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Sitting on his throne, with a distant gaze, the Demon King seemed absent from reality. His dark eyes focused when a figure approached at a moderate pace.

“I hope that after all this time, you have some valuable information.” the annoying tone of his voice could well be noticed.

“My King, I do have information” the traitor’s voice was not as jovial as before.


“Lorcan sent the mortal to the Wicked Land to find Bossurk.”

“Bossurk?” repeated Rothvaln. “That old demon still walks in this Realm? I thought he had fallen into the Abyss.”

“The mortal went to seek information about Sorana.”

“How predictable Lorcan is. I wonder who he will choose when the time comes.” Rothvaln had risen from his majestic chair. “What else?”

“Lorcan went to pay a visit to the Master of Shadows.”

Rothvaln sighed. “That doesn’t worry me. After all, the Queen of the Lycans can’t break the pact, not if she wants to die first”.

“My Lord, don’t you think Lorcan can save her from that pact with you?”

“He could, but only if...” His voice went out.


“What did Daphne find out when she was with Bossurk?”

“From what I heard, Sorana apparently went to seek refuge in the Kingdom of the Vampires.”

“What a pity,” the King said in a sarcastic tone. “You told me that her brother is with all of you. Is there any way you can get him out of there?”

“The mortal is well guarded for now. I’m afraid it’s impossible at the moment.”

“Find out where Lorcan took Daphne. I want her back.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Dismissed,” ordered Rothvaln.

The traitor has left, and now the target is to retrieve the mortal and deliver her to the King. Not an easy task.

Rothvaln materialized in the upper part of its imposing palace. Looking at his domain. In fact, he already knew the whole truth, but he wanted to hear it from her. He tried to break Daphne’s loyalty and create a new one for him. But the woman surprised him even more. A loyal mortal, with an admirable impetuosity, there was no pleading from her as he tortured her. She was perfect, perfect for taking her place at his side. And though he had shown himself cold as an iceberg, he was miserable watching her suffer.

If not for the fact that Lorcan had appeared at the last minute, she would undoubtedly confess everything. And knowing her, his Daphne would come back to look for her friend. He was very sure of it. He only had to make sure that she stayed away from Lorcan. Because although she did not know the truth behind the mark on her back, he was convinced that Lorcan did. Otherwise, why would he, of all demons, who has hated mortals, deign to save one?

Beyond the Realm of Demons.

“We cannot continue with the same plan,” Lorcan manifested himself in front of Teias.

“What changed?” The General of the Demon Legions looked up from his sword, which he was cleaning as if it were a priceless ancient object.

“Rothvaln captured Daphne, tortured her, and now he has her friend. And he’s going to use her to lure Daphne to him.” Lorcan approached the table where the drinks were to soothe the anger inside him. With one movement, he unbuttoned three buttons on the collar of his royal blue jacket.

“And since when do we care about the mortal and her affairs?”

“I’m not worried about her in particular.” Lorcan lied.

“So what? I don’t see the need to save that friend of hers. The plan is working perfectly. Let Rothvaln stay with Daphne, in the end -”

Teias found himself thrown against the wall. He shook his head to get rid of the slight dizziness that the blow had caused. Lorcan approached him, his crimson eyes indicating that a war would soon break out around him.

“What’s really going on?” Confused by Lorcan’s reaction, Teias stood up, shaking the dust off his arms.

“The plan must change. She must be helped to rescue her friend”. Lorcan declared.

And without being afraid of the demon’s eyes, Teias faced him. “Unless you tell me why you are changing everything, I will not lift a finger.”

“You’re challenging me?” Lorcan squinted, eager to tear him apart.

“You know well that I don’t intend to do that. But you can’t expect me not to question your orders, not when a mere mortal, who may even be allied with Rothvaln, influences your plan. Of all the demons, you! The one who has always abhorred mortals, you want to help one? I ask you, my Lord, what is really going on?”

“I found her at last,” Lorcan released with reluctance. After all, Teias was the only one he trusted fully with the secret.

“You mean your demoness?” Teias frowned.


“So where is she?” but then Teias halted in his thoughts. “Wait, what does Daphne have to do with the fact that you found your demoness?”

Lorcan silently looked at him. Waiting for him to put the pieces together by himself.

Teias’ unbelieving face was a mixture of gestures that ranged from wrinkles on his forehead, wide-open eyes, sounds of words that were never fully pronounced. “Are you sure?” he could finally speak.

“I saw the mark on her back.”

“But how is it possible? She is a mortal. How did she...”

“She said it was when she was with Bossurk, and from what she confessed, Bossurk has the crown of the Realm.”

“Wait, you told me that Rothvaln tortured her, that means that he-”

“That he knows she’s mine,” Lorcan concluded.

“Then will you accept her as yours?”

Lorcan sighed. “No”

“Why not?”

“Do I need to tell you?”

Lorcan went to the window. “She is a mortal. She does not have the strength, the temperament to take her place next to me.”

“But she could live longer than that, you know, and when it comes to her strength and nature, I disagree with you. She got you out of that place, and so far, she hasn’t given us away. And you cannot deny the sense of loyalty she possesses. You have seen her yourself with her brother James.”

“When this is all over, I’ll make sure she has a good life.”

“A good life? With whom? With another man?”

Lorcan watched him in annoyance. Teias scoffed, shaking his head. “How do you want to change the plan?”

“This time, I’ll go face to face.”

“Are you sure? You don’t think he can tie you up again?”

“So far, we’ve been acting on that assumption. To restrain me, Rothvaln must use the same witch. Besides, even though he runs the Realm, he can’t do anything to me.”

“If only you could kill him. That would end all our problems.”

“But I can’t, and neither can you, unfortunately. Someone else would have to.”

“But who would dare to kill the King?”

“Someone who is filled with the same hatred as us,” Lorcan affirmed. “I must leave for now.”

“Are you going to meet her?” Teias asked, referring to his demoness.

“Yes. I must see how she is.”

“Please send my regards to the Ragothara.” Teias bowed exaggeratedly. Lorcan, enraged, ended up disappearing from there.

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