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The Beginning of the Shadows

Two days later, in the Land of the Lycans.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Alaric asked Nala. They were both outside the Castle watching as a group of demons crossed the bridge connected to the main entrance. However, The King and his Luna were not alone. Hundreds of Lycans surrounded the whole place, vigilant at all times.

“Once again, my King, yes. Why don’t you trust the shadows a little?”

“Trust? I do not know what to tell you, since I have begun to listen to them, it is as if I were living in a constant madhouse.”

“Watch your words Alaric, they can be susceptible.” Nala smiled at him.

“So this is the prisoner?” He asked.

Naturally, she sighed. “Yes.” Her hand passed over her swollen belly, soothing the baby’s little kicks. “Calm down, my love. Mommy will protect you,” she whispered.

“I don’t like this. Dealing with demons does not bode well.”

“Neither do I, but if they courteously requested a meeting with us, I see no harm in wanting to know why. Evanora helped Daphne Brooks. I don’t think this demon poses a serious threat to us. Besides, I want to know why he ended up in that prison. You heard the shadows.”

“If he is really the one the shadows claim, then we will be entering a war that is not ours.”

“It Could Be.”

Both went silent when the demons approached them.

“King Lycan, Luna,” Lorcan politely saluted. “My name is Lorcan, and these are Teias, Myron, and Sunnia,”

“A pleasure, gentlemen,” Nala responded.

Powerful, herculean, there was Alaric at her side. Lorcan sensed how tense the Lycan was. Of course, for obvious reasons. He was only protecting his mate.

“Follow me.” King Alaric’s voice was authoritative. One could sense his displeasure with the unwelcome guests.

After Alaric, Nala, and Hado, their Beta locked themselves in the private studio along with the demons, the Master of Shadows began to speak.

“To what do we owe the visit, Mr. Lorcan?”

Lorcan looked at her carefully. Even though the Queen of this Land possessed a melodious voice, he could recognize in her a woman of arms take, a woman of strong nature—someone who reminded him of an amber-eyed face.

“I wanted to thank the Master of Shadows for helping me. To show gratitude to you because I was able to get out of that horrible place.”

“I helped, yes, but it was Miss Brooks who did all the work.”

Shadows began to move around the studio.

“He’s here” “He’s here.”

“Master, it is him, it is him!”

“I want to kill, I need to kill, just like in the old days.”

“I have to believe that your friends here revealed my identity to you.” The demon admitted.

“Tell me, Mr. Lorcan, you being who you are, how can Rothavln have locked you up?”

“Why do you assume, King Alaric, that it was Rothvaln?”

“When Miss Brooks asked me for help, she confessed that Rothvaln knew nothing of this matter. And being Rothvaln the current King of your Realm, and given the circumstances in which you were found, it is obvious that Rothvaln would be the first suspect, the real culprit of your imprisonment”. Nala concluded.

A slow, humorless smile was drawn on the demon’s face.

“Now tell us, Mr. Lorcan, what is the real reason for your visit?” Alaric spoke, attempting to remain calm.

“In addition to wanting to personally thank the Master of Shadows for her help. I heard that she and Rothvaln have some kind of agreement”.

Alaric’s eyes became those of his Lycan.

“There’s no need to get angry, King Lycan,” Teias spoke, trying to defuse the situation that was becoming tense.

“I think we should tell him,” Nala’s voice reached the mind of her mate.

“Are you sure?” Alaric responded.

“Not really. But if what the shadows are saying is true, it is Rothvaln we really need to worry about.”

“I don’t like them.”

“Be calm, my love. They won’t do anything,” Nala said

“Almost two years ago, we had a threat in our Kingdom. To end that threat, I had to send that person to the Underworld. It was there that I met Rothvaln, who wouldn’t let me leave until I vowed a favor. When the time was right, I should return the favor by helping him”.

“The Lord of Demons”

Laughs were heard in the place.

“I want to kill, I have to kill.”

“Master, please!”

“Silence!” Lorcan’s voice was like thunder in the room. The shadows stopped laughing and talking, moving close to their Master.

Nala frowned. How did this demon have such power over them? “How is it possible for them to follow your orders?” She asked.

“I don’t think anyone still knows how the Realm of Shadows was created?” Teias observed Lorcan.

“What are you talking about?” Hado, the Beta asked.

“Long before the shadows belonged to their actual Realm or had a Master to obey, they lived in our Kingdom. They were born there. Only one day, they were forced into a piece of land that previously belonged to the demons”.

“You mean that a demon stripped them of their Kingdom to another? And what about the Shadow Master?” Nala, astonished, did not know whether to really believe what she was hearing.

“Indeed,” Lorcan replied. “Then, in time, the Realm of Shadows began to create its own power by choosing its own Master.”

“Why were they banished from your Kingdom?”

“Because they are annoying.”

“On that, I have to agree with him,” Alaric spoke.

“About your deal with Rothvaln,” Lorcan said thoughtfully. “My advice -” he began to say after a moment of consideration. “You should be careful with him. He will use his power against me. And it will not be good for you.”

A thunderous roar echoed throughout the place. Alaric approached Lorcan threateningly. “Are you threatening my Luna? Be careful, demon. I will not have mercy on you.” Neither Teias, Myron, nor Sunnia was shocked. Their faces looked very tranquil.

“I am sure of that. However, King Lycan, I am not threatening your mate. I’m just warning her. It is not in my interest to involve you in a war that does not concern you.”

“And what do you expect me to do when Rothvaln claims the favor.” The Master of Shadows asked.

“Since you vowed. You shall do so. For my part, I will see to it that you and your family are safe. I vow it.”

Alaric, believing that there was nothing more to add, said in a not very polite way, “You should all leave now. The meeting is over.”

“Thank you again for seeing us,” Lorcan spoke.

Finally alone, Hado excused himself and left the room.

“Do you really think he will help us?” Alaric turned to his mate. Taking her by the hand.

“I hope so. I don’t think he’s the kind of person who doesn’t keep his word.”

“I just want you and our cub to be okay.” His lips gently kissed hers. Nala locked her arms around her man’s neck. Intensifying the kiss even more.

“And we will be. Evanora has not sent any other message that could alert us.”

“My Luna, my beautiful Nala,” King Lycan stroked his cheeks. Her eyes displayed a passion well known to her. “I love you with my life,” and his lips clashed with those of his Luna.

In the Realm of Demons.

The drops ran down her back, liquid and red. She could feel them. Her pale, sweaty face, enduring the almost unbearable pain of the last few hours, was draining her energy.

The crack of a whip made her fall to the ground again. What was this one? She had already lost count. Her skin was being torn away, her mark still intact as if it were an entity with a life of its own. The real culprit of the cruel torture she was experiencing.

“Will you still not talk?” His voice was like an evil whisper. Daphne looked at him with a mixture of rage and anguish. “All right,” continued Rothvaln. With the snap of his fingers, a young woman appeared.

Daphne’s eyes widened. “Please don’t do this,” she implored him.

Rothvaln grabbed Eve by the neck. Her whining began as the oxygen started to fade. Daphne saw how her hands were scratching at the Demon King in an attempt to get loose.

“Nooo! Don’t do it,” Daphne cried out, supplicating this cruel demon for the life of her friend. “Please don’t do it. I’ll tell you everything.”

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