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The Ruler of the Abyss

“You asked to see me?” Teias came into sight in the library.

“I’m going to meet Rothvaln today,” Lorcan said.

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“No. You must stay here and look after her. I think she’s planning on something.”

“Are you sure about this?” Teias crossed his arms.

“There is nothing to worry about. He won’t do anything. He took his chance right then and there. An idea came to my mind a long time ago. Sorana must be with him. I don’t know if she will be there or if she is forced to be there. Either way, I must first confirm my suspicions.”

“Good luck then,” said Teias, and in an instant, Lorcan was gone.

The Ancient city looked like it did almost three thousand years ago. Just as full and alive. Although new faces were now passing by, looking at him with interest.

The power of the demon walking among them at that very moment was pure, primitive, and vicious. Other faces, well-remembered by him, watched him in surprise. Murmurs began to spread in the demonic citadel.

Fear was spreading like a plague. Infecting all those who dared to follow the traitor and forgot the true owner of their lives.

Many of them began to seek safety. Others simply stayed there, observing the Lord of Demons, whom many forgot out of fear or out of hatred.

The new faces did not know about his past. The King of Demons, the only ruler the Realm itself has chosen, was indestructible, relentless. He did not like harbor prisoners without any mercy. With an iron hand, he ruled his Realm. And his Five Lords carried out his decisions to the very letter, without questions or criticisms. They were as heartless as their King was. Why did Rothvaln become the Demon King? Nobody knows the truth. But many were happy that the old King had left and the new one had arrived.

Lorcan had decided to show himself to all finally. Making them all aware that their lives would soon change. For better or worse? That was to be determined.

He had not wanted to return to this place until now, as he did not know if the spell of that fucking witch still affected him. But after rescuing Daphne in the Desert of Perdition, he learned there was no force holding him here.

Returning to this Land made him feel revitalized with new energies. His power never left him. He was still as influential and energetic as before. And all those demons that now were looking at him could sense it in those evil red eyes.

They all watched as Lorcan reached the entrance of what was once his palace. The doors opened in his presence.

And everyone saw his shadow disappear once he was inside.

He did not even bother to walk through the vast corridors. He materialized in the throne room.

After all these centuries, he would see the one who was once one of his Lords, sitting in his chair by right.

Rothvaln surveyed his nemesis without even flinching since he already knew he was coming. With his arms resting on the chair, and his naked head, where no crown titled him as King, and his disturbingly calm eyes, he presented himself as unbiased.

“It took longer than I thought,” Rothvaln commenced to speak.

“I had to make sure there was no other spell on me. As you will understand.” With his hands hidden in his trousers and dressed in pure black, Lorcan looked at ease with his crimson eyes. A composure that was gradually making Rothvaln unsettled.

“Ah, yes! Remind me later to look for that damn witch again. I’m sure she helped my demoness.” Rothvaln’s voice was heard as if the occasion was dull.

“Your demoness?” Lorcan raised a scornful eyebrow.

“My Daphne.”

“I think you and I both know exactly who she belongs to.” Lorcan turned around. Looking everywhere but the traitor. Without any fear of turning his back on him.

“What have you come for, Lorcan? To claim what is no longer yours? You know you can’t. Not when you gave it away voluntarily.”

Voluntarily is not the right word, I would say. The point is, I came to collect a half-blood named Eve. I presume she’s still alive. I don’t think you want to destroy something that Daphne cherishes?”

“Yes, she’s still here. But I can’t give her to you. You see, I’m waiting for Daphne. I know she will come on her own alone.”

Lorcan’s clean-shaven jaw now was tight. There’s no way his mate would come here alone. But once again, something told him that she would do just as well once she saw him come back empty-handed.

“You’ll have to go back without her.” Rothvaln continued with an unpleasant sneer. “And don’t even think that you can pass over me. Remember, I am the King now. The Realm obeys me now. Sadly I cannot kill you, but neither can you kill me.”

The insolence of this traitor proved to be too much. Lorcan could not contain himself. From his body sprang a dark power embodied as black smoke. Extending his hand, Rothvaln’s body moved to him, where his throat was caught in his fist.

Rothvaln’s eyes were wide open behind the real strength of his opponent. The muscles in his neck were already suffering the consequences of a raw force, fueled by remorse and revenge.

“You’re right, I can’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean that others won’t either. You are so sure I can’t do anything. I’ll show you, my dear old friend, how wrong you are.” He threw him against the wall with a brutal force, which, after the impact, cracked. “One more thing,” he said as he approached him. Rothvaln ran his hand around his neck. “Get away from Daphne. She is mine.” And he vanished.

After these words, Rothvaln stood up and shook off his clothes. Lorcan would see if Daphne was his or not. He would make sure he would get the mortal for himself.

Avina’s Realm

“Sister, I know how someone can help you get out of here.” James entered Daphne’s room without knocking.

Lying down, trying to reconcile the dream, she opened her eyes again. With her hands outstretched, she flexed her muscles and yawned. Although daylight still prevailed, fatigue was taking over her body. Sitting now on the edge of the bed, she watched as James approached with confidence in his face.

“You may enter,” James spoke to a third person. Her eyes were startled when Maret appeared in front of them.

“You don’t give me orders, kid. I’ll go in whenever I want”. She said as she inspected the room. Joy lit up her dark soul. Her room was much bigger than this one.

“James-” Daphne voiced.

“Daphne, Maret is willing to help you. She can get you out of here tonight if you want. I can distract Teias while she helps you”.

Daphne stood up. “What’s in it for you?” she turned to Maret.

“More trouble,” replied the red-haired demoness.

“I don’t trust you, Maret. You don’t do things that don’t bring you benefits.”

“You are absolutely right. I’m doing this so that I won’t see your face anymore.”

Now both of them were standing face to face. Their eyes clashed, challenging each other to see who would give in first.

“Maret, please, you promised to help me.” James walked up to her.

Daphne frowned. Her brother seemed very close to this woman too?

“I don’t have time to waste,” Maret stated with annoyance.

“Daphne, this is the only way you can get out of here.”

Daphne looked from her brother to the demoness. “I want you to drop me off at The Wicked Land.”

“Fine,” Maret replied. “Tonight, after ten o’clock, I will come for you. To this room.”

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