, without a doubt. However, as tempting as she was, no one made the slightest attempt to approach her, not when a Demon radiating an evil power was accompanying the lady in question.

The closer they got, the more she saw the superior being of all in this Kingdom. Lorcan guided her to the throne, where Daphne observed a vampire with slightly wavy, chestnut hair who sat bored in his ostentatious red pillow chair. As he smiled, the Vampire King showed off his beautiful and alluring fangs.

“Ah Lorcan, long time no see” The vampire left his throne and approached them.

Her gaze was not on the King but on the creature that looked weak and pale standing in the corner. A beautiful woman, her honey-colored eyes and olive complexion, her full lips and her undoubted slender figure could have made her the most beautiful creature of all. But her face seemed sickly, and Daphne noticed two holes in her neck.

“Maxius, it’s good to see you again.”

Maxius, the Vampire King, was known for his relentless thirst. His fierceness and his ambition for power. Everyone obeyed him for who he was, but Maxius knew full well that he would never enjoy the reputation that the Prince of Death possessed, Lord Roderick, being the most respected vampire of all and most brutal. But no one had seen Lord Roderick in many centuries, and so Maxius had been living what could be called a golden age.

“And who is this beauty?”

“My companion.”

Maxius’ lustful look at the mortal somehow provoked Lorcan.

“Mademoiselle. Enchanté de vous rencontrer” Daphne could not help but be somewhat attracted by his voice, especially by how the French sounded in his terrible tongue. It was enigmatic. Maxius took her hand, his cold lips gave her a long kiss, and she noticed that the vampire smelled her.

“King Maxius,” Daphne expressed.

Apparently, the Vampire King didn’t know exactly who she was. And she wasn’t going to announce it to him either. Tonight she was, after all, Lorcan’s companion.

“To what do I owe the honor of your visit?” Maxius addressed the demon.

“I heard that long ago, a demoness came to your Realm, seeking refuge.”

“Mmm,” Maxius said thoughtfully. “I don’t remember hearing such a thing.”

“Perhaps the name ‘Sorana’ reminds you of something?”

“Sorana?, Sorana... ah! Yes, I remember her. A beautiful woman, raffiné, rebelle.”

Lorcan felt that he was losing his patience. Although his posture did not give away his dark desire to take Maxius by the throat and make him talk once and for all.

“Well?” Lorcan asked.

“Ah mon ami, why don’t we enjoy the night a little? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. It would be a shame if she failed to enjoy this evening. I would love to dance with your delicious femme”.

Lorcan stared at him, and after a few seconds, he finally sighed almost imperceptibly. A sensual woman with black hair and blue eyes, adorned in an elegant red dress that emphasized her juicy breasts, approached him, bowing, and finally inviting him to dance. The demon with the impenetrable shell, stern look and red eyes agreed to Daphne’s surprise, although not with any pleasure. She could clearly see that.

“Shall we dance?” The Vampire King offered his hand to her, and she dutifully accepted.

Both couples immersed themselves in the music of a delicious and rhythmically attractive waltz. Daphne moved gracefully in the hands of Maxius, who kept staring at her. The vampire felt the urge to pierce his fangs in that neck where the soft beating of her soul invited him to taste her blood.

The moment was sublime, almost dramatic. The incredibly spooky and attractive atmosphere made her feel rejuvenated. She looked up. Gothic-style arches formed the splendid ceiling.

A clear night sky was easily visible through the vast glass windows.

Many were dressed in centuries-old garments. Others wore over-decorated masks.

Daphne’s mind stopped leading. It was as if her body spoke to the rhythm of the music.

“I must say I am intrigued.” Maxius began by saying.

“About what?” Daphne asked.

“How did a mortal come to this place by the hand of Lorcan?”

“Is it so hard to believe?”

“With Lorcan, Mon Dieu, oui! That demon has a reputation that comes from him. It is strange to see a mortal accompanying him when he has only known how to hate your species fervently. Perhaps you are different.”

“What are you implying?”

“You tell me.” Maxius smiled, and Daphne followed him.

“As you say he hates mortals, why I came tonight with him has nothing to do with any sentimentality.”

“Are you sure?” the vampire wasn’t so sure. Not when Lorcan had his eyes on her every move.

“Totally,” she responded with confidence. “King Maxius-”

“Maxius, chère, only Maxius, .”

“What do you know about Sorana?”

“She did indeed come, of course, I let her stay here after learning of her relationship with Lorcan, but then she disappeared. I never heard from her again.”

Daphne stared at him.

“Don’t you believe me?” he asked with a mischievous smile.

“I don’t know.”

“I have nothing to hide, mon chère. After all, I don’t want to be Lorcan’s number one enemy.”

“Is the demon so fearsome that the King of Vampires dare not keep secrets from him?”

Maxius laughed and leaned into her ear. “If you really knew Lorcan, I don’t think you’d be dare to be here tonight with him.” His lips touched the skin of her neck in a cold and greedy kiss. Her skin reacted to the gesture, not of desire, but rather a natural reaction.

She swung around and suddenly found herself in the arms of another vampire, who was dancing vigorously without losing the rhythm.

An intoxicating calm reached the depths of Daphne’s soul. She was incredibly attracted by the somber music that celebrated the melancholic and dark night, where death took place every time a mortal’s blood was stolen.

She reached the arms of another attractive vampire with another spin; blonde hair and crystal blue eyes belong to her new partner, who was now looking at her red lips. Her eyes had begun to glow with ecstasy, and her flaming smile was filled with the purest sensuality the vampire had ever seen. Just as he was about to steal a kiss from her, Daphne was subtly snatched from his arms.

The warm, hard hands that held her now made her smile fade away, but the sparkle in her beautiful amber eyes remained there. To be admired now by Lorcan.

He had been watching her all this time, witnessing her face relax, and a lovely smile spread across her face as she danced with others. But when she reached his arms, that seductive smile disappeared. Although the sparkle in her eyes had intensified even more. And Lorcan was tempted to take absolute ownership of her.

“I guess you’re not immune to the charms of the onlookers after all.” Lorcan could not help but say.


“I must confess, a little. I had heard that Rothvaln’s slayer was ruthless, unemotional.”

“I could say the same about you.”

Lorcan implied with his glance that she should continue.

“I never thought you would be able to cope with such a situation.”

“And by a situation, you mean dancing?” he asked.

“Exactly. Above all, you accepted the invitation of one of the guests, without objection. And I think I saw a smile devoted to her.”

“Very perceptive.” He looked away from her and met Maxius, who was still dancing but watching Daphne all the time. “I guess this isn’t the first time you’ve been to a waltz?”

“No, of course not. And I guess you haven’t either.”

Lorcan attentively studied her as he moved with her through the hall with infinite grace. Two beings who gave themselves to the music’s rhythm with genuine enthusiasm, he guided her in his arms, and she accepted it with elegance, fluidity, and sensuality, both of them unaware of the rest.

“Tell me, how does it feel to be the King’s main attraction?”

“And by King, you mean?”



Lorcan arched an interrogative eyebrow.

“What?” Daphne asked him.

“Just flattery?”

“Should it be more than that?”

“That’s the idlest word I always hear. You’re not the first to say it.”

“But you are the first most arrogant individual I’ve ever met. Just because the King of the Vampires shows special attention to me, should I let myself be seduced? Just because he is the King?”

“Isn’t that what all females seek? The attention of the most powerful male in the room?”

“Maybe, but I don’t think they’re all like that.”

“Does that exclude you?”


“Please delight me.”

“While many women are looking for a partner with a high social position, as you say. Others are looking for only one man who really loves them. Someone they can love unconditionally and equally. A man who makes them feel safe. Where the only significant place she really wants to hold the title of Queen is in the heart of her man. I’m just looking for someone who is rightfully mine. In body and soul, and of course, I would be his too.”

Lorcan remained pensive. And then he continued, “I find that hard to believe. In all the time that I have been walking these Realms, I have only seen female greed, the craving for power through her partner”.

“Perhaps it was your bad luck to have come to know such a creature.”


Daphne had not realized until now that Lorcan was tightening his grip on her waist, bringing her even closer. Her bright amber eyes fell on his thin lips. Images of that dream began to flutter in her mind. And Lorcan, engrossed in her gaze, was for a brief moment caught in the eyes of the mortal.

The music continued to dominate them. Their very movements were reflected in the marble floor. Their eyes were anchored, neither wanting to move away from the other. Only when the violin’s last notes faded away, Lorcan returned to his usual composure and attitude, and he detached himself from her.

“It’s time to go,” he said. And without waiting for a word from Maxius, they both disappeared from there. But Daphne found herself alone in her house, without a trace of the demon that had made her heart race in that chaotic dance.

She started to get rid of her heels and unzipped her dress, and when the fabric fell to her waist, the tiny hairs on her skin stood up, and her body was petrified. She swallowed saliva. She barely dared to keep breathing because she knew she was no longer alone. Only this time, she did not know who the demon was watching the mark on her back.

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